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Area 19: Guede’s statements and lies

Guede depositions and Micheli Motivations report

19-01   Guede, over multiple statements and depositions, consistently indicated that Ms. Kercher was fully clothed when he abandoned her.

19-02   Guede, over multiple statements and depositions, changed the location, environment, context and manner of his alleged first kiss with Ms. Kercher the night before the murder.

19-03   Guede claimed he had appointments with friends in the early evening of November 1st. These claims were all negated by friends.

19-04   Guede claimed he had an appointment at 21:00 with Ms. Kercher on the night of the murder.

19-05   Ms. Kercher’s friends all testified Ms. Kercher never met Guede on the night prior to the murder, as they attended bars together.

19-06   Ms. Kercher’s friends testified Ms. Kercher never mentioned any appointment with Guede. Instead Ms. Kercher stated she had wanted to retire early due to their having spent a long night partying for Halloween.

19-07   Guede expressed sexual interest in Knox twice: once at a party at the cottage and a second time to the police upon his arrival at the Perugia Questura. (Follain)

19-08   From his first statements, Guede hinted that Sollecito had killed Ms. Kercher.

19-09   From his first deposition, Guede hinted at Knox’s presence at the cottage.

19-10   Guede indicated that upon being let in by Ms. Kercher, he found her upset because her rent money was missing, and Ms. Kercher went searching throughout the cottage for her rent money.

19-11   He then claimed he got her to relax and they kissed, proceeded to heavy petting, partially stripped, then stopped due to a lack of a condom.

19-12   Guede indicated he had to go to the bathroom because of a bad kebob he ate.

19-13   Guede indicated that while he was in the bathroom, the doorbell rang and Knox entered the cottage and she and Ms. Kercher started arguing over rent money.

19-14   Guede consistently stated in all his depositions that he heard Ms. Kercher scream and this caused him to jump out of the bathroom without flushing the toilet.

19-15   Guede claimed that a man killed Ms. Kercher with a knife, and that this man said Guede would be found guilty of the crime.

19-16   Guede claimed that he tried to staunch the blood from Ms. Kercher’s fatal wound with a towel, then panicked and left her to die.

19-17   In 2011, Guede wrote a letter in which he confirmed that Sollecito and Knox had murdered Ms. Kercher. This letter was read during the Hellmann-Zanetti Appeal trial.

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Guede is a liar, end of story, he had 25 days free watching the news as three other people were wrongfully arrested for his crime. 25 days to work out that if he alone wasn’t the only suspect then then he had a very good chance of walking free. Which is exactly what he’s going to do, because where there is doubt then he has a very good chance of freedom. Concrete evidence proving he was at the scene when he had no right to be anywhere in that villa, should have been enough to lock him up and throw away the key.

Posted by Sue Coombs on 03/17/16 at 04:30 PM | #

RS and AK had those same 25 days to get stories straight, but in fact they differed wildly, and bad blood between them surfaced for years.

Knox knew things about the death of Meredith which no-one not present would have known. ALL courts confirmed this.

And Knox and Sollecito were not liars whereas Guede was? Read the 400 examples of lies by Knox here.

Guede is not “walking free” he would have served much or most of 16 years plus another 3 for stolen property.

As he was almost certainly only in the house because Knox invited him in, he was not there to burgle and had no reason to cause Meredith’s death.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 03/18/16 at 09:35 AM | #

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