The TJMK/Wiki Evidence Points Masterlist

This list of 400 points in 25 parts is fully documented. The 400 points derive from the 2007-08 investigation and court hearings and 2009 trial. None were discredited by the defense. Defense observers watched all the key collections and processings. Click right column link for each group.

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Area 15: Computers

15-01   Filomena Romanelli’s computer exhibited hard disk problems on the evening of November 2nd, when Romanelli was at the police station. This was before any of the police had analyzed Sollecito’s and Knox’s computers. (Gregori 2009)

15-02   Sollecito’s Macbookpro showed no human activity after 21:10 on November 1 until 5:32 in the morning on November 2nd, when someone used it play music for a half hour. (Gregori 2009)

15-03   Sollecito’s 2nd computer, Knox’s computer, Ms. Kercher’s computer all had hard disk problems, making data difficult to retrieve. (Trotta 2009)

15-04   Lumumba’s computer was analyzed at the same time as the other computers and had no issues. (Trotta 2009)

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