Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Although The YouTube Trailer Suggests Diane Sawyer Wimped Out And Turned All Mushy…

Posted by Peter Quennell

It could still be wrong. Trailers have been misleading before.

The interview is tonight at 10:00 on ABC. Our Main Posters Kermit and Media Watcher both have tips that could still win Diane Sawyer Pulitzer Prizes.

  • Media Watcher: Diane Sawyer Interview With Amanda Knox: How To Push Back Against The False Claims And Emotion

  • Kermit Powerpoint:  Diane Sawyer’s Very Tough Interview With Amanda Knox: ABC Kindly Shares A Sneak Preview!

Here’s hoping. Even for Amanda Knox, our advice is usually the best. We’ll carry some sort of report on this tomorrow.


I just saw a clip & I feel absolutely revolted.

AK, with her quivering, pouting lips and girlish lisp, pausing so obviously & dramatically between “thoughts” (calculated lies) with parted lips & breathy, self-aware posturing was doing her best impression of someone having genuine emotions (which might imply she had a conscience or empathy, though we know that’s not true).

I’m glad I made a donation to the Meredith Kercher family fund the other day.  I would encourage anyone else struggling with AK media over-exposure, the media/FOA untruths which practically make a virgin martyr out of her, & a deep & overwhelming sense of injustice at the blood $ AK is making from Meredith’s sexual assault & murder, to do something positive like that.

It made me feel like I was able to help somehow, & put some energy back into the real surviving victims, Meredith’s family.

BTW, the clip was on “Entertainment Tonight” -!  Marriott machinations, eh?

Posted by all4justice on 05/01/13 at 05:04 AM | #

That’s a great observation / suggestion all4justice, thank you.

Posted by carlos on 05/01/13 at 06:28 AM | #

Well, all these things add to more publicity and that is *bad* for her case!

The more details people are fed, the more people ask for the details. Most people are naturally inquisitive and have a healthy dose of skepticism already built into their system!

Once you open a can of worms, you will need a bigger can to put them back in!

Posted by chami on 05/01/13 at 08:05 AM | #

I had many questions after the interview but I will write only a few:

- did I hear it correctly that AK said: RS could have thrown me under the bus but he didn’t?

- where is her girl friend who stayed in Italy with her in the last year?

- if she wanted to say good bye to Meredith why didn’t she go to her Memorial in Perugia?

-when did she fight for her life in the court? I didn’t see that, I only saw when she was smiling, laughing for the camera, or been dressed in a T-shirt saying: All you need is love.

Overall I am really disappointed in DS’s interview.

Posted by Hungarian. on 05/02/13 at 12:48 AM | #

Why would a respected tv journalist like Sawyer lame-out on this one?  Where’s the research, analysis, and healthy journalistic scepticism?

Did Sawyer ask ANY penetrating questions?

BTW, I just heard that bloody AK is going to be interviewed (promoted as the “only” Canadian interview) on CBC Radio this week (tomorrow?) by Anna Maria Tremonte.  That’s the public broadcaster in Can., and one of the only ones who seems to pay journalists to do write and research their own stories, as opposed to re-running US clips without even any analysis or commentary.  She has a reputation as a journalist with integrity and courage.  We’ll see.

It’s amazing how much misplaced sympathy/empathy people have for a plysically attractive & seriously borderline personality. 

I think the only difference between the media coverage of Jodi Arias and AK is the fact that one killed in the US and one killed abroad.  And AK cleaned up better.

Posted by all4justice on 05/02/13 at 09:36 AM | #
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