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The Judges’ Sentencing Report For The Guilty Verdicts In The Case Of Meredith Kercher

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This is the report of Judge Massei and his colleagues, now translated into English.

This was a joint effort of PMF and TJMK and all who worked so hard on the report are active on Perugia Murder File and are or will be posters here on True Justice For Meredith Kercher.

The five months of work by all of us, on three continents, was done in memory of Meredith Susanna Cara Kercher, who was known to her friends as Mez.

Rest peacefully, Mez. We’d have been so honored to have been your friends.


Thank you very much for providing us with an English translation. Thanks to all the translators and proof readers who have worked so hard to make this important information available to all of us.

Posted by Nell on 08/09/10 at 04:18 AM | #

Wow - what an amazing piece of top quality translation work and how incredible that so many people from across the world collaborated to do it.

That’s an amazing tribute to Meredith.

Thank you to all the people who put so much time, effort and dedication into undertaking this translation.

Posted by lilly on 08/09/10 at 11:32 AM | #

To all the people who worked so hard on this, with compassion and respect for Meredith in their hearts and a burning desire for justice in their heads: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Posted by Janus on 08/09/10 at 02:47 PM | #

Thank you to all who worked so diligently on this report and to everyone who has given a voice to Meredith Kercher.

Thank you Peter Quennell for TJMK.

The Italian police, Italian judicial system and all the Italian judges including Judge Mignini and Judge Massei had constructed an impressive solid case based on overwhelming indisputable evidence, with no holes or gaps.

Rest in peace Meredith Susanna Cara Kercher.

Posted by True North on 08/09/10 at 03:20 PM | #


Translators, thank you for all your hard work.

Posted by Hopeful on 08/09/10 at 04:14 PM | #

I posted this previously, but I think it is worth reposting here:

Meredith Kercher died on the same day as my mother. She was taken ill and I was flying back from Korea to see her in England when she passed away.

I was several thousand feet above Eastern Europe at the time and found out about her death in a phone call to my sister from a London train station. Later that same evening, Meredith met her death.

My mother was 60, still very young for a fit, healthy woman to die, but she had achieved a great deal and touched a great many people.

She was very much like Meredith in many ways - hardworking, studious, caring and kind, she even resembled her physically.

My mother was a child of the 60s and at her funeral, I said: “when she was a young woman, she wanted to change the world. It would be almost unspeakably tragic if she died without realising that she did”.

The same words could apply to Meredith. Thank you to all the people on this site who try to give Meredith a voice. I hope you understand how important that is. I know you do.

Posted by Janus on 08/09/10 at 04:23 PM | #

Just like to add my thanks and appreciation to all those involved in the translation of this report.  A true labour of love.  Nearly 500 downloads already on day 1!

Posted by Lola on 08/09/10 at 05:48 PM | #

Things I am already learning from the report:

1. Meredith cooked Apple Crumble on the night of her death. A fine English dessert. Similar to apple cobbler in the States, if you have that. Or similar to peach cobbler (which I KNOW you do have), with apples substituted for the peach. It’s these little human touches in the report that make Meredith really come alive to me.

2. The knife that Guede was carrying when he was arrested after breaking in to the nursery school came from the school. Guede did NOT take it with him. Knox groupies omit to mention that.

Posted by Janus on 08/09/10 at 05:50 PM | #

It’s been long wait but thank you everyone for translating this, it’s fantastic work! Unbelievable! I am already hooked on it!

The Knoxes and FOA clan must be biting their nails with anger and anxiety now that this has been posted but at least it’s finally out there for everyone to read.

I guess we now wait for these bloody endless appeals….

Posted by tempusfugit on 08/09/10 at 06:58 PM | #

Thank you so very much for all of your tireless work.

Now the whole English speaking world will know if the guilt of the accused.

Posted by devorah on 08/09/10 at 09:35 PM | #

To all involved in this Herculean task I can do nothing other than offer my thanks, your dedication to truth and justice is a shining example of humanity at its greatest. 

I work in histopathology, and therefore feel qualified (specifically with regards to the medical aspects) to comment on the excellent quality of the translation . 

This is a highly professional piece of work, both in the original and in the translation. 

The fair and balanced review of the evidence and subsequent analysis and conclusions gives transparency to the judicial process - something I am not aware of in my own country (England) and it is certainly something the Italian judiciary should be applauded for. 

Rest in peace, Meredith.

Posted by Nolongeramember on 08/09/10 at 09:36 PM | #

You all are stars. Thank you so much for all your hard work.
This is one of the things that sets Italian justice at a higher, more civilised level than US or UK justice - this explanation of how the verdict was reached, and the accountability of the judiciary.

Posted by NearlyNeville on 08/10/10 at 12:06 AM | #

Knox’s guilt is proved in the first 60 pages. Once the judges elegantly and convincingly dismiss the idea that the break-in was not staged, and then elegantly and convincingly dismiss the idea that Guede would have staged the break-in, it leads inexorably to the conclusion that the only person who would want to stage a break-in would be someone who lived in that house, and the only reason that person would want to stage a break-in would be to divert attention from them.

That ALONE is proof of Knox’s guilt, even without all the other evidence.

Posted by Janus on 08/10/10 at 01:30 AM | #

Thank you to your dedication for the truth! Incredible job…

Posted by Patou on 08/10/10 at 03:25 PM | #

What an amazing read! Truly an outstanding job of translation and I cannot even fathom how difficult this must have been.

This surely deals one very large blow to any conspiracy theory and I pity the fact that Edda will not longer be shielded from the facts of the case.

These 3 would be sitting on death row in the U.S. I don’t even know if I could take their ages into account if I had to ever pass judgment, as the description of the crime itself was so heinous to me.

Thank you again to the team, an outstanding job!

Posted by tigger34 on 08/10/10 at 07:06 PM | #

I would like to thank the translators and editors of this report. It is extremely easy to read, and I know that is only the result of intense and constant efforts for a period of months.

The style of the Italian judge (Massei) is startling to an American: clean, precise, and organized. Sometimes, it is almost poetic, as in this quote from p. 64:

“The obligations of one or the other [Amanda or Raffaele] would have separated them, even if only for a little while, but events completely independent of their choices kept them together, almost as if making an attempt on their freedom and putting them to the test:”

Tell me one would ever find such a poetic statement in an American legal document. It is also precise and demonstrable. It’s almost as if the Italians write as well as we used to, in the 18th or 19th centuries.

And the fact that the translators and editors maintained the power of that language, its precision, its elegance, is an amazing testament to a good job, well done.

Meredith’s memory deserved no less, and you rose to the occasion splendidly!

Thank you all, so much!!!

Posted by Earthling on 08/10/10 at 10:12 PM | #

The news articles are already starting to mention and link to the translation. A decent piece by Andrea Vogt. Some trademark snideness from Steve Shay, but, to his credit, he does provide a link to the report.

Posted by Janus on 08/11/10 at 12:26 AM | #

Hi Janus. Yes dozens of reporters have already come by and clicked through to download the Massei Report.

The reactions we are hearing are universally of being highly impressed at the extraordinary quality of the translation work (these assessments in Comments are very helpful in framing the quality of the work) and, as reporters start to read, real shock at the sheer depravity of what was done to poor Meredith on the night.

Media stories on the Massei Report will mostly take a few days to appear, of course, as the reading to be done is considerable. Probable outcomes?

1) We have probably seen the last of the FOA sockpuppets - who now is going to risk their reputation to further slime the Italian police, prosecution and judiciary.

2) The appeal grounds are weak (we’ve heard them all before and they all went nowhere) and Prosecutor Mignini may have a real shot at extending the sentences.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/11/10 at 02:04 AM | #

I see already Mr Fisher has responded rather weakly by publishing the detailed grounds of appeal. I wonder when one of these people will have the guts to link to the actual report, so people can make up their own minds. As I say, Steve “Never Knowingly Impartial” Shay has already shown commendable guts by doing so. Now let’s see if the rest of them can.

Somehow, I doubt it.

Posted by Janus on 08/11/10 at 02:21 AM | #

Hi Janus. Are you sure they are detailed? He had been promising a mere summary and the grounds have been well known for weeks. No media is picking up on that.

In contrast, the Andrea Vogt article in the Seattle PI today which we will touch on in a post tomorrow is already aggregated on 227 other media websites. That is up in Reuters and Associated Press territory.

Media reactions are not expected to be fast, for the reason I gave above, but this sure does look like a slow-moving trainwreck for the shrinking band of Knox White-Knight groupies.

And we have likely seen the last of the sockpuppets.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/11/10 at 03:50 AM | #

Hi Peter,

Yes, just like the Massei Report, the previously released Micheli Report which explained Guede’s sentencing and Knox’s and Sollecito’s commitment to trial contained an abundance of consistent evidence.

Sadly, it too contained the very same details surrounding the sadistic torture that Meredith endured before her death.

However, unlike the Micheli Report which was never really reported on by the US and UK media, perhaps the Massei Report should be highlighted this time around.

Posted by True North on 08/11/10 at 04:09 AM | #

Thank you to all of the translators for this painstaking effort!  The tenacity and diligence necessary to have completed this task are laudable. 

I hope that a copy was sent to Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, Candace Dempsey, Judge Heavey, Senator Cantwell, and of course, to Edda Mellas and Curt Knox.  If not, then I hope they at least are aware of it and have the courage and common sense to download it and read it for themselves.

Bravo to all who contributed to this monumental effort!  A job very, very well done.

Posted by Mo-in-Mass.,USA on 08/11/10 at 01:27 PM | #

Hi Mo-in-Mass.,

Washington State Judge Michael Heavey tried to subvert a fair trial in Italy for murder victim Meredith Kercher.

Seattle Judge Michael Heavey wrote letters, on official Washington State letterhead making it appear that the Washington State government believes that Amanda Knox received an unfair trial.

Just like Seattle Judge Michael Heavey, who lobbied on behalf of Amanda Knox there were comments made to the media by 3 other US politicians.

The comments made by these US politicians also give the public perception that their respective US government offices believe that Knox was treated unfairly by the Italian judiciary.

We would now welcome comments from these US politicians in response to the Massei Report from:

Washington State Senator Maria Cantwell

Seattle Judge Michael Heavey

U.S. Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash.

Oregon Congressman David Wu

Posted by True North on 08/11/10 at 03:13 PM | #

Have the aforementioned US politicians been contacted?

Posted by LReik on 08/11/10 at 04:18 PM | #

Hi LReik. One or two have received an emailed copy. Feel free to email the permalink to the politician of your choice.

The main focus of the team is first on informing what seems to be a pretty eager media about it. At which point of course their writers do have to read it before writing it up in-depth.

The British UPI press service has already sent it to their many media subscribers, and AP and Reuters should soon do the same.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/11/10 at 05:05 PM | #

Following late Thursday or Friday will be a post describing the precision and dedication of the translation effort and how the Report is spreading and being received so far.

Three things are already obvious.

1) The quality of the report in terms of detail, precision, interpretation and language has caught people by surprise (as has the cruel depravity).

2) Many in the media had waited for the report and the reactions even from those with whom we have differed is polite and interested and their questions back seem the first step in finding out a lot more.

3) The AK + RS appeals later this year, already regarded as an uphill task for the defenses, now look more like a huge cliff. Jailhouse snitches Alessi and Aviello really had better deliver.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 08/12/10 at 06:43 PM | #

Thank you for the transcript I am only on page 120 I am reading it slow and checking facts on your web site with it.

When this first happened I thought maybe AK and the other 2 were innocent and someone else did break in and do this horrible crime. But with in 2 weeks I knew these 3 were guilty as sin.

I guess what I am having trouble understanding is how 3 people can be so evil and it not bother none of them.

Well going to read the other sections of this transcript again thank you for supplying it to your readers

Posted by jasmine1998 on 08/14/10 at 10:02 AM | #

Stunning work. Bravo!

Posted by giustizia on 08/15/10 at 06:11 AM | #
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