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Fast US Arrival Of Eataly The Remarkably Large Italian Marketplace With Multiple Places To Eat

Posted by Peter Quennell

New York city now has two of the huge Eataly food marketplaces, the first of which opened in Turin just a decade ago.

Each has multiple bars and numerous areas to buy or to eat Italian food.  Chicago already has one open (see the video below) and next Tuesday Boston will open one too.  Eatalys are already open in Los Angeles and San Francisco as well.

Each occupies the equivalent of a city block. One in New York is on 23rd Street by Madison Square Park, with a special elevator to a rooftop restaurant and the other is in a newly-occupied highrise tower at the World Trade Center which has great views - and thousands of financial types looking for lunch. 

It seems Atlanta and Toronto have joined the line.  And next year a 20-acre Eataly will open in Bologne.

If you are in any of these cities, do think to take a look. This is an exciting new scene with a lot of happy mingling going on, something the US could use a lot more of.

And happy mingling on Thursday, Thanksgiving for those in the US!

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The top video is somewhat crowd-free compared to typical Eatalys when they have been open a few weeks. A people-magnet for sure. In some cities there are smaller clones of Eatalys including several in NYC and maybe every town could support at least one. 

Two of the things I am noticing there days:

More and more, people are making cities their holiday destinations. NYC is seeing over 1 million visitors a week; 30 years ago, we saw only a timid few. NYC aint cheap to stay in, but once here there is a lot one can do for free or little more than. (I go the other way! Beyond the Mississippi at the drop of a hat.)

And Eataly with what it offers gets one into the Mediterranean Diet without even knowing what it is! Hundreds of other Italian stores and places to eat paved the way.

One high-end clothes chain in NYC is owned by Perugia’s richest man.

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Welcome back dear US readers from the long weekend. The NYC whale is long gone, and most of the leaves are off the trees.

Rerence the headsup box at the top of the page from today Monday on the US and Italian governments which reads thus:

Headsup: Close followers know that the case is not yet played out. Various actions are still before the courts, and there is a general resentment in Italy that the current Italian and US governments at minimum stood by while the process was bent. Plus Netflix is humiliating Italy worldwide. However the US government will change in late January, and next Sunday Dec 4 Italians will in effect decide if they’d prefer a new government too.

Meredith’s case has never divided Italians or Americans (or Brits?) along party lines (thank the lord!) and I think we have all very much liked having all political “flavors” contributing here and bringing all angles to bear.

But the murky politics has sort of frozen court action a bit, the perception that people under PM Renzi and people under Hillary Clinton (who was Secretary of State 2009-2012) might have had a finger in the pie due to some strongarm lobbying in the US.

We may not all welcome the new US government, or the new Italian government if Renzi resigns, but new governments will get the politics out of the case or pushing the other way. Soon we will push the expose of Netflix into the national gaze and see what results.


Heres an interview with PM Renzi who was in NYC for the annual pilgrimage of leaders to the UN which aired in the US last night. Good on him for doing it in English! Not every foreign leader does.

I have a tad of sympathy for all these leaders, they are so floundering these days and sooner or later almost all of them head for a dive. How to grow the pie faster and get everybody to share? They are so stuck trying to figure it out. Renzi is trying to keep Italy in Europe; of all the countries Italy might do best outside.

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Today Wednesday theres a good editorial in the NY Times about the referendum on Sunday.

It highlights the irony of how how the main point of the referendum is to break political gridlock and and disempower somewhat the establishment to get some things done. BUT many Italians are so frustrated they will likely vote no as a supposed way of punishing that same establishment.

Classic case of an attempt at major systems change done wrong. The UN’s and EC’s faults at core - or more correctly that of the IMF and World Bank, classic cases of the tail wagging the dog, who pushed system change by all the other bodies of the UN aside while countries got “policy” right.

So poor Mr Renzi isnt even being given a clue where to begin. Probably, for the moment, down go the justice reforms the need for which we all so starkly see.

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Theres a report that NYC could see an influx of Brits as Brexit removes the automatic right to live and work anywhere in the EC.

These brain drains can be deadly things and lock in economies to the same rung of the ladder instead of being able to move up. It happens in much of the US too. In contrast only 15% voted for Trump around here.

If the Sunday vote in Italy is “no” we’d be happy to see more Italians here; but Italy would be worse off for their loss.

The website on the new growth I mentioned a few times should go live in a few days.

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