1. Ninety Demonizations In Knox’s Book

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1. Knox’s Conviction For Demonizing

Remember that for felony lying Knox is already a convicted felon for life. The Supreme Court has had the final word. She rightly served three years.

She was convicted of lying and demonization Patrick - she falsely accused him of rape and murder in 2007, as concluded by Judge Massei (2009); Judge Hellmann (2011); Cassation Judge Chieffi (2013); Judge Nencini (2014); and Cassation Judge Marasca (2015).

2. Knox Attempts To Bend Courts

Knox’s highly misleading book was published AFTER the Supreme Court had thrown out the Hellman verdict but BEFORE the rerun of the appeal that the Supreme Court then ordered, strongly implying it had been intended to inflame public opinion to lean on that court.

However the Italian edition and a UK edition were withdrawn at the last minute because the publishers’ lawyers had advised that the book was defamatory under UK and Italian law. Accordingly it was little-known-about in Italy and promised no benefit for Knox in the courts.

So late in 2013 Knox sent Judge Nencini a mini-version, put into Italian, a barking, insulting, dishonest email, which was read in court, clearly intended for PR effect on the court and to encourage more stalkings of those impugned. Judge Nencini treated it with contempt and It had zero effect.

Knox added to the book in 2015. Not even one defamation was removed despite numerous rebuttals here and in the press.

3. The Book’s Status In Italy

The book not being available in Italian makes it very hard for those Knox targets to even read the passages referring to them. Let alone to personally fight back in court. A personal libel case would have to be brought in the US.

However the state of Italy takes up the cases of those demonized if they are officials of the state and if demonizations, defamations and stalkings were intended to interfere with a case. Knox is expected to be charged by Italy as Sollecito was for defamatory claims in his book and required to fight some of these in court.

Sollecito just lost and in part the outcome is that he must publicly retract the false claims.

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