Is There A Smoking Gun?

Sure there is. Many of them. See these posts below. There are dozens of points there for which Knox, Sollecito and defense forces have zero innocent explanation still.

The Prosecution case in 2009 was devastating, and the only jury ever to hear the entire case (much of it behind closed doors) was unanimous. They issued a very damning report.

There was never “no evidence” or “rejected evidence” or “mishandled DNA” or room for reasonable doubt. At trial Knox admitted she was treated well. There was no abuse of Knox or Sollecito at any time.

And in fact Knox was NOT exonerated in 2015 (see below) and she walks free only because of mafia help (see below). For maliciously framing Patrick Knox is a convicted felon for life. 

First Tier, Subject to Change

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Second Tier, Subject to Change

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Last edited: January 2024