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Trial: Today And Tomorrow Are To Be The Final Two Days Of Defense Testimony

Posted by Peter Quennell

Click above for La Nazione’s story in Italian. In brief:

The court timetable for today and tomorrow provides for the testimony of the last four witnesses listed by the defense. They are to be another coroner, a neuropathologist, a geneticist, and a computer expert.

There will be court hearings on 2 and 3 October for more expert examination of the prosecution’s evidence. It is virtually certain at this stage that the defenses will ask for a new report on the traces of DNA on the knife considered as the possible murder weapon.

It should then be clearer when the verdict can be expected. It could be several months away, which pushes the date past the date (November 18) set for the start of Rudy Guede’s appeal.

A comment here. As we have observed several times previously, requests for more time for more examination of evidence is really a high-risk strategy by the defenses. If Guede decides to sing and actually tells the truth, all of that would get ported straight over to the Knox and Sollecito trial.

This is posted at mid-afternoon Perugia time and there is still no English-language report out for today and only two brief Italian-language reports. In the circumstances, we will have to wait a few hours, possibly though to tomorrow, to post a wrap-up report for today.

Added: The Associated Press now has this report out on the morning’s testimony.

The woman accused of murdering British student Meredith Kercher in Italy may have have been confused about what really happened because of stress, a doctor has told her trial.

American Amanda Knox gave conflicting statements to police in the wake of 21-year-old Miss Kercher’s death in Perugia, Italy. Neurologist Carlo Caltagirone was giving evidence on behalf of Knox, who is on trial with her former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito….

Dr Caltagirone told the court that Knox was under stress after long police questioning, which might have led to her confusion. “To be questioned for long hours in a foreign country without fully realising the situation one is in… can lead to a lot of stress,” he said.

Knox initially accused Diya Lumumba, a Congolese man who owns a pub in Perugia where she worked, of being the killer…. Knox, 22, of Seattle, Washington, has since maintained that she spent the night of the murder at Sollecito’s house.

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“To be questioned for long hours in a foreign country without fully realising the situation one is in… can lead to a lot of stress,” he said.

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So imagine the stress when you know exactly the situation you’re in’ve got to think of a lie quick!

Posted by bucketoftea on 09/25/09 at 06:24 PM | #

Right. Then she was under stress BEFORE being savagely interrogated for 40 hours in a foreign country and in a language she did not understand (what was she doing there, then?) when she called her mother, hiding the fact the police were already there.

Well well…

Posted by Patou on 09/25/09 at 06:56 PM | #

I understand that this “expert” testified for Amanda’s defence, but what about Raffaele? He offered various versions regarding the night of the murder too. So he must have been under stress for being interrogated for hours in his own country and in his mother tongue, I understand? What a nonsense.

How probable is it that two different persons suffer the same stress symptoms at the same time? Zero.

The only stress they had during the interrogation was coming up with a lie so the police would focus on somebody else. That’s all.

Posted by Nell on 09/26/09 at 03:04 AM | #

oh, and why was she interrogated for 40 hours over a period of several days? it was because she was not telling the truth. if she hadn’t told contradictory “stories,” ie. lies, the police wouldn’t have had to interrogate her for an extended period of time.

meredith’s friends—english-speaking women from england—were also questioned and managed to endure the ordeal without backing themselves into corners with bizarre behavior and statements that did not reflect reality. and they were under the stress of shock and grief over the murder of their friend!

Posted by wayra on 09/26/09 at 04:57 AM | #

Try reading the expert’s claim above in conjunction with The Machine’s meticulous description of what actually happened that night at the police station.

Knox clearly went into meltdown when her claim that she had not called Patrick Lumumba that night was exposed as a lie. That happened early on in her first interrogation that night - and “the evil Mignini” was not present.

Also read about her deportment on the witness stand where she was about as opposite to a nervous wreck as it is possible to imagine.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 09/26/09 at 06:01 AM | #

What surprises me the most is that there seems to be many learned professionals (Professors, etc) that are prepared to go out on a limb with there opinions in court, stretching the outer limits of credibility. They must be very strapped for cash. They do their colleagues an injustice.

Posted by Terence on 09/26/09 at 11:53 AM | #

Christ this makes me ANGRY. Sorry for swearing, but it is INFURIATING. Thank you wayra for your succinct point. Of course the other flatmates were released. They answered the questions, had solid alibis and no difficulty remembering the events of the previous evening at all! Why? Because they are innocent of course! In the words of Mark Twain (et al) if you tell the truth you don’t have to try to remember anything. I misquote, but the point stands. The girl was lying! It is clear to everyone! Raff is lying too! Come on people, save your reputations, don’t line up and speak as ‘professionals’ in her defence. Fight the fights that deserve to be fought. Notionally this is a situation that could occur. But in this case? Nah. She is a consummate actress. No, really, Oscar winning. Sadly she and her crew underestimate the Italian nation, the judiciary and the world at large by a factor of several million. We all have kids. We know a fibber when we see one. “It wasn’t me!”. No, course not. And black is white. Save your experts.They are doing nothing but sullying their reputations.

Sickening. About time for some VICTIM RESPECT here. Tell the truth and shame the Devil. You’re a long time dead Amanda. You know you’re going to have to face this sooner or later, like our Mr Polasnski. The Law does not like to be made a fool of. Confess all. And win a grain of respect for beginning your repentance now.

Grrrrrrrrrr….So angry. Forgive rant, gentle folk. Sometimes you need to let it out…

Rest in Peace sweet Meredith. Not long now…

Posted by TT on 09/28/09 at 08:47 PM | #

From the moment that Meredith’s awful fate was discovered, Amanda Knox seems to have been exhibiting a basic and pervasive disconnect from simple humanity. Someone DIED, Amanda,someone who slept in the bedroom next to your own, and shared meals at the same breakfast table. Someone young and female, just like you, met a horrible, excruciatingly painful and terrifying end, and all you could think about was,“geez, where am I going to live now” and “I’m gonna have some hot times in my new panties”. And her friends and family (and promoters in the media and the FOA) can’t seem to acknowledge the horror of this murder, either. Instead, we continue to hear how awful it is for poor Amanda, having to eat birthday cake behind bars, and become fluent in Italian (tuition-free), and can’t they just send her home, already?
I almost wish she could have been granted house arrest, under a very watchful eye, in the cottage, alone with her conscience. Perhaps she would have cracked, and begged to be let out of there, in exchange for some more useful testimony.

Posted by mimi on 09/29/09 at 07:14 AM | #

Mimi you are so right. I think she has been advised to play up her so-called girlish eccentricities to disguise a cold lack of feeling. However her assured and insistent performance on the stand reveals an altogether steelier side to her character. When she accused Patrick she was sly enough to do some careful hedging by saying it was all a bit of a blur. In that way he could be easily substituted for Guede, the other black man. It was a calculated move. If they didn’t pin the crime on Patrick they would eventually find Rudy and she naively imagined she could claim confusion because she’s so ditzy and easily confused.

Posted by pensky on 09/29/09 at 09:34 AM | #

I couldn’t agree more with pensky’s post. That is what I think exactly. That woman is cold and calculating.

The worst thing is: if she wouldn’t have behaved the way she did and wouldn’t have trapped herself in her own web of lies, I believe there would have been a good possibility that she would have gone away with it. Until the police would have had the results from the DNA testing, she would have been back in the USA and out of reach.

Posted by Nell on 09/29/09 at 06:47 PM | #

I agree that AK’s behavior can be cold and calculating, ie. capable of murder or accessory to murder, but I also think she is emotionally out of control.

Following on a point made by mimi: if her reality were not completely controlled, as it is in prison, she would have a much harder time dealing with what she has done. Locked up, her sense of responsibility, her guilt, is taken care of by an institution and she can stand in opposition to those who believe in her guilt by playing the role of innocent, misunderstood victim. IOW, prison, and the trial, are holding a very controlled space, like a stage, for her to play out this new drama. It’s all an act. Set her free with no audience to play off of, and I suspect that smirky expression would vanish from her face.

Posted by wayra on 09/30/09 at 04:15 AM | #

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