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Demonizations By Knox: OGGI Charged For Article Conveying False Claims To Italy #2

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[Umberto Brindani, editor of Oggi, a Mario Spezi ally, being sued for publishing Knox’s claims in Italy]

The decision of Amanda Knox and her lawyers and publishers to flaunt her dishonest claims in Italy seems seriously ill advised.

Pouring gasoline on the fames, it has opened up a fast-track way for those many who she nastily attacks to put the real truths in front of the world. Nobody who foolishly parrots her will be immune from being required to testify by the courts, her own lawyers included. 

Here are our own short rebuttals of the Knox claims Oggi specifically flaunts to Italy in its unresearched review.

  • Knox was NOT interrogated for days and nights. She was put under no pressure in her brief witness interviews except possibly by Sollecito who had just called their latest alibi “a pack of lies”.

  • Knox WAS officially investigated in depth, after she surprisingly “confessed” and placed herself and Patrick at the scene. Prior to that she’d been interviewed less than various others, who each had one consistent alibi.

  • Knox herself pushed to make all three statements without a lawyer on the night of 5-6 November 2007 in which she claimed she went out from Sollecito’s house, met Patrick, and witnessed him killing Meredith.

  • Far from Knox being denied a lawyer, discussions were stopped before the first statement and not resumed, in the later hearing she was formally warned she needed one; she signed a confirmation of this in front of witnesses.

  • Prosecutor Mignini who Knox accuses of telling her a lawyer would hurt her prospects when she claims she asked for one was not even in the police station at that interview; he was at home.

  • She was not prohibited from going to the bathroom. At trial, she testified she was treated well and was frequently offered refreshments. Her lawyers confirmed this was so.

  • She was not given smacks by anyone. Over a dozen witnesses testified that she was treated well, broke into a conniption spontaneously, and thereafter was hard to stop talking.

  • There is no evidence whatsoever that Knox was subject to “something similar to torture” and as mentioned above only Sollecito applied any pressure, not any of the police.

  • There is nothing “suicidal” about returning to Italy to defend herself at the new appeal. Sollecito did. She risks an international arrest warrant and extradition if she doesn’t.

  • There is no proof except for her own claims of sexual molestations in prison; she is a known serial liar; and she stands out for an extreme willingness to talk and write about sex.

  • Many people have testified she was treated well in prison: her own lawyers, a member of parliament, and visitors from the US Embassy were among them; she herself wrote that it was okay.

  • She may have based her account on her diaries and “prodigious memory” but the obviously false accusation against the prosecutor suggests that much of the book was made up.

  • The investigators had a great deal of evidence against Knox in hand, not nothing, and they were not ever faulted for any action; they helped to put on a formidable case at trial in 2009.

  • “Police and Italian justice work with such incompetence, ferocity, and disdain for the truth” is contradicted by a very complete record prior to trial which was praised by the Supreme Court.

  • Mr Mignini has NO bizarre past at all. He is widely known to be careful and fair. He would not have been just promoted to first Deputy Prosecutor General of Umbria otherwise.

  • He was put on trial by a rogue prosecutor desperate to protect his own back from Mignini’s investigations; the Supreme Court has killed the trumped up case dead.

  • There was nothing “mysterious” about Knox being taken to the crime scene to see if any knives were gone, but her wailing panic when she saw the knives was really “mysterious”.

  • Knox never thought she was in prison for her own protection; she had signed an agreement at the 5:00 am interview confirming she did know why she was being held.

  • Monica Napoleoni did not “bluff” that Sollecito had just trashed their joint alibi; he actually did so, because his phone records incriminated him; he agreed to that in writing.

  • There was no crescendo of “yelling and intimidations that lasts from 11 at night until 5.45”. There were two relatively brief sessions. Knox did most of the talking, named seven possible perps, and drew maps.

  • There was zero legal requirement to record the recap/summary interview, no recording has “gone missing” and many officers present testified to a single “truth” about what happened.


Regarding the ‘missing recording’ John Follain refers to it in his interview with Curt, Edda and Deanna for the Sunday Times. It can be interpreted as Curt telling Follain about its existence and Follain reporting that fact. In any event, the evidence from that particular interview with Knox was deemed inadmissable by a Supreme Judge so the recordings are of no consequence….if they exist or they have gone missing.

Posted by starsdad on 05/12/13 at 08:15 PM | #

Hi starsdad,

Mignini categorically stated that Amanda Knox’s questioning was not recorded. The Italian Supreme ruled that 1.45am witness statement couldn’t be used against Knox at the murder trial. However, it was used against her to prove that she had slandered Diya Lumumba.

Posted by The Machine on 05/12/13 at 08:40 PM | #

The best forum for all these allegations would have been the same court: she had excellent lawyers and the US embassy staff visited her regularly.

She has a very convenient memory.

Her sex adventures (am I using the right expression?) are the testament of her control over men: she knows pretty well on how to use and abuse men (and may I also include women too?). She felt lost at one time when she noticed that her strategy is refusing to produce the desired result.

Now she is suffering from a “I am a pretty little american girl” syndrome.

Well, your tools have worked so far…

It is time to grow up and take responsibility for your actions (and inactions too!)

Posted by chami on 05/12/13 at 09:09 PM | #

@The Machine

Thx. I was arguing on a debate site that Follains interview seemed to suggest that Curt Knox had told Follain that there was a recording, and that Curt was relating part of the contents of that tape to Follain. The other party said that Follain had confirmed there was a ‘missing tape’

Posted by starsdad on 05/12/13 at 09:12 PM | #

Part of the issue with the broken alibi (Sollecito’s ‘pack of lies’) is his failure to release a true copy of his statements to the police.  I mean all of them, too, from the 2nd of Novemeber until his arrest.  He hasn’t done this but, instead, provided vague details of “mash-ups”.

Let’s see everything he signed!  Even the Groupiesâ„¢ are beginning to wonder why he’s so shy about releasing these statements.

Posted by Stilicho on 05/13/13 at 09:58 PM | #
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