Friday, September 23, 2011

Umbria’s Attorney General Giovanni Galati: A Tough New Presence In The Courtroom

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[We are told that this is AG Giovanni Galati at the recent justice info system announcement]

Italian media note that the defenses are up against quite a powerhouse prosecution team.

The media have observed that Giovanni Galati, the new Attorney General of Umbria, is in the court to give his full support to the case made by his colleagues.

He was formerly a a Deputy Attorney General with the Supreme Court of Cassation in Rome and will know everything there is to know about winning appeals.

He is sitting next to his Deputy Attorney General, Giancarlo Costagliola, the lead prosecutor for the appeal.


It is clearly evident from today’s court summations by the Italian prosecutors that the Italian appeal court is serving justice to Meredith Kercher and the Kercher family.

The title of this excellent report by journalist Andrea Vogt reads,


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