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Main Media Again Behind The Curve, On What Camille Vasquez’s Promotion Means

Posted by Peter Quennell

Analysis Of New Partnership

Brown Rudnick, the law firm for Johnny Depp, has about 250 lawyers in all branches on its staff.

As of the other day before Camille Vasquez’s promotion to partner, there were 66 equity partners and 51 non-equity partners in the firm.

The concept of a non-equity partner is a bit weird. It gives more job security and higher pay but may see no bonuses at the end of the year.

Probably Camille was voted into the equity group. She has really helped to put that quite small firm on the map.

She had a sudden rush of job offers and really had them over a barrel.

The median pay of a lawyer in the US is $128,000 (the median for medical doctors is $260,000) and so (as in Italy) many or most don’t make very much.

Camille was possibly pulling in around that $128,000. As a partner, she should now be on over $200,000 a year.

If she is an equity partner, she could see double that at the end of each year.

So. From a possible $128,000 to a possible $400,000 a year…

But that is not all. If she registers as a paid speaker for conferences, she could now make $1 million and up.

“It couldn’t happen to a nicer person” seems to apply.

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Apart from watching the hypnotic cross-examinations by Camille Vasquez, there were two good reasons for us to pay attention to this case:

(1) main media seemed to be getting it all wrong, now proven correct, which is very helpful to us;

(2) the BPD and HPD diagnosis of Heard by a court-ordered psychologist, Dr Shannon Curry, seemed strongly mirrored in Amanda Knox.

Unless Depp requires it as the price of waiving his $10-million-plus award, there’s no obvious way to force her to treatment right now.

Back in late 2011 Curt Knox ruled treatment out - as he had years before when a judge suggested it for himself.

Could both continue misrepresenting their syndromes & cases for life, with something of a following the whole way? Seems possible. Knox makes money out of it of course; can Heard?

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Disney the producer of the Depp “Pirates” films is taking a hit in the stockmarket (as is Netflix) in part because the movie-streaming market shows signs it may be approaching saturation.

There are now quite a few streaming services to chose from and a number of Disney and Netflix subscribers have not renewed.

Possibly a reason for Disney to try to get that 6th “Pirates” production rolling - with Depp? It seems the rest of the regular cast will not do a “Pirates” film without him.

Where Disney goes doesn’t affect us; but where Netflix goes matters a lot. They aired what was really a dishonest Knox PR production worldwide.  We’ll be doing our first major press releases soon - now only waiting on Dr Mignini’s pending book.

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