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Knox’s Toxic Campaign: How Safe Are Women Really In Italy?

Posted by Peter Quennell

Carabinieri: best safety force in the world? NYC models on them.

1. Italy’s Crime Rate Generally

We have posted Italy/US crime comparisons before.

American rates of all crimes are typically in the range of five to seven times Italy’s rates. In effect, those resident in Italy are 5 to 7 times less likely to be swindled, burgled, robbed, or murdered than those resident in the United States.

A large, flamboyant, and much-liked police presence (video above) helps to explain that, though most Italians naturally are easy-going and caring, rather than a threat. And the justice/penal system is the world’s best at steering offenders away from a life of crime.

Italy’s low rates continue to decline, even with an uptick in immigrant crime, and Italy’s current prison population is around 60,000 compared to over 6 million in the United States - about 1/25 the US rate.

2. Knox’s Highly Toxic Campaign

One of Knox’s numerous toxic effects is to spread this great lie: that the Italian situation is exactly the opposite of what it really is.

In other words, that American tourists and exchange students are typically a lot safer if they decide to go elsewhere, or stay at home. 

We have all seen the thousands of claims on American website threads to the effect that “I will never visit in Italy” or “I will never study in Italy” or “I had this monstrous experience….” with of course zero proof of that.

Heavily prompted by Knox, such claims still continue to appear.

But note how in reality Knox was and remains a walking time-bomb, and in fact none of what she claims about herself and Italy is true.

She never reveals that she was not herself an exchange student unlike 99% of student-age Americans abroad.

So she was ineligible for any degree course credits. And very significantly, she was not eligible for any financial or legal help. And she was totally unsupervised. Knox also never reveals her voracious drug habit or her shortage of money or her zero real study demands.

This walking time-bomb is the real Knox her grossly irresponsible parents approved to go to Italy.

Oh, and Knox never reveals this, either: she caused every university in America with genuine exchange students abroad to barricade itself against possible future time-bombs like Knox.

Nevertheless the dip in American tourists and exchange students, women especially, continued throughout the 2007 to 2015 period. That was confirmed in several surveys of American students making up their minds where to have their year abroad.

Amanda Knox has worked assiduously ever since to ensure that tourists and genuine exchange students keep away.

3. Crimes Against Women: Hard Facts

Rape is well understood to be under-reported everywhere, and reliable statistics take years to firm up.

This table of the rates of rapes around the world does use data a few years old, though that makes it more accurate than the tables done more recently.

Italy’s rate of rape shows up as 7.6 rapes per 100,000 annually.

That is somewhat lower than that of the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland and Austria; less than half that of France, Finland, and Norway.

Italy’s is only about one-quarter that of the United States, at 27.3 per 100,000 reported.

So if American women spend serious time in Italy, they will actually be four times as safe. 

4. Bottom Line From The Above?

The toxic message Knox is conveying to millions of American women is the polar opposite of the hard truth.

She is being harmful to Italy, and rendering American women on average somewhat more unsafe.

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Do note how Knox cycles between (1) blaming it all on men, as she did with Bobbitt in Washington DC the other day); (2) blaming it all on the media (as she did in Modena a few months ago); and (3) blaming it all on the prosecutors and police (as she does in front of the Innocence Project and other legal groups).

Horses for courses, maybe? A devious cash-cow?

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Reader emails have enhanced this site in a major way. As a result of a reader’s sharp-eyed suggestion, this sentence on Italy’s justice/penal system is added to the first part of the post above.

And the justice/penal system is the world’s best at steering offenders away from a life of crime.

This is why it matters to draw some attention to that.

Apart from the dwindling mafias - the Sicily and Naples mafias are shadows of what they were, and the the Ndrangheta is largely being kept at bay, at least in Italy (or killing itself off as in the case of Rocco Sollecito) the only prominent former prison inmate doing well (for the moment) in a life of crime is… Amanda Knox.

Knox’s rightful three years in prison for framing a man for murder could have drawn her a life sentence in the US. It should have created the kind of social pressure in the US to behave that the hapless Sollecito is under now.

But because her rightful three years in prison is assiduously hidden (it is not on the biography that groups who might want to hire Knox receive, and Knox and her enabling family never ever let on) she has shrugged off the lesson those three years in prison should have taught.

With her endless defamations, frauds, blood-money events, blood-money book, and stalking of the family of the victim and of career justice professionals in Italy, Knox could be put on trial - for hundreds of crimes.

We are getting closer by the day. With luck Knox’s enabling parents and the mafia poodles pay a high price too.

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