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Re The Seriously Bizarre Lovefest Between Knox And Theo Von

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Theo Von enabled dangerous Italy-trasher Amanda Knox

Enough of the mis-education acts please. 

Instead, actually educate. Demand the truth. Here’s a tip to future Knox interviewers, those who are not mere PR shills and wish to avoid looking lifelong fools:


A very good place to start would be here.  See the previous mentions of the interview on TJMK here and here.

By the way, did Theo Von pay Knox a fee to pull the wool over his many fans’ eyes? Does anyone know?

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Here are random excerpts from the Theo Van interview of “Foxy Nazi”. (I have to postpone my beach trip till tomorrow so here is Knox with Theo podcast:

Theo:  “Is it a battle to get going every day?”

Knox:  “I never forget” (about incarceration). “I worry that I wouldn’t be a great person” (had she not spent time in prison). “I have always been a nice person, rooting for the underdog, going to Ren Faires, etc.” But I hadn’t known about mental illness, prison, the justice system. I would have lived a more clueless existence.”

“I wasn’t there for my little sister to get a training bra or when she turned into a teen and I’m never going to get that back, but I got a crash course in humanity. I want to share that with people.”

(about prison) “I don’t like to play the what-if game.”

Theo:  Do you relate now to villains on TV shows like Cruella DeVille or Jessica Rabit.

Knox: Not Cruela DeVille because I like animals. Jessica Rabbit was just trouble but she had Roger Rabbit’s back the whole time. Knox quotes Jessica Rabbit: ‘I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.’”

Knox:  “I’ve lived with people who killed their own children….I can talk to anyone. I want to give everyone a chance to grow. There could be something blossoming inside that person. I want to give everyone an opportunity to be a human being. I don’t think this makes me gullible or silly.”  Knox explains she doesn’t care WHAT a person has done in his past, she is only interested in the moment, in the now. She’s interested in the why. She wants to understand what brought the person to the point they are at when she is speaking with them. She doesn’t look back at their past and judge them.

Theo:  What makes you hopeful? Someone has to be.

Knox:  To understand that everyone is not motivated by evil intentions, although there are some people who are like F’ing people, killing people, raping people and beating people up and they know what they’re doing. But a lot of times they feel entitled or justified. I like to unpack how they got to the place of violence?

Theo: “(as in) how did you get there you entitled bastard?” “How did you get there”.

Knox:  It’s not justifying bad behavior but trying to understand it. Referring to inmate she knew in Capanne, a woman who had killed her own children, Knox wonders about the woman’s depression, mental breakdown, having no support system, feeling she couldn’t handle her own life so she killed the babies. The woman feels she continues to fall into a black hole and can’t get out of it. (in other words, the woman can’t shake off the guilt and her bad reputation for the crime…sounds like Knox relates a LOT to this inmate.)

Knox wants to empower people to get out of that place, to go forward in their lives, not let the past define them. Knox rejects the fact that people label such criminals with “You are that and be forever that and F.U.” Knox feels that inmate felt trapped, the woman “can’t think of anything” (and so commits the heinous deed). Knox said, “I’ve talked to that person and she feels she can never get out of it. I know how she felt although that doesn’t justify it.”

Knox:  (after Theo asks about her reaction to TV show “Making a Murderer”, “Serial” and a Payne Lindsey? podcast, a person she ran into at a True Crime Convention) Knox wants to raise awareness of false confessions, she knew a friend of the attorney for Brendan Dassey. She said the police create the scenario for the poor unfortunate person they interrogate and then force the person to sign it, “all for B.S. It’s obscene.” They bully you, Knox claims the police do psychological torture on you until you sign.

Knox:  “I would love to sit on a jury one day, but no one will ever let me. I know how F’d up the system can be.”

Theo:  How did you feel when you were re-convicted?

Knox:  It was more shocking when Italian Supreme Court overturned my first acquittal and I was sent back in absentia for a retrial. Then extradition fears arose. I had to consider how to turn myself in or make a case for serving time in the U.S.

Knox: Yeah, My 20s were this purgatory (claims she spent 8 years in legal battle, not just the 4 behind bars). “I’m weirdly very very young in the real world.”

Theo: Have you made contact with the Kercher family?

Knox: “It’s complicated. Many years ago I sent them a letter. But having heard from their lawyers, they’re not in a place to want to talk to me. They are people who have gone through trauma and I trigger the trauma. I firmly believe it’s not my position to force myself on them to be understood by them.

“If and when they want to have a relationship with me, I am ready and I am ready to answer every hard question they may have.” To Knox this is part of “restorative justice”, “finding common ground” and “I can’t force myself on them.”

Knox (about people in prison):  Appalled at attitude of people who suicide in prison, “good riddance”, hope they get raped in prison, “they’re human garbage”.  That’s wrong. How to show people you care in prison? “It’s easy…nothing matters about yesterday. I don’t care what crime you did.” You can “write a letter” for them. “The right now is all that matters…that’s how to show you care.”

Summary:  Knox teases Theo that Madison Paxton has a crush on him.

Knox had terrible acne during junior high school and high school and Theo did, too. Theo doesn’t see Knox as a killer, but more like someone who catches a jar full of lightning bugs; she’s whimsical, so people saw her as odd.

Knox regards any judgments against her as “Confirmation Bias” or “projection”, as if people are saying as they watch her on TV interviews or podcast and think to themselves “How dare you sit on this show as if you’re not an F’ing murderer?!” Knox feels her very life now is an affront to Meredith’s memory, that Knox’s own existence is a problem to them. She is trying to reach out to Mignini these days.

Theo asked if she had faith. “I am an atheist” she replied. She thinks the “universe” is neither good nor evil but neutral. All is mankind’s idea of right and wrong. In the grand scheme of things (a term she uses often) the small steps a person does which he sees right in his own eyes, may not be important, but are very important to the individual.

Theo:  Good is infectious. I try to have faith. It’s a battle.

Knox: I’d push back on that (idea) about a battle. “Battle” means an enemy which makes you find a target. Knox feels it’s best to see oneself not in a battle but as building and creating something that will exist in the world.

More later….it was a loooong interview.

Posted by Hopeful on 08/26/19 at 05:30 PM | #

Great work Hopeful. More fun than being at the beach, right?!

The long-standing stalking of the Kerchers is joined by this incessant new stalking of Dr Mignini which began during her trip to Italy (he refused to see her) for at least two obvious reasons.

(1) He can take her to court for the felony accusation in her book that he broke the law in interrogating her - when he was actually in bed. She has NEVER wound this back.

(2) In due course when he retires Dr Mignini will be free to speak out and publish a book. His much-sought presence on Italian and US media will bring the present “I’m the real victim” phase of her life to a close.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/26/19 at 06:22 PM | #

I should have said this before, but if you press the right hand arrow key on your keyboard the video will fast forward 5 seconds each time.
Torture to watch without it!

Posted by DavidB on 08/28/19 at 03:44 AM | #

Hi DavidB

Thanks. Helpful tip. He’s a small fry (only thanks to you I know he exists!) and his audience seem on average young and maybe not even in their teens during the trial.

But after scanning a few hundreds of the comments I’d praise his audience’s gut instincts a lot. So many for various reasons suspect or dislike Knox.

Oddly it was mainly the women (something I havent seen before) going to bat for her.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/28/19 at 01:20 PM | #

So the paces of views and comments have tapered off. Theo Von has done much better previously.

My own take-away from these fairly typical comments below is that both of them lost out here.

Click to zoom in.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/28/19 at 08:49 PM | #

New post Friday for sure. I’m just back from London and already missing the adrenaline rush of their hectic developments. Many there were looking a little tired but still game.

Not much remarked on, yet, but a hard Brexit if it comes moves the UK from “under” the European Community to “under” an arm of the United Nations!! The WTO in Geneva was formerly UNCTAD and GATT where I used to float by in the great Palais des Nations. 

Meanwhile in Italian politics, Salvini the former Deputy PM who just lost out in the power shuffle was said to think that Italy was ready for a government of the hard right.

Bad call. Now he’s out, and Renzi appears to be coming back.

Renzi and Obama’s people (unlikely Obama knew about it) may have done Knox a favor.

But Renzi now could do Italy a real favor by getting his justice reforms back on track. He only very narrowly missed out last time.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/05/19 at 09:12 PM | #

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