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Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle! You Came Down From The Stars

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One of the main Italian carols, one that just about everyone knows.

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All the big NYC stores are piping in carols now as they do every year. I’ve “had” Rudolph big-time (apologies to reindeer everywhere), but the one that always gets to me is this.



The version just above is the most-watched: 133 million views and counting. Kevin (the black guy) provides the “drumming” (beat boxing). How does he do that?! Paul Simon (music for The Graduate etc) recorded with local artists in southern Africa; he said he could never figure out how they do much of what they do, in syncopation etc.

The 1914 “Carol Of The Bells” is based on the Ukranian folk song “Shchedryk” of unknown origin. Great lyrics! Take a look.

And meanwhile, pushing the musical envelope in Japan…


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Christmas-themed project if anyone is looking for one… Check out the YouTubes of the organ prodigy Cameron Carpenter who with the aid of this $1M-plus portable organ he developed is significantly expanding the audience for the organ and for Bach.

In the video below, if you watch carefully you can catch his “trademark move” something beyond most organists, which is to be playing two keyboards at once with the same hand.

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Here you go, Italy.  A nice (well, nice-ish) Christmas present.

A few years ago a dynamite blast in a quarry in north Italy scattered a lot of bones. They were in due course recognised as being from a Jurassic dinosaur, the only one ever discovered in Italy.

It has taken this long to gather and analyze all the bones, and to develop a firm sense of what Saltriovenator zanellai represnted. 

It is now announced that this is the oldest (by at least 25 million years) known instance of all the carnivore dinosaurs, and although at least 24 feet long, he or she had been still growing.

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Thanks for the Christmas carols! Carol of the bells is so energetic, positive, uplifting. It was a gift to have such music on this Christmas morning right here by my computer desk mini-tree. My daughter plays the handbells for church and the carol of the bells is a fave. Ahhh…the dinosaur. Just saw Chris Pratt this summer in the latest Jurassic Park sequel. Remember when Sinclair Oil company gave away tiny plastic dinosaurs in the early 60s as symbol of gas and oil. As kids we hung them from ceiling.

Merry Christmas 2018. Peace on earth. Christ is born the holy child…God and sinners reconciled.

My son went to candlelight Christmas service with me Friday night. They had a medley of songs: Joy to the World, Hark the Herald Angels Sing and modern jubilation. And yes, I am back to the pumpkin pies, this time I threw in raisins and pecans in one. Drinking peppermint sticks and real mint in hot tea, await a crockpot of Mexican chicken. Wearing gift of dangling rhinestone earrings and a gray faux-fur infinity scarf from daughters, I look like my cat if only my eyes were a bit greener, haha.

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Hi Hopeful

Don’t be running oppo on your cat now. Just sayin’...!! Sinclair Oil is of course regional and I always laugh when the first of the dinosaurs shows up as their logo on the gas stations.

The first Jurassic Park movie was the first of Spielberg’s Jurassic series I watched several times, there must have been 200 repeats on cable. Well-cast and very funny.

Okay, I see something you are maybe missing - the three free open-air ice-rinks in Manhattan, each with standing-room only. Plus this tree off Fifth Avenue, which gets more looks than the “national” one, as there’s a million and a quarter visitors in town.


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Mood of our readers? Meredith’s next birthday would have been tomorrow Friday. Some have told us they feel an all-year-round positive site is the best memorial for Meredith and her family who find annual reminders difficult. Do email if there is something else we should be doing? A major media push is coming up shortly now that we have all of the dots connected.

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Microsoft’s stockmarket capitalization has tripled in value (an added $600 billion or so) since its India-born CEO took the helm in 2014. Such valuable people to have around.

We noted just three weeks ago that from around 2030 the Indian economy should become the largest in the world. India and Italy are “good chums” as this significant new development shows.

If Italy ever leaves the EC or Eurozone there would seem a natural partnership there.

The greatest rock singer in world history - Indian? Freddy Mercury was a Farsi, though born in Zanzibar. He’s the subject of an excellent biopic in theaters now.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 12/28/18 at 03:43 PM | #

Happy Birthday, Meredith. I’ll never forget you. You were a delight in the earth, a smiling, wise, smart, funny and lovely young woman with love for your family and compassion for many. You had ambition, tenacity and drive to achieve something good for your family and your world.

You’ll stay in memory as that wonderful girl, down to earth yet a mind full of hopes and dreams and an intellect to make them come true, had you been given time.

Sadly, your goodness and proud reserve and discretion and decency were lost on the idiot who became your roommate, a poseur and a confused, dysfunctional,  violent imbecile pretending to be civilized. Her anger management had failed, her morals evaporated and she ran like a wild animal to folly and vice. She saw

your femininity, pensiveness, social grace as weakness; and a jealous streak overwhelmed her, along with perhaps drugs and alcohol and the craving to be a hotshot, a show-off in front of her lily-livered softspoken boyfriend who was inwardly a seething rebellious pothead looking for extreme emotions and hoping to use his knives and astound his father and perhaps punish him for past neglects or failures.

Armed with false courage of drugs and anger and a foolish rootless liar like Rudy Guede who had turned to drugs for his own escape from reality, this dreadful excuse for a roommate created an offense against you, Meredith, and destroyed your innocent soul. They were like raging madmen the night they killed you. I think that at first they took your kindness and patience for weakness and thought you were a pushover, but when the fists started flying they found you full of spirit and fiercely willing to fight back in indignation over the theft of your money, their bilious behavior and insults.

When you first struck the debauched tartar Knox and made her nose bleed, she hollered for her weakwilled drug zombie male friends to aid her in attacking you.

They knew they were wrong, but all of them felt ennabled by the wrongdoing of the others, so they couldn’t stop the revengeful assault and held you tightly while they escalated their indecencies which showed exactly the evil that was inside them from years of unrestrained bad thoughts and attitudes.

Your roommate is a disgrace to her gender and to her nation, and a total reproach to her church to say the least. An accomplished liar and chameleon, she roams the world like a man without a country, drawing to herself freaks of every stripe. She soon ditched her partners in crime, one of whom did pay for his violence with a long prison sentence. The others escaped by lies and family influence, money, pressure campaigns and legal tricks.

The other monstrous young man wanders his homeland a pariah, his honour and pride in the dust, his family nearly bankrupt from his legal expenses as he dons yet another mask to try to convince the world of a lie that will save his reputation.

Meredith, you are the only one of the 4 worth remembering. You were the lively, grand and highly spirited student, the only kind one, a true daughter to an ailing mother and you were genuinely a loving sister. In life and in death you have my respect and the admiration of countless others.

Happy Birthday December 28, 2018…to all the good you did while you lived.

Posted by Hopeful on 12/28/18 at 06:37 PM | #

Thank you Hopeful

So important these days what you do so well, honoring real talent, and showing up bullying and the cataclysmic next step beyond that.

I think I sense something of a widening moodchange toward your direction in the compassion showing up in some of the opinion polls. Do keep up the powerful essay-ing!

Posted by Peter Quennell on 12/29/18 at 11:21 AM | #

Amanda Knox’s cat, ‘screams’ has died.

If she had a dog named, Rudy Guede, people would still say she’s innocent.

Posted by DavidB on 01/01/19 at 07:40 PM | #

So ‘Screams’ has died, maybe it’s a sign. I’m not sure of what.

OT but today’s news said scientists are reviving an old drug in a new liquid form. It is being studied as a cure for Alzheimer’s. An Italian discovered the cephalosporin in 1945, a Giuseppe Brotzu.

The drug was called cefixime or Suprax? It cured a lot of staff infections, ear infections, etc. It was used as a broad spectrum antibiotic like penicillin.

Such brainy discoveries never cease to amaze. Giuseppe Brotzu found this phenomenon off the coast of Sardinia in some nasty water, sewage effluent. He later was at Oxford.

Italians have done some good stuff.

Posted by Hopeful on 01/02/19 at 05:31 PM | #

A very Happy New Year to one and all on this fantastic website. Hopeful’s words in remembrance of Meredith say it all so I won’t add anything further. I merely lit a solitary candle on 28 December for Meredith’s birthday and let it burn through the night.

I’d echo a sentiment contained in a comment by Pete above regarding what’s best to do to commemorate Meredith’s memory each year. The maintenance of this site with its central theme of searching for true justice for Meredith is, I feel, the perfect way to do that. It needs no more than that, in my view.

Maybe 2019 will be the year that justice finally prevails? We can but hope but the sterling efforts by the custodians of this site in keeping this atrocious miscarriage of justice alive in peoples’ minds is inspiring and offers the very best hope that we all have.

When Knox/Sollecito receive justice and the final, definitive, book is written, Pete and a whole host of other characters from this site will rightly be celebrated for their dedication to true justice. I can envisage Meredith’s dignified family writing the foreword and being happy to do so because it would mean their wonderful daughter/sister could finally rest in peace.

This will be my wish for 2019 and for every year thereafter until it finally happens.

Posted by davidmulhern on 01/02/19 at 07:26 PM | #

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