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Despite Her Claims, Knox Was NOT Exonerated By Italy’s Supreme Court

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Kentucky State Capital and Supreme Court

1. Kentucky Lawyers Get Duped

The Kentucky Bar Association is the latest to get swindled by Knox. They have paid a ton of money to be lectured to by a fake exoneree.

The online notice of today’s talk by Knox at their annual conference says it all: it PROVES a complete lack of due diligence. It wrongly reads as follows:

On Friday 23 June the programming will be packed with fun and interesting sessions.. Topping off Friday’s schedule will be the featured presentation; AMANDA KNOX will share her story. She is the American exchange student who spent almost four years in an Italian prison, following her conviction for the 2007 murder of Meredith Kercher, a fellow exchange student who shared her apartment. In 2015, Knox was definitively acquitted [aka exonerated].

2. But Knox Was NOT Exonerated

Knox’s sentence was merely vacated (she could be tried again) because under mafia influence the Fifth Chambers of the Supreme Court ignored most of the evidence - and then claimed there was not enough.

Read here. The Fifth Chambers was assigned the case through quite open defense manipulation. It does not normally handle murder cases, and neither the lead judge nor the writer of the sentencing report had previously handled murder cases. Their reasoning was torturous, evidence was cherry-picked, and it seems certain any experienced and trained murder-case judges would have found for guilt here.

Read here  Knox was in fact found to have been at the scene of the crime, and with blood on her hands. The Supreme Court’s Fifth Chambers in fact handed down the weakest possible “not guilty” sentence, not guilty due to “insufficient evidence” (though see below; most of it they ignored, and the trial prosecution was not even at the Supreme Court) which allows an appeal if the prosecution or victim’s family wish to take up that option.

Read here. Knox was definitively found guilty of calunnia (criminal defamation) against her boss, Patrick Lumumba. The Supreme Court in her final appeal confirmed that she falsely accused Patrick Lumumba, a black man, of murder. She served three years in prison, and is a convicted felon for life. (To date she has refused to pay compensation of about $100,000, placing her in contempt of the Supreme Court. So much for Knox “helping” the wrongfully imprisoned.)

Read here. That book by Knox - in an expanded but unrevised 2nd edition - is one of the most dishonest ever written. It contains an estimated 400-plus provable lies and up to 100 possible defamations. See this example. For those Knox still faces multiple possibilities of prosecution.

Read here. Also read here. The evidence against Knox and her co-defendant Sollecito was in fact massive, and when correctly seen as a whole (as only the 2009 trial jury saw, not the several appeal juries) absolutely damning. Read also here. Thereafter the gaming of the system began, starting with the defense procuring ANOTHER judge not qualified for murder trials (Judge Hellmann, now edged into early retirement) for their first (2011) appeal. 

Read here. If true to form Knox will again try to claim to your audience that police interrogators forced a false confession out of her. Again untrue. She was not interrogated on that night or any other night. In fact she was only ever interrogated twice, BOTH TIMES at her own request by Dr Mignini, in December 2007 and July 2009. She was given SIX court opportunities to get herself off before the 2009 trial - and she failed all of them.

Read here. The supremely fair Italian justice system comes out pretty well against other systems including the American system. Italy’s rate of incarceration is 1/6 that of the United States, and among Italians the system polls very positively.

There’s much more if your members are inclined to set up a task force. For the protection from fraud of bar associations everywhere, we would welcome that.

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There are some important emailed additions to come. Do please add any you wish to. One immediate addition is to point out that the Kentucky Bar notice is wrong in calling Knox an exchange student.

Had she been, she could have been supervised. Instead, she was a loose cannon heavily on drugs, she ran wild, and Meredith ended up dead. Too late, the University of Washington recognized the problem. Her own parents never did.

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Literally hundreds of questions for Knox remain unanswered. Funny how most media remain tongue-tied. The bribes and threats from the virulent PR explains that.

Here are 27 questions from the UK lawyer James Raper.

1. Why did you not mention the 16 second 12.07 phonecall to Meredith’s English phone on the 2nd November in your e-mail?  When explaining why you made this call, please also explain why it was to the English phone rather than Meredith’s Italian phone which you knew Meredith used for local calls?

2. Why did you not mention this call when you phoned Filomena immediately afterwards?

3. Why did you make so little effort to contact Meredith again after being told by Filomena to do so. Remember the logged 3 and 4 second phone calls?

4. Why did you tell Filomena that you had already phoned the police when neither you, nor Raffaele, had.

5. Can you and will you explain the contradiction between your panic at the cottage (as described in the e-mail) and the testimony of all the witnesses who subsequently arrived that you appeared calm, detached and initially unconcerned as to your friend’s whereabouts or safety?

6. Why did you tell the postal police that Meredith often locked her bedroom door, even when it came to taking a shower, when this was simply not true, as Filomena testified?

7. Can you and will you explain why you did not try either of Meredith’s phones at the cottage if you were indeed in such a panic about Meredith’s locked door?

8. Can you and will you explain how you knew that Meredith’s throat had been cut when you were not, according to the witnesses’s testimony, a witness to the scene in Meredith’s bedroom after the door had been kicked in and, with the exception of probably a postal police officer or the ambulance crew, no one had looked underneath the duvet covering the body when you were there?

9. What made you think that the body was in the cupboard (wardrobe) when it was in fact to the side of the wardrobe? Were you being flippant, stupid, or what, when you said that? Do you think it just a remarkable coincidence that the remark bears close comparison to the crime scene investigators conclusions, based on the blood at the scene, that Meredith had been shoved, on all fours, and head first,  at the door of the wardrobe? She was then turned over on the floor and moved again. How did you know that there was any position prior to her final place of rest?

10. Will you ever be able to account for the 12.47 pm call to your mother in Seattle ( at 4.45 am Seattle time)? Do you remember this now because it was not mentioned in your e-mail nor were you able to remember it in your court testimony?

11. Why do you think Raffaele told the police – contrary to your own alibi that you had spent the whole time with Raffaele at his apartment – that you had gone out at 9 pm and did not return until 1 am?

12. Did you sleep through the music played for half an hour on Raffaele’s computer from 5.32 am?

13. Were you telling the truth when you told the court that you and Raffaele ate dinner some time between 9.15 and 11 pm? Can you not narrow it down a bit more? The water leak occurred, you said, whilst washing up dishes after dinner. Why then did Raffaele’s father say that Raffaele told him at 8.42 pm about the water leak whilst washing up dishes?

14. What was the problem about using the mop, rags, sponges etc already at Raffaele’s apartment, to clear up a water spill? Why was the mop from the girl’s cottage so essential and if it was, why not collect it immediately since it was just a short distance away?

15. Why, when you knew that you were going to Gubbio with Raffaele on the 2nd November, did you not take a change of clothing with you, if needed, when you left the cottage on the afternoon of the 1st?

16. Why did you need a shower at the cottage when you had already had one at Raffaele’s apartment the previous evening?

17. If you had needed one again why not have it at his apartment, in a heated apartment, before you set off, or on your return, rather than have a shower on a cold day, in a cold flat?

18. Why did you not notice the blood in the bathroom, and the bloody footprint on the bathmat, until after your shower? If the blood you then observed was already diluted and faded, how do you explain this?

19. Do not ignore your blood on the faucet. In your own testimony you said that there was no blood in the bathroom when you and Raffaele left the flat on the afternoon of the 1st.  What is your considered take on this now? Did your ear piercings bleed when having that shower or drying afterwards? If so, why were you not perfectly clear about the matter in your e-mail?  But then again you said that the blood was caked dry, didn’t you?

20. Why did Raffaele say that, on entering the flat with you, Filomena’s door was open and he saw the damage and mess inside, but you said, in your e-mail, that Filomena’s door was closed when you returned at 10.30 am? Did you subsequently look inside on that occasion, or not? It’s just that if you did, then why did you not mention the break in to Filomena prior to you and Raffaele returning to the cottage?

21. You are a creative writer so please explain. What is the point of the word “also” in the following extract from your e-mail? “Laura’s door was open which meant that she wasn’t at home, and Filomena’s door was also closed”.

22. In your trial testimony you mentioned shuffling along the corridor on the bathroom mat after your shower. From the bathroom to your room.  Because there was no towel in the bathroom. You had left it in your bedroom. Then back again. Why is this not mentioned in your e-mail?

23. In your e-mail you stated that you changed for your shower in your bedroom, and then afterwards dressed in your bedroom. That makes sense. What you don’t explain is why, if you towelled and dressed in your bedroom, there was any need to shuffle back to the bathroom on the bathmat. Why not just carry it back?

24. But why, in the same testimony, did you then change your mind as to where you had undressed for your shower? Not in your bedroom - saying so was a mistake you said - but you did not say where. Some people might think, uncharitably, that your change of mind was necessary to incorporate the double bathmat shuffle.

25. Were there any things that you disliked about Meredith? Be honest because we know from her English friends and other sources that there were things that she disliked about you.

26. Why are pages missing from your diary for October?

27. Once again, and this time so that it makes some sense, please explain why you permitted the police, on your say so, to believe that poor Patrick Lumumba was involved in Meredith’s murder.  Clearly, had you been at the cottage you would have known that he was not, and had you not been there you could not have known that he was.

Here are many dozens more.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/23/17 at 08:50 PM | #

Guilty Amanda Knox is surely pushing her luck doing another talk.

Maybe someone there will have done an ounce of research and ask a question such as above. But I won’t hold my breath.

I reluctantly looked at the report of her Instagram. Amanda Knox, The Little Red Riding Hood; Amanda Knox, the one and only victim.


Posted by DavidB on 06/23/17 at 11:07 PM | #

Kentucky Bar Association, do not be deceived. Knox is a practiced liar. Five spots of Meredith’s fresh blood were found to contain Knox’s DNA in them. One especially damning spot of this mixed blood was in the room with the staged broken window, Filomena Romanelli’s bedroom at the cottage. Knox’s footprints in blood were also located by Luminol. Knox’s bizarre PR spin on this was to suggest the Luminol was hitting on fruit juice or bleach.

When Raffaele called the police to alert them about a break-in, they asked Knox if anything were missing from her room in the cottage. She conveniently forgot to mention that her only lamp was missing! It was later found in the victim’s bedroom.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Knox is a confirmed liar, who lied about her boss being the killer. He was nowhere near the scene, but she claimed in visions to have been at the scene herself. Don’t buy her carefully honed story. Even her own lover stopped covering for her and finally told the police she had left his apartment during the hours of the murder.

Eyewitness Antonio Curatolo, a local homeless man who made the area his home and knew the basketball court well, knew the coffee shops, and observed much outdoor life, was quite intelligent despite a troubled history, saw Knox and Raffaele the night of the murder arguing in the square overlooking the cottage. They said they were indoors snuggling, they lied.

A shopkeeper spotted whitefaced tired pale Knox at his drugstore around 7:00am early the morning following the murder, a fact she denied.

Posted by Hopeful on 06/24/17 at 06:17 PM | #

How does Knox keep getting these speaking gigs?

Does she have a team go around associations like this hoping to get a hit, maybe some slight interest and then work on them to secure the gig, you know - maybe giving them a Knox ‘Media Pack’ and work the subterfuge in from there initially?

Why do they seem to bite, to buy her bullshit?

Excuse my ignorance in advance but are the Kentucky Bar Association anything?  Do they stand for anything?

Or is this simply another Knox attention grab, because looking at the last photoshoot she has released to he adoring public showing her prancing around in the woods dressed as Little Red Riding Hood (I kid you not) with her Casey Neistat wannabe boyfriend of the month in tow - she is getting truly desperate now, the monster needs feeding

Posted by Deathfish on 06/24/17 at 07:50 PM | #

They probably want to know the secret of how to get a guilty client off a murder rap.

Trick defence phrases to use:  ‘false memory syndrome’; ‘false confession’; ‘forced confession’; ‘PR exercises’; ‘vulnerable kid’; ‘mad prosecutor’; ‘witch hunting’; ‘slut shaming’; ‘the glove doesn’t fit, M’Lud. etc.

We’ll be seeing a lot of this now.

Posted by KrissyG on 06/24/17 at 08:09 PM | #

Thanks Hopeful. More strong points.

Deathfish, yes, at first glance it’s bizarre. But note this strong point by KrissyG.

“They probably want to know the secret of how to get a guilty client off a murder rap.”

Many in THAT professional audience are there for technique and may have no real interest in Truth.

Many may even see her guilty as sin - and admire her all the more for that.

But remember: late in 2009 the defenses were extremely down, on some days Bongiorno skipped court, and Ghirga and Maori were threatening to walk.

And then the mafia-enabled judge-shopping began.

Only that (so far) won the day. And that’s not something the average Kentucky lawyer can pull off!!

Once these audiences drop to THAT being the winning trick, the demand for AK’s pearls of wisdom will be no more.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/24/17 at 10:04 PM | #

Barbie Nadeau reacts to Knox’s Instagram account in The Daily Beast, June 22, 2017.


Creepy Costumes and a Cat Named ‘Screams’: An Instagram Window of the Weird World of Amanda Knox

Nadeau says Knox making her Instagram public invites scrutiny, and does Knox no favors. Nadeau wonders if it’s a cry for help or just a cry for attention, or both. She sees Freudian meaning in the Little Red Riding Hood costume.

Seems obvious it is Knox the narcissist looking for more public adulation and attention, while the theme of the classic fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood, was that Mama said don’t wander off the pathway when you go to deliver cake and wine to your sick grandmother.

But Knox did wander off the path into the woods, landed in prison in Perugia and now she is back in Germany TEN YEARS LATER wandering literally in the Black Forest dressing up as a child, but a disobedient child who disregarded her Mama’s warning and got into trouble with a wolf.

In some versions of Grimm’s story or Charles Perrault’s story the grandmother and Red Riding Hood are both saved from certain death by a huntsman who cuts open the wolf, pulls the two victims out, then fills the wolf’s belly with stones so that he falls dead.

Is actress and Pretender Knox devilishly acting out with her boyfriend Chris Robinson in Instagram photos the message writ large that she’s ready to go off the rails yet again?

Nadeau laments that Knox seemingly had returned to a normal life, even to helping wrongly convicted causes, and had become a journalist, had written a book, but now opens up her Instagram for public consumption and it shows some weirdness that defeats the more positive steps Knox had been taking.

Nadeau says there are pix of Knox’s cat who is named ‘Screams’. I hadn’t seen that but how horrible. We know Meredith’s scream was reported by Nara Capazzali and perhaps was part of the noise in murder room that Amanda once claimed she had covered her ears to prevent hearing.

If she named a cat ‘Screams’ it must be more confessional obsession and evil intent as well.

As Deathfish says, ‘the monster needs feeding.’

Also, Knox in these European fun pix wants to show off her freedom and her financial ability to travel the world. She also wants to live it up before Deanna’s autumn wedding, imho.

Posted by Hopeful on 06/25/17 at 03:30 AM | #

Anyone who thinks Amanda Knox has taken positive steps is living in la-la land. Vicious killers pretending to care about others is nothing new.

Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper, gave local women lifts home because they were scared of the Yorkshire Ripper. Ian Huntley helped search for Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman - the two ten-year-old girls he raped and murdered.

I wish the gullible fools at the Innocence Projects in America would interview Diya Lumumba and ask him what he thinks about Amanda Knox trying to help the wrongly imprisoned.

Posted by The Machine on 06/25/17 at 03:02 PM | #

Question in an incoming email: Is an appeal of a “final” Supreme Court judgment really possible?

Sure it is. Remember Guede appealed.

It was shot down - with good reason, given the strong evidence against him being one of the three - but the Florence Appeal Court gave it careful attention.

Remember these strong grounds for appeal are still in the pipeline, and there are others.

Paving the way is the legal action against the Sollecito and Knox books - Sollecito has already caved, as we have mentioned.

Also some further investigating of the known role in 2013-14 of this guy.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/25/17 at 05:31 PM | #

The Machine:  I couldn’t have said it better.  I hope Lumumba is keeping up with all of this Knox phony living-a-lie garbage.  I hope he speaks out.  We must never give up.  The truth has to be told for Meredith and her family.

Posted by whatswisdom on 06/28/17 at 08:12 PM | #

Raffaele Sollecito’s appeal to the Supreme Court fails.

Rome, June 28th. - No compensation for wrongful imprisonment to Raffaele Sollecito. This was decided by the fourth of the Supreme Court Criminal Division, rejecting the action by which the defenders of the young man asked to reassess the compensation request - amounting to EUR 516 thousand - already rejected by the Court of Appeal of Florence last February. Sollecito has spent nearly four years in prison on charges against him was that of voluntary competition in the murder of British student Meredith Kercher, in Perugia killed in the night between the first and 2 November 2007. In 2015, however, Supreme Court ended the trial by saying definitively the acquittal of Sollecito and Amanda Knox, the American girl to the young man at the time had a romantic relationship. The Florence judges had rejected the claim by highlighting the fact that Sollecito, in the early stages of the investigation would in conduct “malicious” and “grossly misleading”. To know the reasons behind the decision today by the Supreme Court will have to wait about a month. For the crime of Perugia the only convicted of complicity in murder is Rudy Guede, the young Ivorian origins, judged expedited, is serving in the Viterbo prison sentenced to 16 years in prison.” [ends]

Written reasons out in about a month.

Posted by KrissyG on 06/28/17 at 09:55 PM | #

Surprise surprise! A report on Knox’s talk to Kentucky layers last Friday PM was posted openly on the site of the local paper. It has now been moved beyond the paywall.

Can anyone access the whole story without having to pay for a subscription? This much of it is showing.

  Knox recalls legal nightmare
She says ‘perfect storm’ of factors led to long imprisonment

  By James Mayse Messenger-Inquirer Jun 24, 2017 0

Amanda Knox was 20 years old and a college student studying in Italy when she and her boyfriend were first jailed on suspicion of killing her roommate by Italian police in 2007. It would be eight months before Knox was officially charged with the crime, and 11 years before the Italian Supreme Court threw out Knox’s case, citing numerous errors in the investigation and prosecution of the case.

Knox, who is now a writer and advocate for people wrongfully accused, shared her story Friday afternoon, during the last day the Kentucky Bar Association’s three-day annual conference at the Owensboro Convention Center.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/29/17 at 06:03 PM | #

Six weeks later: the report in the local paper I quoted directly above and other reports of this talk including by the Bar Association have all been deleted.

That’s par for the course these days, a tweet or email with some links is proving enough now to scare off most editors and reporters.

I wonder if the misled Bar Association demanded its money back.

Another Bar Association talk we found out about, the first one,  was in West Palm Beach in January.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/14/17 at 12:12 AM | #
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