Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oprah Winfrey Still Snowed: Still Helping To Advance The Fiction That A BLACK Guy Did It Alone

Posted by Peter Quennell

Sad but true. A black commentator helping to revile Rudy Guede. Certainly a historic first for Oprah - though the US media is unlikely to notice.

Oprah’s emotional fawning over the Knoxes and the Mellases (with copious shots of their kids, and some misleading statements by Ted Simon) is being rebroadcast on the ABC network this afternoon.

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I don’t think Oprah is a victim here. I think the Knox/Mellas family AND OPRAH are in for the money. Oprah is a business woman. I don’t find the right words to express how despicable I think Oprah is. She certainly has access to the facts, but she prefers to ignore them. If it later goes sideways, she still can allege that she was a victim of the Knox/Mellas family’s lies and change the tune.

Disgusting to make money at the cost of another family’s tragedy.

Posted by Nell on 06/11/10 at 02:50 AM | #

I agree with Nell, that Oprah is a business woman and as such is more interested in ratings, bowing to the almighty dollar.

I have no doubt that after the initial show aired that she was inundated with letters and email, some pro-Knox I’m sure, but also some pointing out the true facts.  I think it’s in very poor taste to have allowed this to rerun.

Posted by Mo-in-Mass.,USA on 06/11/10 at 03:36 AM | #

Nothing Oprah does surprises me, I had stopped watching her show years ago when she changed by losing some weight.. Along with the weight she lost I think she lost some of her brains she use to be really good talk show when she first started out and did her research on things but then she started losing weight and something changed in her. She became money hungry.A victim no way….

Posted by jasmine1998 on 06/11/10 at 09:39 AM | #

It’s a shame that Oprah allowed herself to be fooled, allowed the Knox’s to represent themselves as a typical, “All-American” family and Amanda Knox as a typical “All-American” girl. And it’s a particular shame that she allowed young children to be basically exploited, shoving cameras in their faces and inducing them to sob.

Posted by Janus on 06/11/10 at 12:32 PM | #

I agree that Oprah is a business woman who is riding on the coat tails of this tragedy to make a buck - the same style as Douglas Preston who shills his b-level books every chance, even on blogs from news articles, off this tragedy as well. Poor taste is an understatement.

Posted by giustizia on 06/12/10 at 03:05 AM | #

I’ve not seen the programme myself, but just wanted to say that the moment captured in the first picture is very interesting to me. 

Firstly, it looks as if Amanda Knox and her mother both use similar hand gestures when speaking.  As I’m basing this on one image and the footage/pictures of Amanda Knox testifying it is probably a worthless observation, but I wonder if they use such gestures in normal everyday conversation?  Some people do, it may simply be the way they talk, but I always find I am distracted away from the face and, in particular, the eyes of people who use hand gestures when speaking.  And the eyes can speak volumes. (Full disclosure: I’m mute, people lip-read me and I tend to lip-read people even though I can hear because I was taught to lip-read when I was taught to sign, so I do tend to focus on the face when someone speaks.)

Secondly, the family dynamics of the daughter comforting the father whilst the mother seems to be leading.  I’m no expert, I don’t want to read too much into it, but, I would normally have expected a parent to be comforting a child, not vice versa.

I have always felt somewhat sorry for Amanda Knox’s sisters - they should have been shielded from as much of this as possible and given the opportunity to study and grow up in as normal a way as possible.  I have never seen “Oprah” but I would have hoped that any tv programme would have put the well-being of children first and, even if the parents gave permission, they should have refused to have the minor children paricipate.

Posted by Nolongeramember on 06/12/10 at 06:47 PM | #

RE: “Secondly, the family dynamics of the daughter comforting the father whilst the mother seems to be leading.  I’m no expert, I don’t want to read too much into it, but, I would normally have expected a parent to be comforting a child, not vice versa.”
I had the same thought in viewing that photo.  I also agree that the children should have not been on the program.  I believe that they are being used by the father and mother as “props” to garner more sympathy, i.e. “we’re such a close family” and “feel sorry for Amanda’s poor sisters having to endure this crisis”.  Just one more act in the Knox/Mellas dog and pony show.

Posted by Mo-in-Mass.,USA on 06/12/10 at 08:22 PM | #

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