This list of evidence points is the same as on the Wiki. It is fully documented. Defense observers watched all key collections and processings. The present count is approximately 400 evidence points in 25 groups. They are derived from the 2007-08 investigation and court hearings and 2009 trial. Click on right column link for each of the 25 groups.

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Area 6: Footprints

Rinaldi & Boemia report

6-01   Half of a bloody footprint was found on the bathmat. The heel of this footprint, which should have been on the floor, was missing, suggesting it was cleaned away. (crime scene photos, report)

6-02   The bloody footprint matches Sollecito’s right foot size and characteristics.

6-03   Five Luminol-revealed footprints were found on the floor in the corridor and in Knox’s bedroom.

6-04   One of these Luminol-revealed footprints was compatible with Sollecito’s right foot.

6-05   Two others were compatible with Knox’s right foot.

6-06   None of the Luminol-revealed footprints were compatible with Guede’s feet.

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