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The Sollecito Trial For “Honor Bound” #7:  Why It Also Threatens Amanda Knox

Posted by Peter Quennell

Cover of the New York Post (owned by a probably gleeful Rupert Murdoch) this week

We will soon be posting several hundred easy-to-disprove lies we have identified by Knox. 

Late March Cassation will probably rule that Knox needs to go back and serve her time, and if so between then and late-year there will probably be an attempt at a big media fuss.

But lying to the US media and public in the next few months is going to be a more-than-normally dangerous game.

Brian Williams is the news anchor for the NBC network’s nightly news, who was often a guest on late-night comedy TV, where he made himself look super-sized.

William was just outed by soldiers who had complained that he lied when he said a helicopter he was in in Iraq took shots and was forced down. That was another helicopter in a companion group out of sight.

He’s now suspended, without pay, and his contract does not let him talk. Death by 1000 cuts and (like Sollecito and Gumbel) without making things worse he cannot talk back.

Williams was long suspected of lying about his experiences when Hurricane Katrina hit new Orleans in 2005.

Williams had made several questionable claims in interviews and a documentary: He witnessed a suicide at the Superdome in New Orleans, saw a body floating by his hotel in the French Quarter and had contracted dysentery from accidentally ingesting floodwater.

Throughout Thursday, Williams was pounded by bloggers and newspaper columnists, who noted that he hadn’t reported the suicide when he was on assignment in New Orleans, that the French Quarter had largely remained dry during the hurricane and that there were no reported outbreaks of dysentery.

Today the reports get worse: it seems Williams also lied about being on a flight with some Navy SEALS as well. And there is said to be worse to come.

And who is entangled in this bad news? Bob Barnett, Williams’ lawyer, who brokered Williams’ $10 million a year contract a few weeks ago.  He also brokered Amanda Knox’s book full of lies to the US.

Bob Barnett will not want to see Knox and her dishonest team draw attention to this by telling the US media and public yet more easy-to-disprove lies. Defending one big-time liar will be more than enough.

By the way, the big expose of Gumbel’s lies is still ahead. Those by Preston, Heavey, Fischer, Moore, etc, too. Knox should maybe dump them all, and give up her foolish fight.

When one is in a deep hole, the best advice is to stop digging, right now.


Thanks for this, Peter.  Holy mackerel - that’s so interesting that Barnett brokered obKnoxious’ book deal. 

The timing of Williams’ “outting” for lying couldn’t be better re: upcoming Cassation ruling on the convicted murderers’ appeal, i.e. it puts a very tangible, high-level stake in the heart of the widely held misconception that if it’s in the media, it must be true.  With someone as widely known and (previously) respected as Williams found lying (multiple times, about multiple subjects, with ego enhancement as the goal), reasonable people will have to also question the media coverage about obKnoxious that sold her as the ‘helpless, innocent US college student railroaded by backward country based on no evidence.’  I love it!

May karma visit the murderers swiftly and decisively.  I cannot wait until they’re behind bars where they belong, serving their sentences and being held accountable for their actions.  The Kercher family deserve some measure of justice for what those two (currently free) maniacs did to Meredith, and what they continue to do to the family and Mez’s memory.

Posted by all4justice on 02/13/15 at 07:48 PM | #

Andrea Vogt has just released new State Dept. cables obtained through a FOIA request.


By Andrea Vogt

FEBRUARY 13 1 p.m. GMT

Posted by Ergon on 02/13/15 at 07:57 PM | #

“Newly released state department documents show the U.S. Embassy in Rome declared the Amanda Knox matter “Case Closed” in a cable to Washington just days after the American’s clamorous 2011 acquittal.  The memo reveals wishful thinking on the part of some U.S. diplomats, who were only too eager to see the thorny case come to a clean close.”

Posted by Ergon on 02/13/15 at 08:01 PM | #

Is it just me or does Brian Williams look like Steve Moore. At least it’s the same “Personal Aggrandizement.” syndrome where certain people wish to elevate their standing by lying. HA! Sooner or later all the lies, any lies for that matter, are exposed for what they are.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 02/13/15 at 09:54 PM | #

Another Blow: Newly Engaged Amanda Knox ‘Must’ Register As Sex Offender In Washington After Italian Assault Conviction

Posted by The Machine on 02/14/15 at 12:17 AM | #

I suspect David Marriott was feeling rather pleased with himself after Jonathan Martin’s article about Amanda Knox getting engaged was published just a few weeks before the Italian Supreme Court rule on the case. I bet the Radar Online article about Knox being required to sign the sex offenders’ register wiped the smug smile off his face. He’s going to have another bad day when he sees the article below on the Inquisitor website

Amanda Knox A Sex Offender? Convicted Killer Must Register

Please tweet and retweet. Thanks.

Posted by The Machine on 02/14/15 at 12:04 PM | #

So Bob Barnett is a magnet for mega-liars. Sheesh. Newsman Brian Williams seems to have been a jokester and incipient con-artist in disguise. Where have we seen that before? (hint, Foxy)

Give me Tom Brokaw or Peter Jennings any day.

Bring back men like Chet Huntley and David Brinkley, my heroes. I was a schoolgirl watching their strong characters on TV. The Huntley-Brinkley Report was serious as were the two men, solid as it gets.

Brian Williams always rang a bit false like he was faking it and trying hard to seem the solid, pensive, phlegmatic man but underneath lurked a dab of clown or the opposite. Maybe the temptation of fame proved too much. He may have become cynical about so much falsehood in the media so he joined the party. But to lie outright to a trusting public is a form of disdain and derision for them done only by a man ready to call his career quits. Maybe he couldn’t leave or step down on his own so he made others force him out. His daughter has recently come to prominence, he should have passed the torch to her with dignity instead of this debacle. A typical showboater.

Posted by Hopeful on 02/14/15 at 05:31 PM | #

Very interesting discussion today on of the music played on Raffaele’s laptop at 5:45am the morning after the murder. The first song was from Fight Club, a hideous sounding piece. Fight Club is a viciously violent movie. The next song is another horrible cacophony of clashing, demonic sounds called “Breed” by Nirvana. The lyrics say things like: I don’t care…I don’t care…I don’t mind…I don’t have a mind…Get away…get away…away from your home…I’m afraid…I’m afraid…I’m afraid…I’m afraid, afraid of a ghost.”

The third song they played was another by Nirvana. Nirvana is a band from Seattle, Kurt Cobain’s group. Cobain later committed suicide.  The third song is another downer in my opinion, entitled, “Come As You Are”. Some of the lyrics include: Come as you are, as you were/As I want you to be/As a friend, as a friend/As an old enemy/Take your time, hurry up/The choice is yours, don’t be late/Take a rest as a friend/As an old/ Memoria, memoria/Memoria, memoria.

“Come doused in mud, soaked in bleach” and “No, I don’t have a gun”.

More to the point would be “doused in blood and soaked in bleach”. Can you believe their music choices?

The music especially Fight Club song and Breed is high adrenaline and to me demonic. The death vibe permeates the so-called music, it’s very disturbing. Some Alibi a commenter on does a superb analysis of the tracks played by Raf on his laptop and explains the possible meaning of several songs being stopped by the listener due perhaps to its echoes of music from Psycho (the Hitchcock slasher film, a knife killing in shower).

There’s one song named Polly by Nirvana. It is about a young woman raped and killed. They skip that track completely. This heavy metal or grunge music or whatever the screeching noise is labeled, is a chilling reminder of how deranged their minds and souls were the morning after Meredith was killed, and what monsters we are really dealing with underneath the blue suit and tie and Knox the bookstore clerk with her reviews of high school drama and two kittens. They have shaped up and shape shifted for their own protection but are running a scam on everyone, finally scared straight. 

Since Knox is now engaged to a rock musician and made a gruesome music video of her own, music may be the key to her psyche. For clashing noise played at 5:45am it is alarming, especially as they claim they were sleeping. She is a consummate liar. Let her fiancé beware.

Posted by Hopeful on 02/15/15 at 04:59 AM | #

Two things. If it had been Knox who was murdered and it had been Meredith who then had gone back to the UK the hypocrites in Seattle and elsewhere would be screaming for blood. Then there’s Colin Sutherland who likes to play his version of noise in haunted houses. i see a similarity here in that both these two are into escapism big time. Knox of course fully believes that she will get off. Sollecito can go hang as far as she is concerned. To her and others it’s just a bad dream which is in her past. So therefore, the Colin Sutherland connection is just another pastime until someone else comes along.
Honestly do you really imagine a union such as this has any staying power?

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 02/15/15 at 06:15 AM | #

Yet another story has picked up the sex offender registry angle.

‘’...Even with the murder case trial hanging over her head, it doesn’t stop Amanda Knox from accepting the marriage proposal from her musician beau. Meanwhile, Meredith Kercher’s alleged killer might have to register herself as a sex offender.’‘

Interesting, would having to register make it harder to rent a banquet hall? Or could she marry in Capanne?

@ Hopeful - Maybe they skipped Polly (by Nirvana), because it hit a little too close to home.

@ Grahame - The suggestion was made (however cynical), that it is to give Colin publicity for his music career.  For Knox, who knows?

Posted by Chimera on 02/15/15 at 08:56 AM | #

@Grahame Rhodes, good question whether the union between Knox and Colin Sutherland has any staying power. For their own fixed purposes, yes. They sense a way to use each other, not sure what exactly. Sutherland must be ready to ditch his band, The Johnny Pumps, because they will probably refuse to be linked to his murderous fiancée. They tolerated his ghost chasing. His engagement to a real life killer is suicidal. He must be blind as a bat since he thinks he has all kinds of psychic ESP that can sense spirit presences when he goes out searching for sites of crime for “The Haunted Life”. Yet he can’t see he is already haunted by Amanda and her crimes, that’s what he’s buying into.

Why join up with Amanda Knox? Maybe the answer is on the website called “
where they were advertising for a lead guitarist or keyboard. They say, “Commitment is #1 concern for us….The plan is to go professional fast.”

Whoomph. There it is…“fast”.

The Johnny Pumps have their own recording studio and one album out. The BandMix site says their influences are The Strokes, Klaxons, Arctic Monkeys, Interpol, Guns and Roses, Billy Idol, David Bowie, Bob Dylan.

Colin Sutherland claims to have lived in various places in the U.S., France, and Nepal. I wonder if Amanda wants him to help her flee to Nepal. Or for him and his rich family to pay child support if she and Colin produce a baby, and so help Edda raise the child. Won’t Colin’s parents love that plan? Knox may end up back in court suing for child support in shades of Edda and Curt. Will she sign a pre-nup? Will Colin?

Maybe he’s itching to move to Italy and start traipsing around Europe ghost hunting. He’ll have plenty of time for that in between visits to a wife in prison. He can be Amanda’s gopher while she’s behind bars, running errands for her and singing about the injustice while keeping both their names in the spotlight. Maybe he can tweak her H.O.T. video and rip her off for copyrights. Maybe he wants to crack the Monster of Florence case with his sixth sense. Maybe he’s jealous of Knox having a more intense life of suffering and wants to join in. Some people are searching for self-destruction without knowing it.

Amanda was a baleful influence on a young Raffaele. She dragged him down. I don’t think Raf is kidding about that. It’s often the case that after a woman dumps a boyfriend or breaks up with a guy, then in the next relationship she is the one who gets kicked to the curb in a universal energy exchange of fair play termed sowing and reaping. Amanda blew up Raf’s life like an H-bomb. Colin may do the same to hers.

Seen it a dozen times. So Colin may be the one to strenuously avoid if Knox had any sense, but she doesn’t. Her taste in men is lamentable but look at her role models.

Knox is mainly after money, although Colin is somewhat physically like Raffaele: fair skinned, dark wavy hair, light eyes and built compact and not unattractive as males, both with prestigious university educations like she wanted to have. She held out for Seattle Prep because it was a prestigious high school in her area, then she went abroad to study hoping to seem glamorously educated herself to impress a teacher mother. “Stupid liar” the police called her, it miffed her…the stupid part.

Both Colin and Raffaele seem to seek for extreme experiences. Colin will soon have them, all he can handle.

With Colin and Amanda we seem to see two educated idiots. Like attracts like. He is so messed up to be chasing ghosts and women like her. I don’t know which of the two I feel sorrier for, but pity him greatly and moreso his parents. They won’t attend the wedding.

No doubt his background of money and the Sarah Lawrence College have dazzled Knox along with his bad boy image with the black leather jacket, long hair and metal edge music. He’s not being very good to his band right now with this engagement, which may even be fake as was the James Terrano love affair which ended with photo of Knox in a park holding up hundred dollar bills. Paying James back? She may have to pay Colin even more.

Colin knows this bizarre liason will drum up media attention for himself and thus The Johnny Pumps, but you can probably lay bets on it splitting the band. Right when they seem to be having some marked success. Bands have notoriously short shelf life, however.

I think Colin has father issues since he identifies with Thunderstrike comics figure. Perhaps his dad’s a medical doctor.

Knox was in Brooklyn this past summer 2014 and went to Coney Island with Colin. “That Escalated Quickly”.

Posted by Hopeful on 02/15/15 at 05:48 PM | #

I know this is water under the bridge, etc., and has likely been explained here before, but can anyone kindly tell me, if they have the time to post, why the deadly duo were ever released from jail, bearing in mind that the trial was always multi-level and would not be finalised until the Supreme Court signs off? Is this normal in Italy?

The mere appearance of Knox back in the US gave the impression that she had been acquitted - even the US Embassy seems to have thought it was “case closed”!If I didn’t think so much of Italy I would have to think this was a cock-up. So much might have been avoided by keeping these two where they belong. If it was normal procedure it’s surely something they should reflect upon when this case is finally over.

Posted by Odysseus on 02/15/15 at 06:50 PM | #

Hi Odysseus

I’ve responded to this under the next post above. It wasnt a cockup or a fault of the system.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 02/15/15 at 10:54 PM | #

Can anyone clarify something for me, I’ve heard conflicting things.  Is the 28.5 years for Knox IN ADDITION to her calunnia time, or is it INCLUSIVE of it?  Peter?  Yummi? Popper?

@ Hopeful - as disturbing as your predictions are, some of them may very well be true.

I agree, it is a lot to bring down on Colin’s band.  While most bands need publicity, surely, this would qualify as a ‘‘do-not-do’‘.  Anything beyond a quick fling - and even then - is asking for trouble.

Regarding the idea of ‘‘helping Knox flee’’ ... how does Colin expect to have a life or make music if Interpol or the U.S. Marshalls are breathing down his neck?

How selfish would it be to have a child.  Knox is facing at least 15-20 years of actual time, more if extra calunnia charges follow.  Any child will be fully grown before he/she gets to know Mom.  And who would subject a child to this?  Does Knox really think she’ll be able to raise her child at Capanne?

Keep their names in the spotlight?  The interest in Knox faded as soon as she went on Diane Sawyer, and the American public got to see her.

Knox still has outstanding chrages for falsely accusing Rita Ficarra of assault, no?  Good luck with that.

And as for continuing to market her injustice, what is to stop Italy (once Cassation rules), from releasing all of the ‘‘non-existant’’ evidence to the U.S. media?  The case would be closed, so why not? What would it finally do to Marriott, Mellas, Knox?

As many suggested here Raffaele could finally spill.  Guede could.  If Knox remains free they may even team up on her.

Yes, the engagement sounds homely, but not thought through.

Nice touch - the sex offender registry requirements

Posted by Chimera on 02/16/15 at 12:21 AM | #

Hi Chimera

Nencini’s 28.5 years included the three years (already served) which Judge Hellmann of all people had imposed - stiffer than udge Massei’ sentence.

His explanation for that is part of what shot him in the foot at Cassation. They annulled the rest of the verdict but let that stand.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 02/16/15 at 12:48 AM | #
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