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Timely Contrasting Of The Amber Heard & Johnny Depp Psychologists

Posted by Peter Quennell

The Context

Defamation trials are rare in the United States. Ones on “telly” and streaming video with 10-20 million viewership are even rarer.

Some here feel that this is a real pity, that it has become so incredibly tough and expensive to get a reputation back, not least because it has led to an explosion of toxic PR-emanated hit-jobs - just as in both this case and our own main interest.

This invidious sub-optimal system has allowed, not least, Amanda Knox to demonize dozens in Italian law enforcement highly dishonestly for huge bucks for a full decade now.

Particularly unusual is to see warring psychologists sharing diagnoses with the jury of the other party. But this actually could prove to be a very good thing; in a first for any media, hundreds of domestic violence survivors have posted valuable insights from what they lived through.

We came in with Dr Shannon Curry offering a razor-sharp diagnosis of Amber Heard over the past decade (borderline and histrionic personality disorders) startling similar to what Amanda Knox has long been demonstrating.

All professional psychologists who have posted for us have inclined in this direction, and discounted that Knox is simply psychopathic or sociopathic, even if she tests high on those scales. They have noted how much she believes in her illusions, and how she could be moving further and further way from hopes of recovery.

In this new video, Australian court analyst Katherine Elizabeth does the first comparison online between the takes of the two psychologists - impressive, as she does it without a script, and apparently into a cellphone!

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The system is working! Yay! I for one am totally in favor of what is playing out, in this protracted but far-from-boring way.

So far, so good as a systems model. This case really needed a dispassionate judge and a jury and live broadcasting and YouTube’s challengable analyses and the two psychologists after the foolish and lazy London judge left both parties wrong-footed.

At the end of the trial we could actually be about to see both parties better off; Johnny Depp with his reputation back and working again; Amber Heard chilled, and instilled with a need for a Plan B involving therapy. Like Knox, she should give up on her career of professional stalker.

Justice via a well-run court and smart lawyers on the Depp side looks set to gain some. Toxic PR, to throw the courts via jury-pool poisoning and political and illegal interference, looks set to lose some.

Domestic violence management could gain some. And media could gain some. Several may be waking up to the fact that they long backed the wrong horse and misreported. The Washington Post did not comment yet, but surely will after the verdict.

Likewise interesting:

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