Tuesday, January 26, 2021

A Major Media Hoaxer Saw No Career Benefit From Parroting Knox PR

Posted by Peter Quennell

Associated Press HQ Manhattan (pending upgrade)

Colleen Barry ex Associated Press

Remember Colleen Barry of the Associated Press in Italy? Seemingly a total captive of Knox PR?

And a perpetrator of frauds on up to 2,000 media websites, as this 2013 post explained in detail.

Well here she is again very far down in the media pecking order as a lowly copy editor.

You’ll see that her AP stint and why it ended are not mentioned.

Remember Steve Shay? Linda Byron? Peter Popham? Andrew Gumbel? Michael Heavey? Ann Bremner? Francesco Sforza? Rachel Sterne? Jonathan Martin? Bruce Fischer’s gang at Ground Report? All missing in action.

And all stiffed by Knox as explained in this 2019 media overview.

In fact almost all of the once pro-Knox media gang stiffed by Knox seem down on their luck these days. Surprise surprise, it wasn’t a fast track to continued prominence.

Here’s a list (click for larger version) of most of those hapless reporters, other than the 600 or so who posted effusive reviews of the Netflix “documentary” produced by Knox PR for which we have a separate list.

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