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Trial: Testimony Places Amanda Knox At Supermarket Here Early Morning After The Crime

Posted by Peter Quennell

Above center: people entering and leaving the Conad supermarket in Via Garibaldi.

Other shots here. This small supermarket franchise is less than 100 meters from the School for Foreigners (straight ahead).

It is about five minutes walk from Meredith’s house (off to the left) and about five minutes walk from Sollecito’s apartment (directly behind).

The Associated Press has just reported on the testimony of Marco Quintavalle, the manager of the store.

A grocer testified Saturday that an American student accused of killing her British roommate in Italy was in his store early on the morning after the death, contradicting the timeline she offered…

Sollecito said he spent the night at his house, and does not remember if Knox spent all or part of it with him. Knox, after conflicting statements, eventually said she was at Sollecito’s house and awoke mid-morning on Nov. 2, 2007.

Witness Marco Quintavalle said Saturday that a young woman he identified as Knox entered his grocery store near Sollecito’s house in Perugia at 7:45 a.m. on Nov. 2. He said the woman was waiting for him to open the store, and that he and she exchanged glances when she entered.

“It really struck me, she had a very pale face and these light eyes,” Quintavalle said. “I can still see the image in my head.”

Asked by the presiding judge if that woman was in the courtroom, Quintavalle said he was sure it was Knox. “Now I’m sure,” he said, looking at her. Knox did not appear to react.

Quintavalle said he did not know if Knox bought anything because he was not at the cash register that morning. He said he had seen Knox one or two times before at his store with Sollecito, a frequent customer.

Defense lawyers questioned the reliability of the witness. Carlo Dalla Vedova asked him if he could say how tall Sollecito is and what color his eyes are. Quintavalle gave an indication on the height and said he was not sure about Sollecito’s eye color.

The Daily Telegraph report added this detail.

[Mr Quintavalle] said"I was inside and I opened the shutters of my supermarket at 7.45am. Outside I saw a girl waiting to come inside.

“She had a hat and jeans on but what struck me was how pale she looked and the colour of her blue eyes, I can still see them in front of me now.

“She was young, around 20 or 21 years old. She came in and went to the section at the back of the supermarket on the left where there are the cleaning products.

“I can’t remember if she bought anything. A few hours later I heard about the murder and then a few days later I saw Amanda’s picture in the newspaper and I recognised her as the same girl.”

He said he had no doubt about identifying her. “The shape of the face was the same, as was the nose, she was pretty. For me the girl in the newspapers was the same girl.”

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Interesting that there were no reponses to the testimony from the defendants?

Some other interesting developments:

Newsweek report on 4 recent breakins in the perugia area, including the cottage, with ‘satanic’ motives .... they are just a bunch of sickos to me. Interesting article though.

This must be a joke? According to,  Sollecito is having an overnight stay in Verona jail this week, and is taking an exam at the university there in ‘Virtual Reality’, to add to his IT degree. He has been scanning the jobs section in the newspaper during the trial.

I’ve seen a report that the owner of the laundry testified today, but only in one report and no detail. Anyone seen anything?

The Times Online reports that a call from Meredith at 08;56 to her mother was cut off. She still hadn’t reached home at that time ? Just left her friend Robyn ?.

The 10:30 call to Abbey bank in UK has previously been explained as possibly a call made in error?, only rang a couple of times, Abbey was the first number in the phones contact list.

When the call arrived from Meredith’s father around midnight, the phone had already been thrown away, according to the Communications police

Looks like both RS and AK have been showned to be lying. I make it that only about 18 of the approx 150 witnesses have testified so far.

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