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Seattle: The University Of Washington Area - Where Amanda Knox Lived And Worked

Posted by Peter Quennell

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Three scenes here that would have been much of the rest of what Amanda Knox saw daily in her second student year before heading for Europe.

The first four shots are of the small house that Knox lived in just north of the university campus and then there are two shots of the neighbors. It is here that an infamous party took place which ended with threats to the neighbors and some rock-throwing, and a summons and fine for Knox. She seemed to take the whole thing very lightly.

The next five shots are of the coffee shop (the World Cup) where Knox waitressed for money for Perugia. It went out of business last year, and is now Tango, a dance studio. This shop is quite near to her house, but the street and the block and the store are all pretty unprepossesing. There is little foot traffic nearby, and low wages and low tips might have contributed to Knox being under-funded in Perugia. .

The final two shots are of the street where, had she waitressed here, Knox could have made some real money. She would know this street for sure. It is just one block west of the main campus.

It is known as the U-Distrct Ave or just The Ave,  and it is full of bookstores and restaurants and clothes stores that cater to U-W students with a little money. The shots were taken late in the day and few students were around, but it is for most fo the year extremely lively.

Shots above and just below: Amanda Knox’s rental house in her second year just north of the university

Two shots below: the street and the neighbors of Knox’s house shown in the shots above

Five shots below: The black windows of a former coffee shop where Amanda Knox waitressed to make money for Perugia

Two shots below: the lively “U-Distrct Ave” which Knox presumably walked, shopped, and ate meals along


It’s not the “U-District Ave”—it’s just the Ave. The neighborhood is called the U-District, but no local would ever say “U-District Ave.” The street’s official name is University Way Northeast, but the nickname “The Ave” is nearly universal.

The first photo freaked me out momentarily because it looks exactly like a house I used to live in in the U-District, but the zoomed-out photos show it’s on a different street.

Posted by litlnemo on 10/08/09 at 10:16 AM | #

Hi litlnemo. Appreciated. Although if you google the phrase there are 1300 hits on “U-District Ave”. In that block in the 2nd shot there is a fish and chip shop run by a chinese woman. Her fish and her chips are amazing.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 10/08/09 at 01:33 PM | #

Wikipedia has a page about the Ave: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ave
It’s pretty interesting. “The Ave has gradually turned into what now resembles an eight-block-long global food court.” I guess that is sort of true. When I was young it had a lot more shopping that non-students would come to the neighborhood for—a Nordstrom’s, etc. Not so much these days. It’s always been an interesting, lively place, though.

Most of the google hits that come up on a search for “U-District Ave” seem to actually be hits for “U-District’s ‘Ave’” or things like that, but there are indeed some that say “U-District Ave” outright… but as a lifelong Seattleite, I would find it very odd for someone to say that in speech. We would just say something like “I’m going to have dinner on the Ave” or something like that.

Not to be picky or anything… 😊

Posted by litlnemo on 10/10/09 at 02:59 PM | #
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