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Meredith & Some Of Her Many Friends At This Time Of Year

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Happy Christmas, Everyone

Meredith’s family and friends especially.

Meredith’s next birthday would have been this Thursday. Those of her friends in touch with us still regard it as a solemn what-might-have-been day. We wish them all well.

News on the case in 2024 is likely to be pretty explosive. Do take a look at Meredith’s childhood neighborhood before her family moved to the south edge of London.

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Happy New Year everyone!
I haven’t made any comment for a while but I do still follow this site and I always will. Here’s to a very good new year!  Cheers!

Posted by DavidB on 12/31/23 at 04:45 PM | #

For anyone interested here is a link to download the latest, and probably final, edition of my book “Injustice On Trial”.

Posted by James Raper on 01/19/24 at 05:52 AM | #

I still remember poor Meredith and always will. What a wonderful girl she was. Belated birthday remembrances. RIP.

Thanks for the New Year’s wishes, DavidB! Wishing all the readers the same!

Posted by Earthling on 01/26/24 at 02:20 AM | #

Hi everyone,

I thought I’d point out for anyone interested, one of the most popular (and well respected) true crime podcasts, the Australian based, ‘Casefile’ has just covered Meredith’s case for their latest season opener. It’s about 2 hours long and available on apple podcasts and Spotify for free.

As a long time listener I was curious as to how they would cover the case as they, appear, to be accurate and fair in how they report…they were for the most part, however in the effective, twisty narrative style they are famous for, this was undone by the big ‘reveal’ at the end that the initial investigation and trial were all a media induced frenzy…final court rulings and opinion pieces by Sollecito’s memoir author completed the false imprisonment narrative.

It’s a shame but also to be expected that even good reporters will now look back at this case and just repeat the official judgements as fact, and the social media response mostly reflects this with listeners repeating the obviousness of the Rudy alone theory, however there were some sharp minds who continued to question the loose threads.

There’s some moving parts too though about Meredith herself and the Friends videos she and her dad would watch together which so that was something,


Posted by HotAir on 02/06/24 at 02:58 PM | #

James, thanks for your updated book, I’m excited to read- are there any particular parts of the book which you updated specifically?


Posted by HotAir on 02/06/24 at 02:59 PM | #

Hi HotAir

I continue to work on my book and since posting the above link for a download I have in fact made further alterations to it. Quite a few of my further thoughts have been prompted by me getting hold of the SAL (Stato Avanzamento Lavori – “Work Progress Status”) Cards which can be found in the file library. These deal not so much with the DNA results as with the luminol and TMB tests. From this information i have learnt that just about all the luminol revealed shoe and footprint traces were tested with TMB and were negative - save for Guede’s disappearing left shoe prints which were tested with TMB and found to be positive.

What, you might ask, would account for one of the luminol revealed footprints containing the mixed DNA of Knox and Meredith? I cannot find DNA results for the other three other than one in Knox’s bedroom containing Knox’s DNA alone.

A possible answer, scientifically, could be sweat on the sole of the foot. Sweat is essentially water containing bodily cells and minerals found naturally in the body, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron. It will also contain exfoliated dead skin cells. Luminol will therefore react with sweat and DNA can be extracted from the skin cells.

However (my online research tells me) the amount of iron in sweat is fairly negligible and the blue flourescence effect of luminol’s reaction with iron content will not be as pronounced as with a substance, such as blood, containing a greater quantity of iron. Iron is an essential element for blood production and about 70% of the iron in the body is found in the red blood cells and in muscle cells called myoglobin.

It is a pity (my research tells me) that the investigators were unable to attribute the mixed DNA footprint to Knox and that as to the footprint in the corridor that was attributed to her (her foot being significantly smaller than her co-accused), there has been no DNA result. A mixed Knox - Meredith result there would have been difficult to explain other than Knox’s foot with Meredith’s blood on it.

If the flourescence was due to non-haematic substances, such as bleach, fruit juice, sweaty feet etc, due to the fact that the flat was lived in, then it is remarkable is it not, since the investigators could not see what they were looking for, and thus sprayed everywhere in the corridor and in the rooms occupied by Knox and Romanelli (but not in Meredith’s room it would seem), that flourescent patches did not appear all over the place but, as far as the corridor was concerned, were mostly limited to what were clearly footprints? There is a specificity about those luminol revealed footprints which clearly distinguishes them from a general treading over a period ot time.

One also has to consider what rational explanation there would be for not just Knox, but Sollecito as well, having fruit juice or some vegetable matter on the soles of their feet or, given the presence of DNA in a trace, sweaty feet. What would be the explanation? No explanation was ever advanced, least of all by either of them. On the other hand Meredith’s blood had clearly travelled out of her room, and we also have the evidence as to removal of blood traces (the need for luminol being part of that and without which we would never have known that Guede’s visible left shoe prints in blood extended invisibly on a direct path to the front door). Furthermore we have a correlation between the luminol enhanced trace attributed to Sollecito with the footprint, in diluted blood, on the bathmat.

Posted by James Raper on 02/12/24 at 10:20 AM | #

Thanks for the update James.

That’s interesting about the TMB tests revealing, mostly, non blood dna. This is a point which was raised to me on social media with one of the innocence fabulists, I assumed it was a bluff as I didn’t realise there were other tests. As you say, I’m sure there’s still incriminated traces, but of a more subtle nature.

One point, which I might have not understood fully in your book, which I’m enjoying greatly btw, is the argument around the terrace being a less exposed point of access….it was pointed out to me that the terrace is just as viewable as the ‘broken’ window on the other side, at least from google streetview. Is the terrace less exposed from the car park above or something like that? It’s clearly a much easier access point either way, I was curious if I’d misunderstood though.

Thanks 😊

Posted by HotAir on 02/15/24 at 07:07 AM | #

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