Wednesday, November 24, 2010

1st Appeal Session: Appellant Amanda Knox Arrives In Appeals Court

Posted by Peter Quennell

Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/24/10 at 05:23 PM in Trials 2008 & 2009Hellmann 2011+

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Finally the smile has been wiped off her face! Now at least her demeanor matches the gravity of the case and the circumstances in which she’s placed herself.

Better late than never.

Posted by devorah on 11/24/10 at 07:41 PM | #

I don’t know if it is at all possible but she looks like she is starting to regret stabbing her housemate to death.

However, the phoney smile can be seen on a couple of the shots.

Posted by Black Dog on 11/25/10 at 12:58 AM | #


Raffaele wears the German flag colors on his wrists, hello Hellman? Raf has fingerless gloves. That brings back an image from Foxy’s short story about purple fingerless gloves. Raffaele’s hair is almost longer than Knox’s. He looks better comparatively than she does. The offwhite turtleneck returns, must be a favorite, though I think the color’s not flattering. He looks bright-eyed with clear skin and more rested.

Confident in demeanor, his time to think behind bars seems to agree with him. In some ways maybe prison has simplified his life. He doesn’t have to concern himself directly with his aged grandmother, his father’s demands, nor scholastic ones, not even fashion demands and the upkeep of an apartment and car. Now everyone is “behind him” to support him and not vice versa. The focus now is simple: work on legal appeal, study for computer degree in gaming, and regain health away from cloud of drugs. I have a feeling game theory a la Nash of “A Beautiful Mind” fame is playing a part in the lovebirds’ decision to neither rat on the other.

Knox, who at time of the tragedy had yet to experience many of the pressures of independent living and then was a free spirit flitting like butterfly through life, appears to have lost much peace of mind and hope, more than Raffaele. She is dressed in same colors as the police, all black and blue. Guess she feels bruised, yet a partner with police. Is this an accident, to wear same colors as the police? She nearly blended in with them on the perp walk. Are her colors an unspoken statement of solidarity, a subtle psych warfare?

The black pants are slimming and modest and dressier than blue jeans. Her hair is same length it was when she and Raffie cuddled outside the cottage when Meredith’s body was discovered Nov. 2, 2007. Three years later, her hair is the same length despite fact she chopped it off Dec. 2009 after first guilty verdict. So much for change.

She covers herself more modestly with the long tunic sweater, a nice color blue for her. The hood, I don’t like the connotation but they’re fashion. She is not unattractive but seems to be married to a what-you-see-is-what-you get look, which may be another lie. In other words, the look of honesty, no coverup when precisely the opposite is true.

Amanda could look beautiful with the least amount of effort given her good bone structure and facial balance, good coloring. “De gustibus non est disputandum” (in taste there is no disputing, if I got the Latin right), so I know opinions vary as to Knox’s attractiveness. To me she’s very pretty on the outside despite her lack of jewelry, makeup, and hairstyle. I admit to local prejudice, coming from an area where most women use heavy cosmetics which too can be a negative, sometimes a substitute for character and smeared on too heavily, a mask instead of enhancement.

Amanda’s long moderately thick hair with natural goldtones and shine was one of her good features. Of course in prison long hair is an upkeep nuisance with few men to impress. Now at the appeal her hair needs a bit of attention, even if a friend would part it straight. If she’s in control of her time at the prison salon (big if), it’s odd she doesn’t accept their help before going out to meet the world. One encouragement: on recent interview Curt wore a nice dark jacket, a pleasant upgrade.

Amanda now looks depressed and stressed. Some of this is natural considering her dilemma. Whether it’s further exaggerated as a pose or calculated bid for sympathy is anybody’s guess.

Main change with Foxy is neither hair nor clothes but her total transformation from a grinning, blank faced idiot who couldn’t understand the horrendous act that had just happened to her roommate. (“I feel horrendous,” Amanda said shortly after the guilty verdict, in a misuse of adjective. What was horrendous was what happened to Kercher.)

At first trial, in masking her guilt from view, she rendered no facial expressions. The blank stare made it appear she didn’t “get it” that her own life was poised at the brink of a fatal cliff with unimaginable suffering ahead for herself and anyone who loves her. In contrast to those halcyon days of denial, she now appears a very somber, serious woman who has matured through suffering. She finally understands the high stakes she stands to lose.

Posted by Hopeful on 11/25/10 at 06:14 PM | #

What is the deal with her clothes? Do the Italian courts have a casual dress code? I cannot understand why her attorneys allowed her to dress the way she did throughout the first trial and it appears she is only slightly better dressed for this appeal. It seems odd to me. In America, even the lowliest felons always find a way to dress up for the occasion when going into the appeal process. And also, why on earth would AK lawyer wear the now infamous “All You Need is Love” shirt in court? To me, it appeared so obvious a message. It may as well have said “Please forgive me, show that you love your fellow human beings, no matter what they did”
I am starting to think the original conviction was wrong only from the standpoint that AK is insane and should have been sentenced to an asylum rather than a prison and the same goes for he ex boyfriend Raffaele. What is he so happy about? Maybe the above poster’s theory has credence. The pressure is off. Now he can focus on being himself and maybe he has possibly found a friend or two behind bars that he can finally be himself with.

Posted by Kazwell on 11/28/10 at 11:57 AM | #

In the above post, I type O’d:....“why on earth would AK lawyer wear the now infamous”...I meant “why on earth would AK’s lawyer allow her to wear the now infamous….”

it’s late, I need some sleep..

Posted by Kazwell on 11/28/10 at 12:00 PM | #

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