Series #1: Knox Book’s 90 Demonizations

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Growing List Of Those Knox Has Maliciously Demonized

About 30 are demonized in Knox’s book, but she far from stops there. Below some 90 demonizations of those 30 in the book are described. Others will be added soon.

Knox will be charged as Sollecito was and required to fight some of these in court. Sollecito just lost and in part the outcome is that he must publicly retract his damaging lies.

(1) “Mayor” Mignini—framed her
(2) Comodi—framed her
(3) Ficarra—abuser, hitter
(4) Napoleoni—accused of perjury
(5) Donnino—duplicitous double agent
(6) Court interpreter—useless
(7) Chiacicelli—framed her via the knife he found
(8) Stefanoni—accused of withholding data, and incompetence
(9) Other CSI people (though not Guede evidence)
(10) Dozen of unnamed police Nov 6
(11) Dalla Vedova and Ghirga—alleges they ignored complaints
(12) Neighbor Nina—who heard screams
(13) Qunitavalle—lying shop owner
(14) Curatolo—lying drug addict
(15) Matteini—jumping to conclusions
(16) Patrick—he kind of deserved what happened to him
(17) Prison guards—sexual harassment (Agiro is the only one named)
(18) Prison medical staff—commit sexual assault and leak private information
(19) Filomena—drug use at home
(20) Laura R—drug use at home
(21) Judge Micheli—incompetent pre-trial judge who runs a “farce” of a court
(22) Judge Massei and his panel—idiot trial jury
(23) Kokomani—deranged drug dealer
(24) Spiderman Guede—committed attack alone
(25) Sollecito—the doofus boyfriend
(26) Postal Police—clueless and incompetent
(27) Reporters, in fact virtually everyone in the media
(28) Biscotti—Guede lawyer an opportunist
(29) Kercher family—cold and unforgiving, and whatever else
(30) Battistelli, framed her
(31) Finzi, framed her
(32) Profazio, framed her
(33) Trump, wrong politics

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