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Wedding Of The Ghouls

Posted by Hopeful

The gruesome news in the online Daily Mail for July 22 2019:

Amanda Knox and her fiance launch crowd-funding appeal to make their wedding the “best party ever”—and promise donors a book of love poems in return

Knox, 32 and Christopher Robinson, 37 have asked for donations towards their wedding. AK said she had to use her wedding funds to pay for the trip to Modena in June.

Donations may cover food, decor and puzzles. The wedding will be space themed.

Galactic donors ($1,000) and temporal patrons ($2,000-$10,000) will receive a special video from the future, with reading of an excerpt from the Encyclopedia Galactica.

Other donors $25 and up will receive a copy of love poems entitled, “The Cardio Tesseract”.

Stellar patrons who donate $500 will get a shout out on the dance floor “when Madonna’s ‘Lucky Star’ comes on.”

Knox said, “I am getting married! How? Oh so weirdly! Time travel and so forth. Check out our wedding story at

The Daily Mail story includes a photo of Knox in light pink dress leaning sadly on her mother’s shoulder as Edda puts an arm around her daughter in the seating at the Criminal Justice Festival of University of Modena.

Seems Edda was there, along with Chris, to support the fragile Knox who seemed to have a very very hard time coping with a return to Italy now that she has wised up.

At the Modena Justice event, Knox said she still fears further criminal charges against her despite the 2015 acquittal.

I’m afraid today, now, I’m afraid of being harassed, mocked, stuck and I’m afraid that new accusations will be addressed to me just because I come here (Modena) to say my version of the facts. But above all, I fear I will lack the courage.

I know that despite my acquittal by Court of Cassation I remain a controversial figure…above all and especially here in Italy.

Knox’s fiance Chris Robinson was in evidence at the Modena conference wearing a loud patterned shirt of yellow and black, and in one photo with his beloved Knox, wearing a grey felt hat, large sunglasses, and displaying a tattoo of a sword along what appears to be his left forearm, from elbow to wrist, an arm he has wrapped warmly around his fiancee Amanda.

On her June 13, 2019 arrival in Milan, Knox was swarmed by media, held her head down and wore an off-white jacket and hair in topknot bun.

Story in Mail says “Earlier this year a European court awarded Knox $20,000 in damages after finding that Italy had “violated her human rights.”

Photos of her at the justice conference where she represented the Innocence Project, show Knox dismal and unnerved, in my opinion.

Whether the tormented waif appearance was all a cunning act, or real, one can only guess, with the known liar and consummate actress and mask wearer.

It seems there will also be “costumes” at the wedding—no doubt a wild Mardi Gras affair. Let’s hope the confetti is not rocks or broken glass.

Frankly, Knox is looking unhinged these days and under the sway of the strange Mr. Robinson who appears quite kooky to say the least. imho….

Posted by Hopeful on 07/20/19 at 03:17 PM in

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Hi Hopeful:

You capture Knox 2.0 the incessant victim in a world where everybody else is putting upon her.

We saw 2.0 created quite calculatedly in 2011 and it was in full flight with her rehearsed wails at the start and end of the Hellman appeal. Then 2.0 was put on steroids by whoever helped Linda Kulman to shadow-write Knox’s book and the Nencini email.

Knox 1.0 was so opposite: daffy, lazy, irresponsible, tin-eared, unhygienic, eager to please, a serial drug taker, not anyone’s close friend. The one who inflicted herself on Perugia with little money, no work permit, and no intention to do real university work.

But at times she more than accepted her part of the blame. Hitting her head on the night when she framed Patrick was an example of that. She was seemingly genuinely sorry after she hurt her uncle in walking away from her Berlin job.

Perhaps Curt Knox and Edda Mellas should hang up a shingle. “We make psychopaths here. Proven record from 2008.”

Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/22/19 at 08:30 PM | #

I cannot understand why Mom Edda enables her.  Perhaps she feels guilty she wasn’t there to whisk her away before she was arrested.  Or guilty for getting pregnant to force Curt to marry her at three months and the ensuing rows when the marriage failed and shouty yelling Curt refusing to pay any alimony.  Certainly Edda has piled on the pounds since the murder.

And then there is Party Rock Robinson.  He is some kind of Lord Longford figure, taking pity on society’s most despised reprobates.  However, Longford had visions of finding redemption in the likes of Myra Hindley with whom he formed a close friendship.  It’s to be commended.  On the other hand it creates an imbalanced relationship with the person being pitied and patronised hopelessly dependent on the one person who understands her and stands by her despite knowing exactly what she did.

Party Rock seems to have introduced her to role playing, dressing up in costumes in a millennials’ version of Ken Kesy’s Merry Pranksters of the LA hippy days of the sixties.  Then they were passively protesting against the Vietnam war and anti-drafting.  He and his co-author Kovite see themselves as protesting against going to war in Iraq.  Indeed my brother walked the same streets with the British Army and what he saw seared into his psyche.

I guess fancy dress and role playing is a form of therapy.  Perhaps Party Rock thinks it will heal Knox.  Knox herself in the DM article is said by Robinson to have found ‘healing’ by going to Italy.  Healing from what exactly?  Mignini and the courts not being taken in by her manipulative and flirtatious behaviour (for example, her standing up to make spontaneous statements about the sex toys in the Perugia bathroom)? Mignini for not taking pity on her sobs and tears during her interview with several of her lawyers present who insisted he end the interview when it became clear she was digging herself in deeper and deeper?

Mom and Dad had always capitulated to her tantrums out of guilt for abandoning her and Deanna for another woman and a new family in a better neighbourhood, but now Daddy-figure Mignini was being horrible to her by not letting her off.  Or was it some kind of healing for having committed a murder? 

It sure wasn’t ‘healing’ for what she did or didn’t do to or for Meredith.  She was present at the cottage during the murder, which the Supreme Court ruled wasn’t sufficient evidence of her guilt, but then again she didn’t call the police once, not even the next morning.  She didn’t fetch help nor call the emergency services for her room-mate.  We have no idea what happened to the key to Meredith’s room or the stolen rent money, two mobile phones and credit cards.

So no, Knox’s tears were only tears of pity for herself.

So the wedding is to be some kind of space theme with donators to the web page being awarded one of her poems.  How cool, how groovy.

Posted by KrissyG on 07/23/19 at 05:50 AM | #

Hi KrissyG

You capture Curt Knox 1.0 and 2.0 really well - and you capture Edda Mellas 1.0 and 2.0 very well also…

Curt 1.0 notoriously flashed out of the uptight Curt 2.0 now and then in Perugia. Edda was in full 2.0 mode by the time she hit the witness stand in 2009 and lied her head off about the late-night call.

If Amanda Knox’s lies are up in the thousands now, their lies are certainly up in the hundreds.

They didnt just intimidate media with endless legal threats, they extorted very big bucks and flights and limo rides and hotel rooms for exclusive access. 

There were signs Edda and Chris Mellas might have allowed the lawyers to go for the deal late 2007 which Dr Mignini was subtly offering (plead to a sex game gone wrong, in other words manslaughter) but the incessantly hardline Curt would have none of it.

As you surely know, one of the several judges who had to instruct Curt to pay his child support suggested he get anger counseling. He defiantly refused of course; and when Knox returned to Seattle defiantly refused counselling for her too.

A large minority of Seattleites appears to be under no illusions about all three of them.

Years back a Seattle blogger cross-posted here this scathing satire of Curt 1.0.

Some readers were shocked and objected - Curt 2.0 really had got to them.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/23/19 at 09:32 AM | #

Another story on this topic by Barbie Latza Nadeau at the Daily Beast:

“Ghoulish” sounds about right.

Nadeau brings up some good points, like the fact that Knox has made no effort to ask for donations for the Meredith scholarship fund or even for the Innocence Project:

“No one would expect her to offer a way to donate to Meredith Kercher’s memorial scholarship on such a site. But maybe an option to donate instead to the Innocence Project, for example, should someone want to support her without pandering to what can only be described as self-serving narcissism? We wish the couple a happy future. But we also wish there was an option to donate $25 to just go to city hall if they really want privacy.”

I wasn’t exactly surprised by this, considering that her personal strain of narcissism has always been vulgar and insolent at the same time. It’s not the theme itself - who’d care if two random people, none of whom had ever been accused of slaughtering an innocent human being, decided to have some fun at their wedding? But not at other people’s expense and not when you have this kind of history.

It’s the entitlement which rankles the most. The rest of the world gets exactly the kind of wedding they can afford. Sometimes, that means city hall and home-made sandwiches, and that’s perfectly fine.

But when has it become acceptable to ask other people to finance your dream wedding AND honeymoon? Especially when you’ve blown your wedding fund on a European vacation, and especially when your honeymoon options include Thailand, “a cabin in the Alps” or “a bustling Shanghai street.” Really? Will this also involve first-class tickets, Michelin-star restaurants, and a 5-star penthouse suite? At least she skipped the Vera Wang dress. To be fair, Alexander McQueen is probably more up her alley, although the right choice for Knox 2.0 would be Anna Sui.

I feel like I need a shower.


PS: Probably not new to most of you, but Firefox classifies this website as potentially harmful. I had to manually override my antivirus. I’m guessing it’s been reported into the ground by the leftovers of the troll army. I’m guessing most of them are now working overtime in the service of this vile administration.

Posted by Vivianna on 07/23/19 at 11:19 AM | #

Hi Vivianna

Very glad to see Barbie Nadeau is still getting in a dig or two. The campaign against her relentless truth-telling by the Knox PR and Bruce Fischer was absolutely horrific. But it is Fischer and the Knox PR who are now losing.


Being labeled “potentially harmful” in Firefox or any up-to-date browser is a sign that we need to move to a higher level of security at internet-provider level. That will need a slight change of address: where HTTP can now show at the front of our address, instead HTTPS will show. Best to do this when all problems have ceased showing for a short while.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/23/19 at 01:33 PM | #

A reliable source says that Kings County records show Knox and Party Rock married in December last year.

The pair apparently are also living in a $1m house on Vashon Island.

The crowdfunding page is just another of her hoaxes.

At least Sollecito has the grace to keep a low profile.

Posted by KrissyG on 07/23/19 at 02:46 PM | #

‘Now we’re asking for help so that we can shower our friends and family with love and celebration!’

I’m sure the guests will feel flattered. And everyone who donates will receive a copy of The Cardio Tesseract (poems). A book they can’t sell, more like.

One of the comments on Daily Mail said ‘they are in their 30’s. They’ve already been together for years. So why the need for such extravagance’.  I’m sure it’s just attention seeking.

And I wouldn’t be surprised that such big displays are really just there to hide the shallowness that is really going on.

Posted by DavidB on 07/24/19 at 05:00 AM | #

Amanda Knox has now backtracked and said “We weren’t expecting people to go to the registries page,” Knox said.

After the murder she confessed.  Then she said it was due to extreme exhaustion and police pressure.  And she got away with that.

Now she’s doing the same thing. Pretending she didn’t mean it. 

Posted by DavidB on 07/25/19 at 10:49 AM | #


“The Italy Innocence Project has since confirmed to The Daily Beast and others that they did pay Knox’s airfare and lodging for the conference, as they did for all the guest speakers.”

Of course, as DavidB points out, this is not her fault.

“Knox sought to calm the situation with her own tweet blaming the press for picking up on the registry, the link to which she tweeted.

“To those hating on us all day, you’ve been duped by the outrage machine. “‘

...Just like the courts have all been duped by the rage machine into believing ‘it is a certain and indisputable fact’ that Knox was ‘present at the murder of the young Meredith Kercher’.


Posted by KrissyG on 07/25/19 at 03:40 PM | #

I was there! I heard Meredith being killed!
I was not there. I didn’t here Meredith being killed.
I know it was Patrick. He’s the murderer.
It wasn’t Patrick, he wasn’t the murderer.
I want money for my wedding, my honeymoon, my faux childish, kitsch, infantile, fake cutesy themed and very expensive wedding.
I never said that!

Posted by pensky on 07/26/19 at 09:22 AM | #

This is lifted verbatim from the Innocence Project website so could AK conceivably have been lying (NO WAY) about funding her trip to Italy herself?

Exoneree speakers receive an honorarium for appearances, in addition to per diem and any necessary travel expenses. We work with event organizers to find a price that fairly compensates the speaker and yet works within your budget. In some cases, an Innocence Project representative may also be available to speak at an event.

Posted by pensky on 07/26/19 at 10:03 AM | #

Thanks a lot Pensky.  A post on what we already know by KrissyG is coming up.

This is clearly yet more massive fraud by Knox and her family, the tenth category at least (some of which have sub-groups), now amounting to an estimated $5 million plus.

Sorry but these frauds are not fabrications by “the outrage machine”. They are pure felony frauds usually calling for a prison term, and media are already pressing the cops to get active on her case.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 07/26/19 at 06:07 PM | #

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