Netflixhoax 4: Omitted - Stephen Robert Morse Defamed Reporters & Italian Officials For Years

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Netflix’s Amanda Knox is an extreme example of misleading bias by cherrypicking. This post is another in our ongoing series, the mothership for material for this media-friendly page online soon.

Pretty funny, that last tweet above. Almost nobody has painted a larger legal target on his own back over many years than the blustering Netflix producer Stephen Robert Morse himself.

The first two tweets are of course both defamatory lies. See the two posts below for an honest take on Dr Mignini, not the mafia’s one which Morse parrots. .

As he was lying about an officer of the Italian court in the first two tweets, he could in theory be charged with contempt of court on the same basis as Frank Sforza and Andrew Gumbel have already been charged.

He could certainly be made to sweat pounds off in a British or Italian civil court. Hot potato in waiting for Netflix there.


We have at least five other posts quoting how Dr Mignini pushed back against the demonization by cranks like Morse - four were doctored by CNN to radically change what he said!! We will link to them in posts with context soon.

Spezi is mentioned a lot in the long quote above. He promoted the demonization with Preston. Spezi became defunct the other day. His pigheaded behavior wore him down in court and in health. (Nothing new for cranks addicted to Knox.)

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An email just in from Johnny Yen. Another crackpot is in the news. Clemente. One of the blunder-prone CBS group.

We have not so far posted much on him, but he is a “profiler” colleague of John Douglas and Paul Ciolino. He appears in some YouTubes hounding Italy.

JonBenet Ramsey Brother to File Defamation Suit Against CBS

CBS is about to be sued by JonBenet Ramsey’s older brother, two days after the network aired a documentary in which experts concluded the brother killed her.

Burke Ramsey’s lawyer, L. Lin Wood, tells TMZ, “You damn betcha I’m gonna sue CBS, the phony experts and everyone else that put this thing together.”

The documentary concludes Burke, then 9, killed his little sister by hitting her on the head with a heavy flashlight, while John and Patsy Ramsey covered up the kill to protect him.

The theory flies in the face of autopsy findings, which concluded JonBenet died from “asphyxia strangulation” associated with head trauma. There were scores of theories ... the most prominent being someone struck the 6-year-old with a flashlight and one of the parents used a garrote to finish her off. The theory—the parents allegedly killed JonBenet to then make it seem that an intruder murdered her.

The theory was never pursued by prosecutors.

CBS tells TMZ, the network “stands by the broadcast and will do so in court.”

If it goes to court this could become a de facto murder trial.

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I can hardly find the words but it comes as no surprise to me that the latest offering from the Knox camp features Amanda Knox in full-on actress mode - (gulping, pausing, crying, swallowing and quavering expertly for the crew) also attacks a British Freelance Journalist to the point of almost blaming him for the murder, and this is only the trailer!

It makes me wonder who is the most pathetic of the grovelling white knights who hero worship Knox. Morse certainly wins this weeks white knight award.

The reason they are still around grovelling away is quite simply one of money.

Knox is a convicted felon twice found guilty of murder and has been hiding noisily in plain sight ever since. This to me speaks volumes.

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So Spezi & Preston began the satanic orgy myth in the context of the MOF case. It seems to have been Sollecito lawyer Maori after a closed court session in 2008 who tried to extend the myth to Meredith’s case.

I have to fly somewhere to explain the case, back late saturday. I will of course miss you guys. There should be a rush of new material after that, including from Ergon and the Machine.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/22/16 at 02:00 PM | #

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