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Italian Reporting Of Prolonged Knox/Cocaine-Dealer Connection; Media Digging

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1. How Drug Use Was Addressed At Trial

The story of Knox’s drug use clearly has legs. But whoever is driving it, the trial prosecution is not - they are simply sitting back and watching.

Police and prosecutors have never driven the perception that Knox and Sollecito were stoned on the night when they attacked Meredith. Judge Micheli wasnt keen on this possible “out” and besides they have never had a reason to.

It was in fact the defenses who drove the drug-use argument. Knox admitted to police on 5-6 November 2007 to marijuana use, and so did Sollecito. He already had a minor record of cocaine possession. Both tried to use the argument at trial that they were indeed stoned. But that was only to explain major discrepancies in their statements, not to say that drugs helped to fuel the attack on Meredith.

The defenses had an opportunity with Judge Matteini, the guiding magistrate from late 2007 though to Judge Micheli’s arraignment in October 2008, to try to seek lesser charges due to impaired capacities. But either they did not want to, or they were prevented by the families from doing so.

At trial in 2009 the prosecution remarked that the two were suspected to have been using cocaine (the symptoms seem to us pretty obvious) but the defence simply shrugged at this and did not contend it.

Judge Massei never mentions amphetamines. Two defense experts were brought in to try to convince the Massei court that the admitted drug use had fogged their clients’ brains. Judge Massei simply recorded this doubtful claim in his sentencing report. He gave the perps no breaks based on this reasoning.

]page 393] On the effects of drugs of the type used by Amanda and by Raffaele, such as hashish and marijuana, [we] heard the testimony of Professor Taglialatela who, while underlining the great subjective variability (page 211, hearing of 17 July 2009) specified that the use of such substances has a negative influence on the cognitive capacity and causes alterations of perception (pages 201 and 207) and of the capacity to comprehend a situation (page 218).

In his turn, Professor Cingolani, who together with Professor Umani Ronchi and Professor Aprile, had also dealt with the toxicological aspect (see witness report lodged on 15 April 2008, pages 26 and following), responding to the question he had been asked as to whether the use of drugs lowers inhibitions replied: “šThat is beyond doubt”› (page 163 hearing of 19 September 2009), while correlating that effect to the habits of the person [on] taking the drugs. Raffaele Sollecito’s friends had furthermore stated that such substances had an effect of relaxation and stupor.

2. New Reporting On Knox/Drug-Dealer Connection

Below is the new Giallo report on a connection between Knox and drug-dealers kindly translated by our main poster Jools. Note that the main drug dealer Frederico Martini (who is “F” below) and others were convicted back in 2011 and the connection to Knox was reported then in the Italian press, though not in the UK and US press.

The main new fact here is that Giallo has the dealers’ names. Giallo makes clear it obtained the names legitimately from open police records, not from the prosecutors back at trial.  Dr Mignini merely takes note of the names which Giallo itself provided and he doubted that Knox would now become truth-prone.

Clamorous [Sensational/Scoop]

The American woman already convicted to 28 years for the murder of her friend Meredith.


The woman was hanging around a circle of hashish and cocaine traffickers. One of them had intimate relation with her. Another, a dangerous criminal offender, had attempted to kill his brother with a knife. Are they implicated?

“During the course of the investigation into the murder of Meredith Kercher we have confirmed that a person whose initial is F. would occasionally supply drugs to Amanda Knox, as well as having a relationship with her supposedly of a sexual nature.” So begins an [official note] annotation of the Flying Squad police in Perugia dated January 19, 2008, two and half months after the terrible murder of the young British student Meredith Kercher. An annotation that could open a new, worst-case scenario on the Perugia murder and on one of its most talked-about protagonists, Amanda Knox, besides making it possible to convince the USA to send her back to Italy for a new trial.

But why is this annotation so important? And who is this mysterious F. that is now entering the scene? Let’s see. When Amanda came to our country to study, in September 2007, did not yet know Raffaele Sollecito, the guy from Giovinazzo who will be accused together with her and Rudy Guede, a thief and drug dealer, of the murder of Meredith. But she soon started to hang around characters implicated in a drug ring for university students in Perugia. A particularly disturbing entourage of whose members included dangerous multi-convicted felons. The first one is precisely F. We will not disclose his full name or F’s last name, for reasons of discretion, but GIALLO knows them.

In 2007, F. is a student of psychology from Rome, much older than Amanda. The two meet on a Milano-Florence train and decide to visit the city together in the evening, Knox having gotten rid of [her sister] she and F. smoke a joint together. “My first smoke in Italy,” says the same Amanda on MySpace, a social network site that was popular seven years ago. The two end the Florentine evening in his hotel room. Photo evidence of this new friendship was formerly on Myspace, because Amanda publishes a photo of F., half naked. An aunt commented: “Do not date strange Italian guys.”

Once she settled in Perugia, Amanda continues to have contact with F. His number is in Amanda’s phone book, and they both frequently called each other, before and after the murder.

F., also appears in a “list” of Italian guys she slept with which was compiled by Amanda on one of her big school notebooks and also in her autobiographical book Waiting to be heard. In the book Amanda talks about F. but changes his name and calls him Cristiano. Maybe to protect their privacy, maybe to obfuscate opinions. She writes of him: “I promised my friends that I would not end up sleeping with the first guy that comes by, but F. was a change of plans.” Further adding that in Italy smoking joints is simply normal, “like eating a plate of pasta.”

On the other hand Amanda spends a lot of money in the several months she’s in Perugia. In September, she draws out $ 2,452 from her bank account, that’s 1,691 euros. How did she spend it? No one has ever investigated this, and she does not explain it. She says she used the cash for living [expenses], but considering that the rent she had to pay was only 300 euros, and that twice a week she worked as a waitress in the bar of Patrick Lumumba, Le Chic, putting more cash in her pocket, the [living] expenses seem really excessive.

What does Amanda do with all that money? For sure she does not buy only hashish, which is not so expensive. Was she, then, using cocaine? The [police] annotation makes you think of it. And this could explain both the state of alteration of the girl on the night of the murder as well as a possible motive. Amanda that evening returned home to get some money to pay for the drugs, and she encountered Meredith? The girls had a fight, as Rudy Guede says in his reconstruction of that night, why, did Amanda steal Meredith’s money? Was Amanda on her own, or maybe she made sure she was accompanied by Rudy or other drug dealing friends?

No one has ever investigated this, or Amanda’s dangerous acquaintances. So dangerous that the same F., in 2011, was arrested. To be precise that started from the analysis of Amanda’s mobile phone, police investigators found that in fact F. and two of his close friends, Luciano and Lorenzo, were part of a major drug ring: all three ended up on trial for selling cocaine.

On January 14, 2011 they were all sentenced. The court judges established that Luciano was the one that supplied the other two: He was to serve two years and eight months in prison.

But let’s read the rest of the police annotation because what this reveals is really disturbing: “F. is contacted by phone by the presumable clients placing an “order” with him of the quantity of drugs they want to buy and in turn he contacts various Maghrebi characters ordering. It is also established that F. associates with multiple-convicted offenders of very serious crimes in the matter of drugs, and with persons such as A. Luciano, with whom he maintains frequent contacts aimed at drug trafficking.”

And precisely in this way Luciano, linked to F., a friend of Amanda, has a terrible past. The cops wrote this about him: “The above-cited Luciano on the 28/7/2006 was arrested by the carabinieri in Foligno because he was responsible for the murder attempt of his brother, who gave him 16 stab wounds inflicted with a kitchen knife.”

Luciano, therefore, who sells drugs in Perugia and provides supply to F., with whom he is often in touch, is an unsuccessful killer. Only a year before the murder in Perugia, under the influence of drugs, he tried to kill his brother during an argument over money and drug dealing. Luciano, out of his head that evening, grabbed the knife with which he was slicing a melon in the kitchen and stabbed his brother’s body 16 times.

A scene not so different from what the judges think happened in Meredith’s house, and even from what was described by the same Amanda on the 5 November 2007 when, at the end of a night of contradictions and anguish, confessed giving culpability of the murder to Patrick Lumumba, the owner of the bar Le Chic, who later proved to be unconnected with the facts of the case. Amanda said: “Patrick and Meredith went to Meredith’s room, while I think that I stayed in the kitchen. I heard screams and was scared, I covered my ears.”

Where were, F. and Luciano the night of the murder? And who was there that night, instead of Patrick? Questions still unanswered. What seems likely, however, is that Amanda was not with Raffaele, who was at his home on his computer. The judiciary may now decide to open a new file on her. Will the USA grant extradition?

Here is the translation of Dr Mignini’s interview with Giallo translated by Kristeva.

Luciano [Giuliano] Mignini, the judge leading the investigation, talks “Amanda knows how to lie very well: she seems sincere and credible ...”

[GM] The magistrate has directed all investigations: it is she [Judge Matteini] who had Amanda, Raffaele, Patrick Lumumba and Rudy Guede arrested.

[GM] “In the Supreme Court of Cassation new revelations don’t count” Giuliano Mignini, deputy prosecutor of the Attorney General Office of Perugia and public prosecutor of the first trial for the murder of Meredith [Kercher], goes straight to the point.

Mr. Mignini, pending the Supreme Court, Raffaele Sollecito seems to have distanced himself from Amanda Knox. He claims he is not certain that the American girl has spent the whole night with Sollecito ...”

[GM] “All this is irrelevant. In Court of Cassation only questions of laws can be raised. They do not take into account the new elements of reconstruction of the facts. Trials are based on the acts of the proceeding. Sustaining now a different reconstruction of what happened is a question of merit that does not in any way interest cassation.”

Amanda has repeatedly argued that her version of the facts had been affected by heavy pressures from the prosecutor’s office.

[GM] “Nothing could be more false. The process of investigation and trial proceeding of Kercher’s murder has had from the beginning an unprecedented media pressure, which has confused some ideas in public opinion. The trial should take place with the guarantee of an adversarial process, with equality of prosecution and defense. When one steps out of these parameters one ends up with a trial through the media. In this scenario, the foreign press, especially the American one, not taking into account our legal system, has given its input. They created a discourse that sounds a bit like this:she is one our fellow citizens and therefore she must be innocent. “

And if today even Amanda was to change her version?

[GM] “I would be astonished. She had plenty of occasions to tell her truth”

What was your impression of Amanda?

[GM] Amanda is very intelligent. She cleverly tried to divert suspects from her, as in the case of the staged burglary, a huge lie. Amanda is shrewd like when she accused Patrick Lumumba. On that occasion she appeared credible, she was crying. She looked as if terrified. I believe she’s a very theatrical girl and in a certain way even anti conformist: while everyone was crying and were worried, she was doing cartwheels.

What was her relationship with Meredith?

[GM] “Amanda did not like to be contradicted and had a conflictual relationship with Meredith. There were constant arguments regarding Amanda’s behaviour that Meredith could not tolerate. She believed that Amanda stole her money.”

And what type was Sollecito?

[GM] Raffaele is an enigmatic character. He is a shy young man who was subjected to Amanda’s strong personality. He was very attracted to Knox who in the meantime did not disdain the company of other acquaintances.

About acquaintances, Amanda knew some drug dealers. Could they have had a role in the murder?

[GM] “I cannot answer this” But then writes down their names.

[By] Gian Pietro Fiore

3. Our Comments On The Giallo Report

As observed above, for Italians most of this is actually not new news. The new news is that Giallo now has all the dealers’ names, from the open records of the police.

Giallo’s mention of a possible new trial is presumably connected to this drug-dealing, as the trial for Meredith’s murder and Knox’s and Sollecito’s failed appeal have both concluded, and only Cassation’s endorsement of the verdict is awaited.

Giallo’s references to Guede as a drug dealer and thief are both unproven. He had no criminal record prior to final conviction by Cassation. He was never a police source, and got zero breaks, ever. He was unknown to Dr Mignini until some days after Meredith was attacked and forensics identified him.

4. UK and US Media Get Key Fact Wrong

The UK’s Daily Mail has wrongly claimed that Italy’s Giallo magazine had reported as follows: “Italian prosecutor from Amanda Knox trial gave newspaper list of drug-dealer names associated with American student”.

In their headlines the US’s National Enquirer and Radar Online make the same wrong claim, though they quote enough from Giallo to show how that magazine really re-surfaced the report.

So for now UK and US media get that key fact wrong.  This surely wont be the end of it though. The story finally has legs of its own, and clearly the media in all three countries have a willingness to pursue it more.

In the interview also posted on Giallo Dr Mignini doubted that even now Knox will tell the truth - in fact it is hard to see what she can say. We will wait and see.

5. Ground Report Also Gets It Wrong

This shrill report from “Grace Moore” about Guede and Dr Mignini in Ground Report is both seriously wrong on the facts and defamatory - she should try saying that sort of thing about any American prosecutor.  “Grace Moore” should find out what the roles of Judge Matteini and Prosecutor Comodi were, and why after a malicious prosecution against him Prosecutor Mignini is riding high on Italian TV - and pouring cold water on satanic claims about any crimes.

Paul and Rachel Sterne, the father and daughter owners of Ground Report which carries well over 100 similarly inflammatory posts, could in theory be charged by both Italian and American prosecutors, as they are an eager party to bloodmoney (a felony), harrassment of the victim’s family (a felony) and obstruction of justice under Italian law for poisoning opinion out of court (another felony).

They need to clean up their site and make some amends.

This drug report continues with new developments in another post here.


Click to enlarge


Some good comments on this development appear under the past several posts.

That Knox may get it in the neck more-so does not entail that Sollecito will get it in the neck less-so. He seems to us empty-handed.

The Machine has a post in the works reviewing of the hard evidence against Sollecito, of which there is no shortage.

Our most recent post on these lines was by SomeAlibi.


Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/30/14 at 01:02 AM | #

Thank you for setting the record straight Mr. Quennell. As always, you are right on. But believe it or not, another anti-Knox article on the ground report was published today:

Cocaine and Amanda Knox


But like Ted Thomson’s previous anti-Knox articles, it will probably be taken down soon.

Posted by Johnny Yen on 07/30/14 at 02:23 AM | #

Hi Mr Yen

Yeah that’s helpful. Thanks. Perhaps the Sternes realise the legal fix they are in. The FOA rabble there were thrown off several other websites before they were allowed to comandeer Ground Report three years ago.

Read this and it looks just like Knox headed to Perugia for what was then the notorious drug scene, maybe after misleading her parents - she sure didnt go there for study and Meredith and the others all knew it.


Among the cocaine-use indicators in Knox’s case (which Perugia cops were quite familiar with) are her cat-urine smell when the cops first encountered her at the house, the blank [removed]see below), and the highs and lows and giggles and conniptions that went on right up to when she was arrested.

Methamphetamines do result in intense paranoia and psychotic incidents leading to murder. The Perugia cops would know that as well. None of this would give her a break in the cops’ eyes and so they moved on and the defense from her point of view made bad choices.

Below: not the look or smell of someone who has had 8 hours sleep and two showers.


Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/30/14 at 03:10 AM | #

Hi Peter,

Thank you for the link to a very interesting and insightful article on Knox’s motivation to go to Perugia. For sure, it was not to study and she probably knew from another UW student that Perugia was a huge party town back then. I have long suspected that both Knox and Sollecito were on something much stronger than cannabis. And now the truth is finally coming out into the English mass media.

When she incited a small riot prior to her departure, many students reported that that “party” was awash in drugs, uninhibited sex, fights, very loud music and throwing rocks at cars and houses! Who throws rocks at houses and passing cars? That’s either an assault with a deadly weapon or maybe even attempted murder. And we all know that Knox was at the very center of that mayhem. If the Seattle police had taken her in and drug tested her then, I really think that Meredith would still be alive.

Also, the Knoxaholics are quick to discredit Antonio Curatolo’s testimony, but when he saw them on the night of the murder, he knew they were high and he testified to that. And I think that she was also involved in trafficking. Even heavy drug users don’t spend that much money in such a short time. No, she was maybe financing that international cocaine distribution ring. I believe that the police suspected that at the time, but didn’t have enough evidence to press formal charges against her then. But soon they may. I think that their current investigation of her drug connections might result in new charges against her later this year. Thank you again.

Posted by Johnny Yen on 07/30/14 at 05:02 AM | #

How #Amandaknox group set up a fake account maligning John Kercher then complain when someone spoofs #GogertyMarriott


Posted by Ergon on 07/30/14 at 05:51 AM | #

Yep the Daily Fail has picked it up as well.


Comments are open! 😊

Posted by mojo on 07/30/14 at 07:43 AM | #

Dr. Mignini knows Knox is a calculating cool liar. He said he doubts she will ever tell the truth, that when she lies she is convincing and seems very sincere. Raffaele comes close to Knox at winning the liar’s derby, it’s a photo finish.

Dr. Mignini should be believed to the max. He knows the criminal type by training and instinct.

He had face to face encounters with Knox after the crime. She appeared before him and almost confessed but broke down crying to resist the urge. He observed her in the cottage, the home she had lived in. He met her entire family during the course of a long courtroom drama. He observed Knox in court month after month. He has seen a lot of perjured witnesses on the stand. He has observed different people in many police interviews.

He didn’t start doing this work six months ago. He’s a seasoned professional. What are these two twerps? Young imbeciles mainly. They should have used the impaired defense. As Dr. Mignini said, Knox had every opportunity to tell the truth.

Posted by Hopeful on 07/30/14 at 07:58 AM | #

Translations are always godsends and the two PMFs do a lot. Thanks again to Jools.

In the 2nd image above of Giallo, the one below the main post, there is an interview with Dr Mignini. You can see it on the left.

Kristeva on PMF dot Org kindly a translation which we have added to Part 2 of the main post.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/30/14 at 10:35 AM | #

Hi Hopeful

I do agree, Dr Mignini was the main recipient of Knox’s false claims, which began to pour out in front of him at the 17 December interview, when she came close to cracking, and continued in front of him at trial when she was on the stand.

He knows she is not a “good” liar in terms of credibly accounting for all or even any hard facts. It is very easy to shoot her claims down, as we’re finding in the Interrogation Hoax series.

We have posted a lot of questions for Knox. So far not even one is addressed. A main reason why she stayed away from her own appeal in Florence? She knows she is not very good?

Here is a comment posted by Zinnia on PMF dot Org which notices the sustained avoidance by Knox:

Most disheartening about Konx is that she NEVER, EVER in all her diatribes confronts the actual EVIDENCE against her. If I ever heard her debate the actual evidence, even to dispute that it was contaminated and gave an example of how, she possibly could bend my ear. The ignoring of what IS really gets to me. I fail to see how contamination possibly could have occurred with the bra clasp unless someone from the lab intentionally plastered RS DNA all over their gloves before they discovered it and then held it tight when found. The other evidence of RS is on the wall in Filomena’s room, on a cigarette butt with his and Konx’s, and on Meredith’s door, and footprints. I know DNA/blood is impossible to float around. Then there is Konx in Filomena’s room mixed with Meredith, in the bathroom mixed with Meredith, and in the footprints in the hall, also mixed with Meredith. If I were innocent, I would debate every single point of the prosecution arguments. Anita/Amnesia/Poison Amanita is a piece of work, for sure.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/30/14 at 10:57 AM | #

Thanks Ergon on the fake twitter accounts. Great catch. Well done in having the JK one taken down so fast.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/30/14 at 11:17 AM | #

Hi Mojo

The Daily Mail version of the drug story is one of the wrong versions we linked to in the post.

Corrections would be nice to the many commenters on the Daily Mail who rant about prosecution “incompetence” in not bringing the drug story out.

As the post indicates, the prosecution DID bring it out, in court, and also acted against the drug ring. And they did not just bring this out.

If there was any fault, it was the media’s, in largely failing to report this before now, the usual exception being the great Andrea Vogt.


Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/30/14 at 11:34 AM | #

I’d say the main way this negatively affects Knox is thus.

The US State Department monitored legal proceedings against Knox. It has a firm rule never to try to intervene in foreign cases involving Americans where drugs are involved. It already knew there was drug use here.

Some American students go a bit haywire in foreign climes.


And some Americans get in drug trouble in Italy every year and a few go to prison. Several have been party to other murders where drugs were involved.


Corriere reports that this crime took place yesterday.

The American student was under the effect of psychotic drugs. He was wandering through the streets of Florence. He tried to force entry through a garage door while the victim was in the process of locking it.

The student attacked the retired bankteller and cut his throat with a mirror sliver. He covered the body with a piece of cloth and then left.

Police found him sitting on a bench nearby, a few hours after the murder was discovered. He has already confessed the murder.


In a bizarre incident, criminal charges have been filed against an American student in Florence. According to the police, she and a friend tried to trespass onto the grounds of a large, private villa.

A guard tried to stop them. There was a scuffle, and the friend received a knife wound in the leg. There was no firm indication whose knife it was.

The student and her friend walked a short distance to a public bench. He laid down, and she sat beside him. He slowly bled to death, with her sitting beside him with an unused cell phone.

Apparently she made no effort to help him, and she now claims she was so drunk she cannot remember anything.

The Italian authorities don’t know how to deal with her. Her inability to aid in her own defense is something they have not experienced.

Note the big silence from Michael Heavey who has been shrilly adamant that Knox is the apple of his eye and the State Department had dropped the ball.

No. They know their own rules, and Heavey doesnt.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/30/14 at 01:17 PM | #

I’m very pleased to report that Yahoo News Australia has republished the coke connection story:

Prosecutor claims links between Amanda Knox and drug dealers

July 30, 2014



Posted by Johnny Yen on 07/30/14 at 02:19 PM | #

Yeah this time the story does have legs. We noticed but didnt post previously Radar Online’s several other reports because most facts were already known to close followers of objective news and the financial news did not seem too out of line with travel in Europe which ain’t cheap.

Some of the segments from one previous report by Radar Online, the one date 1 July, now seem worth taking note of here in case they scroll away. Take a look at the sentence in bold; more on that after the quote.


Accused by Italian prosecutors of killing her roommate, British exchange student Meredith Kercher in a drug-fueled frenzy, Knox has reportedly been linked to local cocaine dealers by Italian authorities! Could this send her to jail once and for all?...

Sollecito’s own attorney, Luca Maori, admitted in his own closing statements that his client had “sporadic use of drugs, but only and exclusively of hashish,” which he said calmed Sollecito. Maori insisted, “other drugs, such as cocaine … Induce a state of excitement that could lead to gratuitous violence. But to the proceedings, there is no evidence that purports to affirm Raffaele’s use of cocaine. Someone else used cocaine.”

Just who that might have been was called into question again two years later, as the former lovers languished in jail, when local news media reported that a cocaine ring in Perugia had been uncovered thanks to information police found on Knox’s seized cellphone.

On January 14, 2011, Terni magazine reported that a local man had been sentenced to two years and eight months for dealing cocaine, and that “The police found the pusher after discovering his number in the list [of numbers] Amanda stored on her phone. Calls between the two devices occurred in the days before and after the murder of [Kercher]…”

Terni claimed that the information on Knox’s phone lead to the discovery of a “drug ring for university students and professionals,” overseen by a man listed on Knox’s phone and two other men.

According to the magazine’s report, as well as a subsequent article in local newspaper il Giornale dell’Umbria, a police report attached to the defendant’s file that stated that “in the course of the investigation regarding the criminal proceedings 9066/07 [Kercher’s murder] they discovered that an Italian person … From time to time replenished Amanda Knox’s narcotic substances, as well as having allegedly had with her the relationship of a sexual nature.”

Knox never commented on those reports, but readily admitted to her acquaintance with alleged thief and accused drug dealer Guede…

At the same time, Knox’s bank statements show, she was bleeding cash at an alarmingly high rate.

Knox’s transaction history from WaMu bank in the summer of 2007 — obtained by Radar — shows she spent roughly $638 in Seattle in the month of July before leaving for Italy. In August, her spending skyrocketed to $2,765.33. That time did include travel to Germany, but still clocked in at nearly four times the $750 per month the local Umbra study abroad programs advises students to budget for typical expenses while abroad.

In September, she took out $2,452.60 from European ATMs, generally taking out in excess of $300 in cash each time. And in October, she took out $1,637.25, all in cash. In the first week of the month alone, she withdrew more than $700. Sollecito also reportedly had only around $50 in his bank account at the time of the murders.

Someone else used cocaine. Maori was seemingly pointing at Knox.  This was our report on Maori’s summation on 28 November 2009; no mention here of cocaine.


There is cocaine mention in the full transcript (so far not translated) on McCall’s great Wiki, if anyone wants to translate just those bits.



Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/30/14 at 04:26 PM | #

More from the Italian news network TGCom on Knox and her unsavory friends. Miriam kindly translates. There are also images of the Flying Squads report.


Mez Case: Amanda Knox hung out with a pusher and had sex with him

Amanda hung out with a pusher and was intimate with him, so revels an article of the magazine GIALLO, which publishes the document of the relationship between the two. This information are contained in an informational note of Perugia’s police, written on the 19th January 2008, two months after Merdith Kercher murder.

The name of the guy is Federico, a young man from Rome, that ended up in jail for dealing drugs in 2011. As reported by the magazine, the guy “was arrested with two pushers, Luciano e Lorenzo, for an investigation conducted starting from the wire taping of Amanda Knox’s cell phone”.

The young Roman , according to the informational note, was the pusher of Amanda and her lover. In fact Federico cites the document, “ would have occasionally supplied drugs to Amanda Knox and they probably had sexual intercourse.

It seems that Amanda cited Federico in one of hers notebooks that were confiscated after the homicide. He was in the list of Italian guys which she had sex with. On her Myspace profile she had written about him even including a nude picture of him.

“I met Federico on the train with my sister, while I was going from Milan to Florence. We smoked (pot?), my first smoke in Italy” writes Amanda. “ After we pot to bed my little sister, we went in his hotel room. I told my friends I could not imagine myself in bed with somebody I just met, but for Cristiano (??) I changed my mind” writes Amanda.

As GIALLO reports, in the informational note there are many more details on the people she hang out with; “ it is even cited of Fedrico’s friend: Luciano A., Napolitan, a person with criminal records for drug and weapons trafficking and also for attempded murder of his brother with a knife.  Luciano ended up in jail on April 4th 2008 a few months after the informative note.  He was found in Perugia at Fontivegge train station with 20 grams of cocaine.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/30/14 at 06:16 PM | #

Hi, Peter,

they are like a swarm of disturbed wasps over at Amanda Knox’s PR site run by Bruce Fischer as more and more media outlets run with the cocaine story.

And, like the bullies and cowards they are, they respond by blaming the Kerchers for their problems, which are not the fault of a convicted murderer and liar, of course.

Full story of how they’re cyberbullying and threatening to harass the Kerchers more here:


Posted by Ergon on 07/30/14 at 06:17 PM | #

Amanda Knox ‘drug dealer’ associate arrested for attempted knife murder


Posted by The Machine on 07/30/14 at 06:26 PM | #

From my link above, what the FOA are now thinking: “Don’t you think the prosecution has an excellent PR firm working for them? I gotta hand it to whomever they hired, those people are thinking totally worth the money”.

They just don’t get it, aside from that they’re projecting, a PR agency LOL.

We are all volunteers here, and there are no generals, only comrades.

Posted by Ergon on 07/30/14 at 06:57 PM | #

Hi Ergon

That would be highly illegal of course, but you know that.

The only PR, now headed into the ground, has been the highly abrasive failure working for Knox. Sollecito now has someone too, but he is wisely beamed only against Knox. 

The prosecution’s powers (which requires guiding magistrates to sign off on all actions) are in the courts. They dont need PR.

All we see here is overkill by Marriott, Italian media fully reporting on the drug ring back in 2011, and US and UK media being fooled by the Hellmann show.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/30/14 at 07:09 PM | #

Ergon again:

“I gotta hand it to whomever they hired, those people are thinking totally worth the money”

Thats what we think of Fischer of course. He is secretly working for us, and worth every buck. He just sent us this draft memo from Knox.

“Okay I admit I told a few fibs. Justice needs to be served and I will be on the next plane back. I love Italians, and Capanne is better than this pesky zoo with its freaks. I will give all my donors and book buyers their money back, the full $4 mill.”

Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/30/14 at 07:45 PM | #


Posted by Ergon on 07/30/14 at 08:08 PM | #

She even might have expected a drug ring at Bundestag first. 😊

Posted by Helder Licht on 07/30/14 at 08:28 PM | #

The Seattle media are still refusing to report on the news stories about Amanda Knox’s proven links with convicted cocaine dealers. These journalists and reporters clearly don’t want to shatter the PR image of Knox being wholesome girl next door and innocent abroad. Please contact them via Twitter and challenge them about the media blackout concerning any bad news about Amanda Knox. Alternatively, you could just retweet my tweets to them. Don’t let them get away with this. They’re protecting a convicted sex killer.



Posted by The Machine on 07/30/14 at 09:35 PM | #

We’d only recently had a discussion about AK’s admitted drug abuse.  One poster argued that Knox specified that she had only used pot and didn’t know much about it.  She wrote that she had to learn how to roll a joint from one of her roommates.

Yet there is something wrong with this picture.  Her MySpace account was clogged with depictions of AK, in Seattle, surrounded by alcoholic beverages.  There is a photograph of her standing in front of a pot leaf adorned shop somewhere in Europe.  There are numerous pictures showing her in bars or rolling around half naked on a bed clearly out of it.  She writes, in her memoir, of using drugs on several occasions.  She wrote about cocaine twice—Sollecito’s confession to her and again regarding the one woman she met in prison who she wanted to visit upon her own release.  That’s the Peruvian drug dealer or drug mule.

Knox can’t have it both ways although, as The Machine indicates, the US media wants to let her get away with it.  She wants to appear both worldly *and* naive but it doesn’t fool anyone apart from the likes of Linda Byron and Lisa Marie Basile.

Keep in mind, too, that among the first proven indications she was lying to the police was her admission of drug use.  She blames this lie, in her book, on her roommates instead of taking responsibility.  That kind of evasive reaction is an indicator of much deeper involvement than she was willing to admit.

Drug use does not always lead to murder but it’s clear that all three murderers have been quick to disavow any further abuse.  On CNN, Knox shook her head automatically when asked by Chris Cuomo whether she would go to parties or smoke any pot after her release.  If there was nothing inherently troubling about her drug experimentation then why would she become so agitated at the question?

So much is wrong with this picture.  Thanks for helping expose it.

Posted by Stilicho on 07/30/14 at 11:14 PM | #

It might be relevant to note that persons with personality disorders are far more likely to use and abuse alcohol, and even more, various drugs.
Some say that up to as high as 70% of these people will present with substance abuse.
The specifics about cocaine are interesting in our context :

“Self Confidence

While high on cocaine, users can have the illusion of feeling better about themselves than they usually do, to the point of feeling superior to other people—this is sometimes called grandiosity. This effect of the cocaine high can have a particular appeal to people with low self esteem, ... Unfortunately, this false confidence is an effect of the drug, and not based on any real accomplishment, and grandiosity can be annoying to other people, leading to social problems. Once cocaine users come down from the cocaine high, they may feel even worse about themselves than they did before, setting themselves up for a cycle of using to try and feel better, with each time the effect being increasingly short-lived.


Another tempting cocaine effect is that during a cocaine high, users may feel more energetic and sociable,...When high on cocaine, they may become talkative and gregarious, but on the other hand, getting high on cocaine can sometimes lead to angry outbursts, restlessness, hyperactivity (difficulty with self-calming), anxiety to the point of paranoia, and even seeing, hearing or feeling things that aren’t really there—known as perceptual disturbances or hallucinations.”

I understand also that the ‘comedown’ from cocaine is quite swift, but then lingers for days, making the despair, and the emotional addiction or longing to reach the high again very strong.

I would suggest that Amanda strongly fits the profile. She does not strike me as someone with true self esteem/ self confidence. I also wonder about her reported ‘flirting’ and hanging round the customers in Le Chic. Was she trying to impress? Or what?
As most personality disordered people, she is all at sea with relationships - can’t handle rejection, or even imagined rejection, and has varied distorted perceptions (which we have already discussed).
There is also the not insignificant factor that those (especially women) with expensive drug habits are well known to offer their bodies as payment for their needed ‘fix’. What was the motivation for intercourse with ‘F’?

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 07/30/14 at 11:53 PM | #

(BDP = Borderline Personality Disorder):

“BPD distorts the individual’s self-perception and interferes with their ability to maintain stable relationships. Those who suffer from BPD are seen as highly manipulative, dependent and dramatic, but mental health professionals understand that this behavior arises as a dysfunctional way to cope with overwhelming fear and emotional pain. The pain, emotional instability and impulsive behavior of borderline personality disorder place these individuals at risk of drug or alcohol abuse.

The relationship between BPD and addiction is a volatile one. The use of drugs and alcohol aggravate some of the more dangerous symptoms of BPD, most notably, rage and depression. Those who have BPD are more likely to engage in drug or alcohol consumption as an attempt to numb the pain of their fear of abandonment.”

Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 07/30/14 at 11:58 PM | #

@ SU:

” ....seeing, hearing or feeling things that aren’t really there—known as perceptual disturbances or hallucinations.”

And she has Delusions: False beliefs that cannot be corrected
by an appeal to reason.

Posted by Cardiol MD on 07/31/14 at 01:15 AM | #


Posted by SeekingUnderstanding on 07/31/14 at 01:47 AM | #

I’ve tweeted the original police document and translation proving that Amanda Knox was contact with convicted cocaine dealer to US presenters and reporters. It’s time to put the myth that Knox was an innocent abroad to bed once and for all. Please retweet. It will only take a few moments. Thanks.



Posted by The Machine on 07/31/14 at 12:14 PM | #

Hi Stilicho

Very helpful comment. “Whats wrong with this picture” is a devastating angle. There are many passages in Knox’s book where “naive Knox” blames everyone around her for drug use; we’ll post some.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/31/14 at 01:24 PM | #

The more desperate that the Knox bunch gets the more they will try to denigrate the Kerchers since this is all they have left. Be prepared to see them get down and even dirtier than before. I am hopeful that this will happen though, because if and when, I see a backlash against such a Marriot driven project. This I have no doubt will be serviced by Steve Moore, or to the point Curt Knox Chris Marriot with Michelle putting in her 9 cents.
The reason for this is after being threatened with Steve Moore “Taking me down in a nano second” and or “Reporting me to the federal government.” I had a good laugh about that since poor Steve is over weight out of shape and too old. But it is indicative of the threats that the desperate pro Knox types make particularly when they have no other recourse hence the threats against the Kerchers.

Speaking of Bruce Fischer though, I wonder which collection agency he is trying to stay afloat from? His future will be interesting to say the least. I think the old Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times” fits him like a glove but far better than the OJ Simpson one. I sent him a ‘Friend request’ on ‘Facebook’ but he didn’t answer. I don’t think he likes me very much but then his opinions have about as much relevance as last weeks mashed potatoes. Interesting since I wonder what the Knoxii have as a backup plan? After the conviction and the inevitable extradition request will they try to get her to another country? North Korea perhaps or Russia along with Snowden? Yes! The future looks very interesting indeed.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 07/31/14 at 04:28 PM | #
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