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In Strong Similarity To Perugia, Student Deaths Send US Campus Town Reeling

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Moscow is a campus town of the University of Idaho about 300 miles due east of Seattle.

It is not dis-similar to Perugia in having a huge student population (over 10,000) residing in a town with a total population only three times that size.

The killing by stabbing of four students may have been done while they were sleeping, though each fought back. Two other students in the apartment building were not even awoken. Someone else some hours later, their identity not yet made public, made the first police call.

For several days, the local police police acted very secretively. After they reversed themselves and announced they could not guarantee anyone’s safety, thousands of students poured out. As in Perugia, some may never return to that town again.

FBI from four offices are finally on the job. The new analysis below is a good one. More information pending. These are the house coordinates to cut and paste for Google Earth.

46°43’19.35"N 117° 0’38.60"W

[Mentions of “greek” below is explained here]

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As in the case of Meredith Kercher’s family, the four victims’ families will be going through total hell at this point. 

At least one obvious difference: although it is often claimed in the hostile commentary that Perugia police tried to wing it, Federal police in the form of crime processors were on the scene within hours.

Bear in mind that Italy essentially has only two police forces (regular at national and local levels) and carabinieri. US police efficiency suffers immensely in having EIGHTEEN THOUSAND police forces. Each one with its own rules and procedures and training.

Unlike in Italy, American police payscales vary enormously. Police in the wealthy coastal areas on average make more than twice as much as small-town cops in the center, though costs of living also are way higher and there are more shootings.

Idaho is the state where Greg Hampikian lives. Anyone betting that he won’t be brought in?

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Sunday. A police press conference is scheduled for 3:00pm Pacific time. It may run live on YouTube channels if you would like to tune in.

In isolated parts of the US only about 1/2 of all murders are ever solved; let’s hope this is not one. From what we can see of it, the investigation is looking large & impressive, but the online chat is often weak and shoot-from-the-hip.

Here is an okay Court TV update:

Some of the DNA etc processing will take the normal weeks. Many skipped town so FBI and local law enforcement are tracking some of them down.

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