Many Hundreds Of Posts On Italian Social Media Now Directly Accuse Sollecito Of Murder

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Sollecito lies further. (YouTube subtitles are now auto-translatable.)

1. Sollecito’s New Legal Plight

This is “part deux” of last monday’s post, reporting that Sollecito’s suit against 20 judges had hit a wall. You may recall that this was a real sleeper, two and a half years in the making. This suit - under a suspicious new Berlusconi/Bongiorno-era law - was filed in mid 2017, in the Genoa courts, after the Supreme Court in blistering language failed Sollecito’s final appeal for damages for “wrongful incarceration”.

This judgment comes at a time when the Italian economy is hard-hit due to COVID and many Italians are wondering how to pay their own monthly bills. Sollecito’s attempt to get Italian taxpayers to fork out for his E1.2 million in legal debts has resulted in a wave of rage, ridicule, and accusations of RS and Knox being the cause of Meredith’s murder.

We can see many angry taunts of Sollecito in the 500-plus Facebook comments we have translated and posted in this Acrobat document some 90 pages long. I will highlight some of them below.

Our main poster Machiavelli kindly pointed us to that Facebook thread, one of several. These are only those posted last thursday and friday. Even so, they amount to 100 pages in Word Docx format, not counting the numerous Reply subthreads.

Italian anger was especially inflamed by Sollecito’s tin-eared announcement that he would be appealing the Genoa verdict. With what lawyers? Bongiorno and Maori did not take on his Florence diffamazione trial as he had such weak prospects (Sollecito lost that too).

And with what funding? He’s mortgaged up the gazoo, and has probably cleaned out even his own dad. Among good lawyers, the 2017 suit (believed urged by Bongiorno) was hubristic and harebrained, and any appeal is considered to have zero prospects.

2. Low Points Of Facebook Comments

Italian Facebook drowns Sollecito in ire and ridicule. “Why so much debt?” many exclaim. Go ask Amanda for money, others say. “Go pick tomatoes.” You are young, go to work. “Go pick olives.” “Go pick grapes.” Comments say that Bongiorno was expensive lawyer. Others say, “Come by my house I’ll give you a bowl of soup.”

Others call him a murderer and tell him to remember Meredith is under the ground. Others say he should be in jail rotting, how dare he complain since he has freedom. Many lament that they cannot get a mortgage or in any way become 1.2 million Euros in debt. One says his company went bankrupt for a ten thousand euro debt.

Others ask him to write a book and tell all. Many point out that Rudy is in a cage for being in conspiracy with other murderers. They ask, “Which other murderers?” (hint hint)

Many say, “I feel no mercy.” (for Sollecito’s financial problems.) Most comments are negative towards him. A few speak up for his legal innocence and suggest he sue anyone for slander who says he’s guilty.

He is shown on an Italian TV talk show airing his misery and many comments say that is unbecoming of him, that many good Italians have debts but don’t beg for help on TV or tell the world their problems. Others say he now needs to go on TV and make money out of his misery, his only path to income. Others ask, “What, does he want us to pay off his debts for his fancy lawyers?” and say he paid off judges. Some say he pays off Guede to keep quiet.

What a flood of negative comments from Italian Facebook. I read them in English translation and almost felt sorry for Raffaele. It’s hard to believe that with his university degree and family connections that he can’t find some honest work to do to begin paying off these debts little by little, even a small show of good faith in time-payments.

Is it just me and my lack of Italian language or does Sollecito in his TV talk show where he is wearing black turtleneck under dark jacket and with his hair in a ponytail, seem to often be on the brink of grinning or laughing as he talks with his TV hosts? He just never seems serious or somber in his facial features.

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Great post. Sollecito’s Genoa complaint was filed in mid 2017. We are told that Bongiorno and Maori wrote the complaint and did the filing, and they are the only Sollecito lawyers mentioned in the media reports - the ones owed most of the E1.2 million.

Remember that she was the powerful head of the justice committee in the lower house of parliament while the 2007-2015 legal process played out. After she lost at trial she seems to have developed a blazing temper about the case, and her public statements and claims in her appeals to the courts became more & more inflammatory and unreal.

In the year 2015 she sounded particularly nuts. She is said to have helped to write this absurd law under which Sollecito sued - we will find out - and may have wrongly estimated how judges would react when numerous other judges are placed in the dock. Plus she is one of several prominent lawyers with a reputation for enormous fees - you can see that remarked at several points in this thread.

So once again Italian social media warriors (and taxpayers) apply heat to RS (some even remembering that his family tried to bend the process pretty openly - before they took the bending behind the scenes). But Italian lawyers are telling us they blame his lawyer Giulia Bongiorno above all, and are happy to see her taken down a peg.

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Posted by Peter Quennell on 03/19/22 at 10:05 AM | #

Maybe Sollecito would be better off suing Knox?!!!

After all, the whole world knows he was at the scene, and he cannot be tried again. So, place most of the blame for Meredith’s death on Knox, who had motive, who delivered the final blow (to RS’s and Guede’s seeming immense shock), and whose seeming success since 2011 has always driven RS nuts.

Either way it’s foolish of Sollecito to roar that he will appeal NOW when the lead judge is writing his report. That absolutely guarantees a strong line. The same thing happened after Sollecito lost his damages case in Florence. He roared that he would appeal. So what happened? Both the Florence and Rome judges really shot him down.

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Posted by Peter Quennell on 03/19/22 at 10:06 AM | #

Breaking news, of a sort.

Sollecito’s Genoa complaint was filed in mid 2017. We are told that Bongiorno and Maori wrote the complaint and did the filing, and they are the only Sollecito lawyers mentioned in the media reports - the ones owed most of the E1.2 million.

That might be Bongiorno’s legal swansong. It’s now being reported that she has a good shot at becoming the next mayor of Rome if she wants it.

That’s one tough job for anyone. The city administration helped a lot on a UN systems-development program for Europe that I managed, and though its systems are commendable Rome is old and pretty fractious.

The point being that we might be about to see Bongiorno exit Meredith’s case finally. Unlamented, I think, by anyone pro-justice.

She really is a piece of work, and reputedly not much of a lawyer; she has lost her share of cases. That E1.2 million was mainly for “influence”.

Prospects of Sollecito actually appeaing the Genoa ruling just went down some.

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Posted by Peter Quennell on 03/19/22 at 10:07 AM | #

More news. We now hear from Italy that Sollecito’s unprecedented case did not stand a prayer of a chance. It was never a cliff-hanger at all.

Sollecito cited the Italian government which, in case of acceptance of Sollecito’s request, could retaliate against the 20 magistrates (prosecutors and judges).

They are the judges of the Court of Assizes of Appeal of Florence, of the Court of Perugia, GUP Micheli, the investigating judge Matteini; and the main prosecutors Dr Mignini and Dr Crini.

What happened to Dr Comodi?! She presented a majority of the evidence at trial.

And what happened to the Supreme Court? They visited the case in major ways, in 2007-08 (the failed RS & AK bid to be moved to house arrest), late 2009 (Guede final appeal), and 2013 (annulment of the Hellman appeal outcome).

The State Attorney in Genoa has openly said that Sollecito’s request could never be accepted because the only provable governmental error is that of the Fifth Chambers that finally sprung RS.

Is Sollecito the dopiest guy on the planet or what?! Never a good idea to believe the Prestons, Heaveys, Fischers and Moores, as he seems to have done.

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