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Correcting NY Times 10: It Was Not The ITALIAN Media That Massively Hoaxed And Inflamed

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Sollecito at his & Knox’s first appeal, repeated

This is the tenth in a multi-part series focused on provable realities in response to an inflammatory three-page report in the New York Times almost exclusively channeling dishonest and repeatedly-refuted Knox PR.

1. Origin Of This Hoax

On 26 March 2013 Italians heard from the Supreme Court what they all already knew.

The appeal by Knox and Sollecito in front of Judge Hellman in 2011 had been corrupted (in at least five ways, noticed mostly only by Italians). So Hellman’s overturn of Massei’s guilty verdict was thus annulled.

Thus the judicial processes of RS and AK were not definitively completed as from their late-2011 release, because Italian law says that the Supreme Court MUST sign off first.

So THEIR OWN FIRST APPEAL would have to be repeated, in Florence, if Knox and Sollecito didn’t want to return to prison to serve out their Massei-awarded terms.

Strict measures would be taken to keep it uncorrupted this time (though Knox and Sollecito both tried; this post gives one huge example).

And in early 2014 Knox and Sollecito lost their own appeal. As hundreds of Americans do, every day. The prosecution’s quickfire fact-based case, well summarized in several days, had remained too strong.

(The Fifth Chambers a year later had zero evidence presentations - the trial and appeal prosecutors were not even invited, as the fix was already in to arrive at that “not enough evidence” outcome.) 

2. Correct Italian Framing Of Repeat Appeal

It’s important to note that the list of examples below is only of website headlines; there are hundreds more examples of correct framing in media texts and TV reports.

“Processo d’appello” is CORRECT

Click for Post:  Cronaca: Meredith, il 30 settembre processo d’appello a Firenze…
Click for Post:  Il sussidiario: Al via il nuovo processo d’appello...
Click for Post:  Perugia Today: “a Firenze il nuovo processo d’appello
Click for Post:  Quotidiano: “il nuovo processo d’appello a Sollecito e ad Knox…”
Click for Post:  La Nazione: famiglia Kercher parteciperà al processo d’appello
Click for Post:  Corriere: A Firenze il via all’appello bis
Click for Post:  24ORE Meredith, sarà da rifare a Firenze il processo d’appello
Click for Post:  Giurisprudenza Penale: Omicidio [MK] la sentenza di appello (bis)
Click for Post:  Yahoo: Meredith, pg Appello bis chiede condanna [Knox & Sollecito]

3. False English-Language Framing Of Repeat Appeal

As described by sources, around 2013 Curt Knox and David Marriott ran an Orwellian campaign to make key components of the American and British media, especially the Associated Press, inflame much of the public into thinking that this was hugely unfair.

To paraphrase this framing: “Look, Amanda and Raffaele had already won an appeal! Now the vindictive Italian justice system and its vindictive prosecutors and judges are putting them on trial all over again!”

So in compliant components of the US and UK media, those meanie Italians, and kangaroo courts, and anti-Americanism, and double-jeopardy, and extradition, and witch-hunts, and sexism, were raged about, even by the New York Times as we have just seen again.

The corruption of the Hellman appeal that was the direct cause of Knox’s and Sollecito’s own repeat appeals was absolutely never to be reported. Numerous threats ensured this.

And Knox was to not only refuse to come back to Italy for her own appeal; she would also email the judge that her own appeal was very unfair, and rub in the “vindictive” smear.

It’s important to note that the lists of examples below are only of website headlines; there are hundreds more examples of false framing in media texts and TV reports.

1. “Retrial” is NOT correct

Click for Post:  Associated Press: Amanda Knox on retrial: ‘Everything is at stake’
Click for Post:  Reuters: Knox, Sollecito to face Italy retrial in Kercher murder
Click for Post:  Washington Post: Knox will not return to Italy for retrial
Click for Post:  New York Times: Amanda Knox’s retrial Begins in Italy
Click for Post:  CNN: Amanda Knox retrial verdict: Six things to know
Click for Post:  Today: Amanda Knox and ex-boyfriend found guilty in retrial
Click for Post:  NPR: Italian Court Orders retrial For Amanda Knox
Click for Post:  Guardian: Amanda Knox retrial for Meredith Kercher murder opens
Click for Post:  Independent: Knox: A retrial, two films, endless speculation
Click for Post:  Daily Beast: Amanda Knox retrial Opens
Click for Post:  CBS News: Amanda Knox retrial under way in Italy
Click for Post:  Mirror: Knox has makeover before Kercher murder retrial verdict
Click for Post:  BBC: Meredith Kercher murder: Amanda Knox retrial opens
Click for Post:  Fox: Knox retrial over killing of Meredith Kercher begins
Click for Post:  People: Amanda Knox retrial for Meredith Kercher’s Murder Opens
Click for Post:  Christian Science Monitor: Amanda Knox retrial starts without her
Click for Post:  Chicago Tribune: Amanda Knox’s retrial begins in Italy
Click for Post:  Irish Times: Italy court orders Amanda Knox retrial for Kercher murder
Click for Post:  E: Knox’s Ex Raffaele Sollecito on retrial: “I Still Live in a Nightmare”
Click for Post:  Sky News: Amanda Knox retrial: Key Questions Remain
Click for Post:  The Wrap: Amanda Knox retrial Ordered in Italy
Click for Post:  France24: Judges in Amanda Knox retrial order new DNA tests
Click for Post:  Investor Place: Amanda Knox retrial: The Verdict Is In
Click for Post:  Agence France-Press: Amanda Knox retrial for Italy murder begins
Click for Post:  Latin Times: Knox retrial Update: American Student Says…
Click for Post:  Mercury: retrial ordered as murder acquittal is overturned

2. “Second trial” is NOT correct

Click for Post:  USA Today: Prosecutor outlines case in second trial of Amanda Knox
Click for Post:  News Com: Knox’s second trial starts in Italy without her
Click for Post:  People: A critical component to Knox’s second trial…
Click for Post:  Vox: After a second trial convicted Knox and Sollecito…
Click for Post:  CBS News: guilty verdicts in the second trial
Click for Post:  Atlantic: guilty of the murder of Meredith Kercher the second time
Click for Post:  ABC News: In the second trial, the defense…
Click for Post:  CBC: Those verdicts had been overturned in a second trial

3. “Guilty again” is NOT correct

Click for Post:  Reuters: Amanda Knox Found Guilty Again
Click for Post:  ABC News: Amanda Knox Found Guilty Again
Click for Post:  USA Today: Amanda Knox found guilty again
Click for Post:  Amanda Knox guilty again
Click for Post:  Epoch Times: Amanda Knox Guilty Again
Click for Post:  Winchester: Amanda Knox guilty again
Click for Post:  Fox: Amanda Knox found guilty again of murder of roommate
Click for Post:  Mirror: Watch tearful killer describe being found guilty again
Click for Post:  CNN: Amanda Knox found guilty of murder again
Click for Post:  News-com: Amanda Knox guilty again
Click for Post:  Daily Mail: Knox’s fury after being found GUILTY AGAIN

4. “Second guilty verdict” is NOT correct

Click for Post:  Reuters:  Cassation threw out the second guilty verdict
Click for Post:  Inside Edition: Knox Defiant Following Second Guilty Verdict
Click for Post:  CNN: That second guilty verdict was thrown out in March
Click for Post:  Independent: first live interview after second guilty verdict
Click for Post:  Newsweek: threw out the second guilty verdict
Click for Post:  Daily Mail: a year after the second guilty verdict.
Click for Post:  BBC: the second guilty verdict announced by…
Click for Post:  Jerusalem Post: threw out the second guilty verdict

5. “Re-convicted” is NOT correct

Click for Post:  Agence France-Presse: Italian court re-convicts Knox for murder
Click for Post:  New York: Knox Reconvicted of Murder in Italy, Still Not Over
Click for Post:  BU Now: Knox Reconvicted for Murder

6. “Again convicts” is NOT correct

Click for Post:  SA Times Court: again convicts Knox of murder
Click for Post:  Newsmax: Italian Court Again Convicts Amanda Knox for Murder
Click for Post:  Straits Times: Italian court again convicts Knox, Sollecito

7. “New guilty verdict” is NOT correct

Click for Post:  Guardian: I feel stranded and trapped since new guilty verdict
Click for Post:  LA Times: Knox on new guilty verdict: “Hit me like a train”
Click for Post:  Entertainment: Amanda Knox reacts to new guilty verdict

8. “Third trial” is NOT correct

Click for Post:  Komo News: Knox gets 28 1/2 years in prison in 3rd murder trial
Click for Post:  The Columbian: Italian court convicts Knox of murder in 3rd trial

9. “Third verdict” is NOT correct

Click for Post:  USA Today: Amanda Knox trial nears third verdict
Click for Post:  UPI: Amanda Knox awaits third verdict from Italian court
Click for Post:  Fox News: Amanda Knox trial nears third verdict

10. “Conviction reinstated” is NOT correct

Click for Post:  Associated Press: Amanda Knox’s murder conviction reinstated
Click for Post:  Hollywood Reporter: Amanda Knox’s Murder Conviction Reinstated
Click for Post:  Tribune Chronicle: Amanda Knox’s murder conviction reinstated
Click for Post:  NPR: Knox Guilty Verdict Reinstated
Click for Post:  CSM: Court in Florence reinstated a guilty verdict
Click for Post:  Turley: Amanda Knox’s murder conviction reinstated
Click for Post:  RNZ: Knox murder conviction reinstated
Click for Post:  Toronto Star: Knox has murder conviction reinstated

4. Was “Double Jeopardy” Effective?

There are certainly examples of media having been corrupted into believing this, but it failed as a full-blown meme because the many US lawyers who did their homework, in contrast to most reporters, could see this was no second trial.

It was simply a conviction upheld. It did not result from a trial (or even a mistrial, which Americans are quite familiar with). It resulted from a defendants’ first appeal, quite legally and correctly done over. 

A survey of websites of American lawyers suggests that a majority could see Knox’s guilt. To many of them the more relevant legal issue was one of extradition against which to them Knox had no clear case, especially as this was an instance of murder. 

And the US very rarely refuses to extradite, as we have posted, because they will seek in turn to have their own perps sent back also - Italy actually sent several renegades back to the US during this judicial process.

5. And What Of The Italian Reaction?

Even now this giant hoax remains mostly below the radar in Italy. It was not Italian “tabloids” demonizing “Foxy Knoxy” that lied to and inflamed their audiences on a grand scale.

It was most of the American press.

Posted by The TJMK Main Posters on 12/01/21 at 10:00 AM in

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The New York Times had no-one at trial or the original or repeat Knox appeals. The scanty coverage fell well below par. Op-eds made offensive cracks about Italy. A majority of all reporting channeled Knox & family and such angry PR shills as Nina Burleigh. Knox’s heavy drug use did not make it into the paper.

None of the ton of official documents was ever translated and made available to readers. Evidence was never explained. Readers were not told about many telling developments. So these misleading statements made by Jessica Bennett in the light of heavy media bias TOWARD Knox actually fit the Times’s main tendency.

1. Then, about a year after she returned home, Ms. Knox’s acquittal was overturned, and she was retried and reconvicted in absentia.

2. By the time she was definitively acquitted, in 2015, Ms. Knox had been convicted, imprisoned, acquitted and released on an appeal, retried and convicted again, then ultimately exonerated by Italy’s Supreme Court.

3. For nearly four years, Ms. Knox existed in a kind of legal purgatory…

4. Ms. Knox has long had a complicated relationship with the media…

5. Any high-profile court case is as much a media battle as a legal one…

7. “In terms of tabloid journalism, I don’t want to say it was a godsend, but it was a case that could be reported on without limits…”

8. “It’s amazing to me how powerful that stampede of early tabloid coverage was… “

9. ... wary of the media who disparaged her, but needing it to promote her professional endeavors.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 12/01/21 at 07:14 PM | #

An expert in psychology and language says she’s pondering this “strange over-use of emotional trigger words” in the Jessica Bennett NY Times report.

Hmmm. And Bennett repeatedly denigrates “the tabloids”?!

worried… worried… nervous…“Foxy Knoxy”... jailed… rape and murder… deprived… flawed… known burglar… salacious… Halloween… murder… satanic…  sex game… vilified… sex-crazed… diabolical…  luciferina… the tabloids… vibrator… chased… wrongfully convicted… caricature… doppelgänger… never wanted… aggressively… purgatory… retried… double jeopardy… purgatory… exonerated… pseudonym…  profiting… purgatory… tabloid…  frenzy… dead woman… just disappear… caricature… rumors… wild theories… tabloid… spin… bloody fingerprints… no biological trace… all-night interrogation… hit… confession… recanted… ruled inadmissible… convicted… defaming… media battle…  home of the paparazzi… not sequestered… leak… leak… list of sexual partners… positive for HIV… huge discrepancies… journalists… speculating… tabloid journalism…  reported on without limits… vampire… Halloween… rummaged… social media… Foxy Knoxy… machine gun… a mummy… a butcher knife… She’s guilty.  stampede… tabloid coverage… leaked… vessel… pornographic…  fantasies… unsophisticated… ignorant… xxhibitionist… slob… strange men… sexual deviant… tabloids… a Karen… innocent Black man…. paranoid… anxious… security detail… self-defense lessons… purging… totally overwhelmed… anxious… lied… wrongfully convicted… threatening… stupid person… beginning to cry… avoid cameras… prison habit… survival mode… she just… cried… acquittal was overturned… retried… reconvicted in absentia… worried about extradition… hide her away in a bunker… carrying this shroud over me… deep injustice… felt defeated… nothing I could do… ... convicted, imprisoned, acquitted…released on an appeal… retried and convicted again… ultimately exonerated.. tried and acquitted of slandering… defamed Mr. Lumumba… sentenced to three years… outlook changed after her exoneration… begun using her real name…  staunchest defender… first line of defense… screening her social media feeds for hate and death threats… insults lodged at his wife are many… out of context in Italy… grates at Mr. Robinson… should be allowed to be quirky… doesn’t mean you’re a killer’...  wasn’t even that weird… naïve, goofy, unconventional, harmless, trusting, sheltered, blunt and a little bit of a rebel… unfilteredness… misdirected focus on my sexuality… people assume she got rich… hustling.. famous tabloid covers with Ms. Knox’s face on them… portrayed Ms. Knox as a sex fiend… exact revenge on her roommate… had to have been involved in the killing… There is a frustration…  little bit of desperation… fantasizes… wary of the media who disparaged her… baggage that comes with her name…

Posted by Peter Quennell on 12/02/21 at 11:04 AM | #

Knox was just now on [UK] GB NEWS. The YouTube (see comments):

Yesterday I emailed them but no response (there had been a preview of the interview).

Dan Wootton raved over her, “let’s keep in touch”!? Unbelievable lack of due diligence.

Posted by DavidB on 12/02/21 at 05:49 PM | #

It looks like Twitter is serving us well. This survey showing its audience to be less gullible than other platforms went online today.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 12/04/21 at 01:35 AM | #

That GBNews interview is another disgrace….asking Merediths family to forgive her publicly, she really has no limits in her disrespect.

GBNews for anyone outside of the UK is a recent attempt to launch a Fox type opinion based TV ‘news’ channel. It’s been plagued by technical issues like no sound as well as wing hosted by forth rate tabloid ‘journalists’ case that wasn’t obvious by the obsequious Dan Wooton!

Good job on the 10 part series, enjoins it so far- is there any plan to reach a broader audience or to go directly to the journalists themselves? It would be great if a documentarian could do an alternative Netxflix story to get the real facts out there, as pie in the sky as that sounds.

Posted by HotAir on 12/05/21 at 12:23 PM | #

Hi HotAir and thanks.

It’ll be the NY Times, we already have signs, they know that the Jessica Bennett interview with all its unprofessional innuendo was dumb as a rock - and, not least, insulting to Italy, a good friend. We might see a U-turn by most of the media listed above, so long as the outrage sells, they don’t seem to care what it is against. And Knox lately slamming all the media as in that interview, after all they have done for her… the thought occurs: is she working for us?

Posted by Peter Quennell on 12/05/21 at 02:15 PM | #

Monday, and thanks to several tips “conviction reinstated” now forms a tenth group of fake headlines.

Also Part 4 has been expanded to sharpen even further, if that is possible, that this was a simple upheld conviction and a simple failed appeal by RS and AK.

Really no need for all that hyperbole.

Surely a case-study for journalism schools for aeons, once they wake up to it, though not one has so-far. A bunch of press releases should cure that.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 12/06/21 at 12:02 PM | #

The next post, on an invented Knox claim, which was up for a few hours, is down for now for legal-strategy reasons. It is still elsewhere on the site.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 12/07/21 at 08:25 AM | #

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