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Netflixhoax 30: Omitted - Epidemic Of Hazing Deaths In United States No Different From Meredith’s

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These hazing deaths in the videos are among many in the United States news these days.

Hazing deaths and bullying deaths and school shootings and teenage suicides (44 hundred a year, often caused by cyber-bullying) are at all-time highs. Deaths annually are in the thousands.

We first posted early in the trial in Perugia in 2009 that something was being lost in translation.

Investigators and prosecutors were seeing here the same type of group dynamic as in hazing, bullying and “let’s teach him or her a lesson”. Death was probably not the intention, but inevitably in the 15-minute attack death became the logical, wanted outcome.

At least for Knox if possibly not for the other two.

Key parts of the trial were behind closed doors. The only jury ever to hear all the evidence including the one-day recreation of the attack voted unanimously for this all-too-common fatal group dynamic.

Nobody in the United States sees any complexities or unbelievabilities in the motives of the American cases. It is not rocket science. The causes are so blatantly obvious.

To increasingly many, a dogmatic denial that Knox in exactly this same context had ANY motive, and that it’s thus case-over, is frankly ludicrous.

Many hazings start being voluntary and cooperative. But many others are forced and often sprung unannounced. Knox herself at the University of Washington got joy out of a surprise attack.

Alcohol and drugs are almost invariable. Investigators were quite sure Knox was on cocaine on the night of Meredith’s attack, and that she was on an extended high or new high when she had her surprising conniption on 5-6 November 2007. 

Here we should also take into account that (unique in student circles in Perugia) Knox was not a well-funded exchange student with a heavy study load at the main university. She had zero supervision. She had little money, and no work permit, and was working illegally.

By the end she had pretty well no friends. Patrick had not yet fired her in favor of Meredith, but it was already in the cards. Knox raging at that is not farfetched.

Knox in those days was essentially a sharp-elbowed, lazy nuisance with “issues” and her three flatmates were praying for the day when she would move out. In fact it is very hard to know WHAT Knox was doing in Perugia, other than booze, boys and drugs.

And killing people.




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Apologists demonizing Mignini have a REAL problem explaining numerous things - not least that ALL the numerous judges they forget or don’t know about took a harder line on the dynamic than he did.

Those ignorant of the reports of these hearings (all but one newly translated for this series with the Micheli to come) often demonize the prosecutor, Dr Mignini, as somehow taking a harder line than all those judges.


Read all of the reports and in fact every one of those judges took a harder line than Dr Mignini who worked very hard to be fair. His early version of the attack on Meredith was of an almost accidental death with sexual humiliation in the course of a hazing.

This went out the window, and all of the judges without exception adopted a harder position - that Knox’s anger had spiraled over Meredith’s difficulties with her, and a barbaric 15-minute torture-attack resulted in Meredith’s death which may have been premeditated in a timespan between minutes and days.

Judge Matteini, Judge Ricciarelli, and Judge Micheli (see below) all flat-out warned that they considered RS and AK to be dangerous to others and that they needed to be kept locked up pending trial.  Judge Gemmelli and other Supreme Court judges endorsed this.

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Hazing mixed with alcohol, frenzied group dynamics equals disaster. I’ll celebrate with commenter davidmulhern when Knox’s tsunami of truth overtakes her. She has run from one microphone to another spewing lies. It was Ireland, then Virginia, now she’s on to Kansas City, Missouri as the face of innocence. Barf.

Comment by Johnny Yen in link about the Missouri innocence conference is fictional story about Fonzi, Maria and M about what group dynamics,drugs and alcohol can do to ratchet up the craziness as very possibly happened in Perugia. Lines of decency become blurred into a pack mentality. Knox was probably on cocaine the night after Halloween, high as a kite with a hair trigger temper.

The fog of drugs is only thing to account for how she has convinced herself she belongs at Innocence Conventions.

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Yes, here is Johnny Yen’s comment. It’s still the only one under the only report I see so far of Knox being the keynoter at a “celebration” by the Innocence Project in Kansas City in April. (We also are “helping” the Innocence Project with some revelations. Back in 2014 they first set the Knox show rolling.)

The Murder of M - A Screenplay By Marie Pace


One night Fonzi found his girlfriend wearing M’s earrings and trying on her jeans. Wearing her br@. Maria was laughing behind M’s back, dancing around in her boots. She was mocking her roommate.

She whispered to Fonzi, “I’ve taken her rent money. That’ll show her how far scholarship $$ goes. They don’t tip well at La Chick bar where I pretend to be a waitress. I got expenses.”

Suddenly the door opens. M returns from a vanilla flavored party among quiet friends to find Fonzi and Maria high on Exta-sea, c0ke and vodka. M can’t breathe, too much smoke in the room. Maria is wearing fingerless gloves and drinking straight from the vodka bottle.

“What’s going on here?!” screams M.

“Where’s the stuff I had drying on the rack? Why’s it all over the floor. You stepped on it. Why are you wearing Molly’s makeup and glasses, did you play on her bed? This place is a wreck.
What have you two been doing on my bed?
Have you been in my bedroom?!?!?! aarggghhh
Put on some clothes, Maria. You’re always parading around here half .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).”

“Hey, are those my jeans? What the freak, are you wearing my stuff? How dare you. Give them back right now. This is ridiculous. Dr@gz, booze, you slam the door every night at 3 a.m. when you come home from the bar. Molly has complained. She has to work. You don’t care about anybody around here except yourself.”

“And always trading your men. These guys are going to rob us blind. I didn’t sign up for this. Molly’s got your momâ‘s contact number, I’m going to call her if you’ve taken my stuff. I think you took my jewelry two weeks ago but I didn’t say anything. I thought we were friends.
And your c0ke binge last week, when you came over here in middle of night making noise for hours then left again, two nights in a row, we didn’t sleep, you’re not who we thought you were. You’re a fake, you’re not a serious student.”

“You’re going to get Laura and Molly and all of us in trouble. I’ve had enough. I’ve got to study, please shut up and party elsewhere tonight.
Don’t you live over at Fonzi’s now? We never know where you are, and please tell Rudy to go and never allow him back here. Silenzi told me about him. He’s bad news. Rudy told Silenzi a lot of stuff, he was bragging to him and to the guys downstairs about how he’s so tough.
And Silenzi said you were coming on to him, but he shut you down. Some friend you are…”

“...does Fonzi know how close you are with Rudy? for dr@gz? that’s sick! Your boyfriend, is that what you call Fonzi? Fonzi looks pretty wasted. Gee, Maria, classy.”

M. goes into her bedroom.

“You dared to mess up my bedroom, you weren’t even allowed in here! I can’t believe this. You’ve broken my stuff, my books, ruined my textbooks, you’ve torn out pages, why?? What else have you taken? Omigosh, my money. Where’s my money!?!?!?”

“Two weeks ago you told me you were stealing liquor from Patrick and overcharging for drinks, keeping the extra, he’d never miss it, I warned you to stop.”

“Nobody trusts you anymore. You stole 2 of Silenzi’s plants, did you smoke them? He’ll be mad at me. I was going to tell my dad and brothers, but if you don’t give back my money right now I’m calling the police. Right now, I mean it. Forget about coming to London with me this Christmas, we’re through.”

Maria: “No wait, wait, you’ve got it all wrong, maybe Rudy’s got your money, hold on, don’t do anything stupid. We’ll get it straight.
Guede laughs and kicks back on kitchen bench, grabs some juice, keeps smoking his .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Fonzi gets nervous, paces but st0n3d.”

M: “Get out of here, you don’t live here! (to Guede, who’s making barking sounds).”

Maria: “Oh he’s our guest, be polite. Why you such a b.u.z.z.kill?”

M: “zip it”

Maria: “We didn’t take your money, we were just making pizza, slice the mushrooms Fonz.”

M: “I’m telling Laura about this tomorrow, and Molly, you’re making life hell around here, you’re a thief, start looking for a new roommate fast you dr@gg3d up tart.”

Maria: “What did you call me?”

Grabbing her phone, M. runs to her bedroom, begins to make calls. Door slam.

A few seconds later they kick it, yelling

Maria: here’s your money�.
M lets them in, extremely angry, but she faces a knife in Maria’s jealous hand.
She slaps it out starting Maria’s nose to bleed.
The fight begins. M scratches Maria’s neck with a c clamp choke.
Maria breaks the choke and yells to her guy friends for help.
the wolfpack circles.

The End
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