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Have The Raffaele Sollecito Defense Team Of Bongiorno And Maori Now Gone AWOL?

Posted by Peter Quennell

No word from the Sollecito or Knox defense teams since Sollecito’s book kneecapped them, along with Amanda Knox and Sollecito’s own dad.

The lawyers are nicely credited (see below) in the book as eager helpers. They must just love that. Whoever feels that Sollecito defamed them may be able to require that those credited by Gumbel & Sollecito be cross-examined.

We do look forward to the possibility of seeing Giulia Bongiorno and Luca Maori (images above) sweat it out. Along of course with the “boundlessly generous” Steve and Michele Moore, and all those super-diligent publishers.

And of course Sollecito’s own father and sister, who were dedicated to “getting every detail just right”.

Of course the Sollecito book then turned around and whacked them. Maybe that is why Sollecito’s dad already admitted on national TV that his son’s claim that a prosecutor broke the law was simply made up. Not easy, being Pappa Sollecito.

Acknowledgments from page 266 of Sollecito’s book:

Andrew Gumbel would like to thank Dana Newman, who made a crucial introduction at the start of this project, the indefatigable Sharlene Martin, the ever gracious Gail Ross, the boundlessly generous Steve and Michelle Moore, my favorite pugliese Anna D’Elia, Peter Popham, Robert Adams, and of course the rocking, super-talented team at Simon & Schuster/Gallery who were never less than a pleasure and kept me sane against a tight deadline. Thank you, Jen Bergstrom, for believing in this book from the get-go, thank you Lisa Rivlin and Alex Lewis, and thank you, Trish Boczkowski, for your brilliant editing and infectiously good company. That’s amore!

This was a group effort all around. The Sollecito family, not just Raffaele, opened up their lives and their souls with remarkable candor. Thank you, in particular, to Francesco and Vanessa for days of fascinating conversation, for your dedication to getting every detail just right, for compiling exhaustive time lines, and making sure that material reached me promptly. Donatella Donati in Luca Maori’s office gave up many hours to make the official documentation available and to present it all in a cogent order. She’s a largely unsung hero in this story and deserves recognition for her extraordinary efforts on Raffaele’s behalf. Giulia Bongiorno, Luca Maori, and Tiziano Tedeschi answered questions and made comments on parts of the manuscript.


Knox and Sollecito are not AWOL right? They are each still popping up… somewhere? Where, exactly? Remind us? Where were the last known sightings?

It seems a bit premature for them to go on the lam. Even though their lawyers might be glad to see the last of them.

Hi Robert. Hi Ted. Hows the “Waiting To Be Heard” book coming along? Is everybody eager to receive due credit for helping AK with her book, too?

Posted by Peter Quennell on 12/20/12 at 08:23 PM | #

Below are official documents relating to Frank Sforza’s arrests and subsequently jailings in Hawaii and Seattle. Frank has allegedly been involved in at least four separate violence incidents in Canada, Hawaii, Italy and Seattle.

Perhaps Frank can embark a new career, writing a guide to the different jails he has spent time in. I’m sure Anne Bremner and Joe Halderman would be happy to contribute a chapter each about their own experiences in the slammer.









Posted by The Machine on 12/27/12 at 01:02 AM | #

That key-piece to the FOA smear campaign, The Perugian Blogger (“Frank”). It seems that he may be forced to go back to Seattle for a court appearance on New Year’s Eve for the Domestic Violence Assault charges he seems to have pending there.

Here’s the basic information on the arrest in Seattle on November 27 of The Perugian Blogger (known variously as Frank Sfarzo, Francesco Sforca, Francesco Sforza, etc… I really don’t know what his real name is, I think that neither Doug Preston, nor the CPJ, nor most of FOA know it either).

Posted by Kermit on 12/27/12 at 02:28 AM | #

Hi Kermit,

It seems Frank Sforza will be celebrating New Year’s Eve in Seattle. We’ll have to compile a song list for his New Year’s Eve party. I suggest Jailhouse Rock and I Fought The Law.

Posted by The Machine on 12/27/12 at 03:13 AM | #

The Committee for the Protection of Journalists were taken in by Frank Sforza:

Joel Simon, the Executive Director of the CPJ, can be contacted via Twitter:


Posted by The Machine on 12/27/12 at 04:14 AM | #

On Saturday we will be commencing a series of posts on Frank Sforza and his really appalling anti-justice role in this case. As the court papers above show, he is due in a Seattle court on Monday.

The Municipal Court of Seattle is located in the Seattle Justice Center, 600 Fifth Avenue, Seattle WA, 98104. He is required to be present at 10:00 am. Be early! The hearing is expected to be crowded.


Yes, Machine, Joel Simon of the Committee for the Protection of Journalists (CPJ) mounted a global smear campaign against Mr Mignini, based entirely on wrong information from Frank Sforza and Doug Preston. He did zero investigation of hisr own and he never checked the facts with Mr Mignini.

Joel Simon [image below] swallowed the notion that Sforza is a real journalist reporting under his own name for the media - in actual fact Sforza was a paid-for hit-blogger from late in 2008 and he he was too fearful to post under his own name because his style was to post wrong report after wrong report about the case and Perugia officialdom.

Joel Simon also swallowed the notion that Mr Mignini was after Sforza for “getting the truth out” and had inspired a police raid. In fact Sforza’s own mother or sister called to cops, after he became abusive and violent, apparently in an argument over money - he wanted more, and they had had enough of his leeching.

Our main poster Kermit did a very long and exhaustive investigation of Joel Simon’s claims and found that NOTHING Joel Simon claimed was actually true. You can read all the posts here (scroll down).

Joel Simon has not withdrawn or apologised ever, although this looks like a very clear case of criminal defamation - wrongly accusing someone of a crime. For that Mr Mignini could possibly request that New York police arrest him.


Posted by Peter Quennell on 12/27/12 at 11:53 PM | #

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