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Claimed Guede Confidant Mario Alessi Has Been Moved Two Hours North To Parma Prison

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Nice city, Parma. Famous for good food. Where the prosciutto hams come from.

The French singer on the video is Juliette Greco. The French generally love Italy, the fifth most visited country in the world (it is also the fifth largest industrial producer). Tourists from France and Germany constitute the largest national groups.

Not that he is likely to enjoy it very much. But it is reported that Mario Alessi has just been moved from the Viterbo prison north of Rome to the prison in Parma.

The newspaper website Viterbo Daily reports that this was a precautionary move by the Prisons Department, in the light of the bitter disagreement between Guede and Alessi as to whether Guede confided to Alessi that he had a companion along on the night Meredith died.

Alessi’s claim has been met in Italy with great scepticism, and it seems unlikely that the two ever even talked.  No-one else has made a similar claim. Those grasping at straws argued that Guede also confided in a priest and a nun, but they seem to have gone awol.

Alessi is serving 30 years and if it can be proven that he lied under oath in his testimony to prosecutors Mignini and Comodi, he could see his term extended by several years.

Our next post (a complex one) hopefully later today looks again at Rudy Guede’s role in the case.

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An update on the translation of the sentencing report which began just under one month ago. It is going extremely well and should all be done in April. The translators really are quite amazing. A real labor of love, it just keeps pouring out.

The thrust of the report is quite remorseless, very very carefully written and argued, and the listing and interpretation of the evidence and the logic of the writers is pretty stunning, even for us.

The notion that Guede could have done everything on the night is absolutely dead on its feet, and the apologists so busy creating all those fictional websites may as well save themselves the effort. Their bizarre theories will all soon be toast.

It was decided that before we post the report in English on the PMF forum and on TJMK, all of the report must be translated by the team in Europe and Australia and here in the US, and then all of it edited for consistency of style and correct use of technical and legal terms, which is the trickiest part of the work.

Meanwhile, an opinion from the bunglingest flatfoot on the block. Can you BELIEVE this guy?!

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““The CBS News consultant also said Knox is in jail “because she’s an American and because she smoked dope.”“

C’mon,Paul, even the Knox/Mellas family have pretty much stopped using that line.

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