1. Over 500 Of Knox’s Lies

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Lies in the two editions of “Waiting To Be Heard”

The Analysis

All analysis here is by Chimera, a legal expert, with work rules forbidding the use of real names on outside exercises. Its length is equivalent to about 250 paperback pages.

Knox Book

The book was written in 2012-13 with Linda Kulman as the shadow writer. Chimera shows that it is riddled with false claims, more than one on every page.

It seems to have received no editorial or legal vetting or any due diligence on the facts. Knox’s own lawyers in Perugia seemed to be unaware of its contents.

Lies Defined

“Lies” here refer to any attempt by Knox in her book to deceive the reader or the court, ranging from the frequent embellishments of Knox herself to the frequent denigration of others, to statements of evidence and timelines that are shown to be incorrect. 

All dialogue in the book, of which there is a lot, is simply invented and bears little resemblance to how Knox herself spoke or those around her spoke. Typically the real Knox was brasher and more unpleasant, and those around her smarter and more classy.


Numerous people were demonized by Knox throughout, often in contrast to how amazing Knox thinks she is. These demonizations were only in English and even now are often unknown to Knox’s targets in Italy.

They include accusations of felonies. For example Knox describes at length an illegal interrogation by Dr Mignini on 5-6 November 2007. He was actually at home in bed.

False Final Verdict

A key false claim in the 2015 Afterword was that Knox was “exonerated” by the Supreme Court. That court, though provably bent, did rule that Knox was present at the scene of the crime with blood on her hands. The ruling was a mere “insufficient evidence” (as that court ignored most of it) which can be appealed.


In numerous places the book and afterword contradicts what Knox has said previously, including on the stand at trial in mid-2009. The main book was published six months prior to the repeated appeal in Florence, and may have been intended to bend that appeal in some way.

Legal Problems

UK and Italy editions were withdrawn at the last moment for fear (correctly) that they were defamatory. The US edition was released again in 2015, unamended, with an equally untruthful Afterword (also analyzed here by Chimera). It is available on Amazon Italia, significant for legal reasons.

Sollecito’s similar book was taken to court in Florence. He has already accepted that he has no choice but to admit publicly that key passages are invented and defamatory. The same is expected to happen for the Knox book, and the statute of limitations still has several years to run yet.

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