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Interview Part 1 With Kelsey Kay About Her Sad Experience With Serial Exploiter Sollecito

Posted by Ergon

1. An Overview

We’ve been following for many years how the friends of Amanda Knox had been encouraging Frank Sforza and Raffaele Sollecito to obtain green cards by any means necessary.

That was in the mistaken belief it would somehow grant them immunity from criminal prosecution and extradition for their crimes. They certainly seemed to believe that, and it is especially ironic considering the recent news of Knox’s most recent “engagement”.

Just a year ago Radar Online broke the story of Kelsey Kaypernick, the young American woman who was pursued for a while by Raffaele Sollecito with offers of marriage.

When this came out she was attacked by the usual suspects, with harassment continuing until recently. Ironically, she was told NOT to speak to Ergon 😊

I spoke to her then and offered a voice. That I was more interested in the human side. She was intrigued except she had to wait for her contractual obligation to end, then was affected by concerns for her safety.

I held off on writing anything for that reason, but kept in touch with her for a year. Having spoken to her by phone and through e-mails, I found her very intelligent and believable. She contacted me recently, agreeing to do the interview. It is presented here, in its entirety.

2. Part One Of The Interview

E: How are you? Have you been able to put this behind you? Why have you agreed to speak with us now?

KK: “I’m doing great, thank you so much for asking. After doing much research and watching the chips fall where they may with Raffaele post my article with Radar I realized a lot. I was truly a small amount of collateral damage. I think it would be stupid of me to continue to be hurt by someone like him.

Especially when I’m equally responsible for allowing him into my life in the first place. I’ve agreed to speak to you now because I am no longer afraid. It took me some time to realize that all the threats being made towards me were unfounded. I’m a mother, so I had much more than myself to consider. However, by allowing those threats to control me, I was letting him win. I’m done with that now.”

E: Many of Raffaele and Amanda Knox’s supporters have questioned your motives, and posted personal information about your past. Do you have anything to say to them?

KK:  “You know my name, not my story. Choose to fill in the blanks in whatever way is pleasing to you.”

E: Veronica Drake (in Australia) was told Raffaele Sollecito would be suing her. Have you ever been told legal action would be taken against you for speaking out?

KK: “Oh yes. Michelle Moore and Eve Applebaum made direct contact to threaten me. I also read threats made through his father and his lawyer. I had lots of contact with Noel Dalberth. She was mostly kind to me however.”

E: How did Michelle Moore and Eve Applebaum contact you and what threats did they make?

KK: “Eve emailed me directly, clearly she had gotten my personal email from Raffaele as I don’t hand it out. I give out my work email only. Michelle tweeted at me and I suspect called me from a blocked number.”

E: What is your impression of Raffaele’s relationship with Amanda Knox now?

KK: “What relationship? It seems non-existent to me.”

E: He did meet Amanda Knox in Seattle (in 2012). So, too, did his father and sister? Was it about their books only, for the publicity, or was their relationship soured already? Do you know why?

KK: “Sorry, I know nothing about that instance unfortunately.”

E: Have you ever met or spoken with a member of the Knox/Mellas family? Amanda Knox herself?”

KK: “I suspect I have had a conversation with Chris Mellas. I say suspect because my attacker hid behind a fake twitter. I was not allowed to speak with Amanda. Raffaele must have had his reasoning.”

E: What ID was used on Twitter by the person you suspect is Chris Mellas? What specific threat? Embarrassment, your past history, or?

KK: “@guilterwatchin or something along those lines. He threatened me in every way he could think of. Intimidation tactics, petulance, foul language and threats via twitter came my way for a few days after the article was published until someone advised me to block him. I have to say though, of all the people who have attacked me I found @guilterwatchin laughable. I mean really? A twitter attack.”

E: Were you surprised when you heard the news Raffaele Sollecito had been picked up by police close to the Austrian border?

KK: “Not at all. After all I found out firsthand that his intentions were to flee Italy. This goes right back to your inquiry about people questioning my motives. I’ve read some entertaining tales. In some of them I’m 17. In some of them I’m already married. In some of them I’m a money hungry whore. In some of them I was fat before my plastic surgery that I clearly got. I just laugh. You want to know my motives?

Well… ask yourself a few questions and infer what you want from the answers. Did any other women come out that the same thing had happened to them? Is it possible other women were spared the same fate? Did he get his passport taken away? Was he able to leave Italy? Well, there you go. I’ve said what I wanted. People can draw their own conclusions on my motives…. as is their right.”

E: Do you know why Raffaele Sollecito didn’t attend Amanda Knox’s big Vashon Island get together on July 26, 2013? Was he invited?

KK: “I have no knowledge of why. I do know that around that time their relationship had soured. He flew to Seattle when I called off the marriage and she refused to respond to his requests to see him. That’s what he told me anyways. I was extremely irritated when the first thing he did when I was having doubts was to flee to where Amanda lived but he assured me they were not on good terms and that she had refused to see him and was doing him an injustice. He described her as selfish. It’s actually comical to compare the relationship the media and their books paint that they have compared to what little I saw.”

E: Have you read the available court documents and pro-guilt arguments, and if yes, when and where?

KK: “I’ve read so many blogs on both sides I couldn’t begin to start telling you all the sources.”

E: After meeting Raffaele do you feel he could have written the book or was it mostly written by his co-writer?

KK: “There is no way Raffaele mostly wrote that book. He spends too much of his time contradicting it in reality. He was coached and took a back seat. In my opinion.”

E: After all you’ve learned about Raffaele, do you still believe him to be innocent?”

KK: “I’ve come to know Raffaele as a wolf disguised as a sheep. A liar. A fraud. A master manipulator with powerful resources. So do I still think he’s innocent? No. I wanted to believe he was. I no longer feel that way. I’ve been able to separate my emotions from common sense.”

E: After all you’ve learned about Amanda, do you still believe her to be innocent?

KK: “Again, No. But I didn’t get to know her like I did Raffaele. All I know is that it seems both of their stories are quite contradictory. There can only be one truth. If I was fighting for my life and I hadn’t committed the crime I was accused of I would remember everything like it had happened only a second ago. Neither of them seem to be on the same page. So therefore neither of them are believable to me.”

[Part two will follow in the next post]


As you may know from time to time I read the comments on the pro Knox pages. Same repetitious noise which is to repeat ad nauseum the same old garbage. Namely that there is no evidence.

But to just point up an observation by Peter and others. “As the days dwindle down to a precious few.” The hysteria is getting shriller and nastier as these perps finally admit to themselves that the guilty verdict will be confirmed. So that has now switched to “She’ll Never Be Extradited.“etc: They quote nebulous articles confirming their desperate belief that extradition will not happen.

Finally I have to admit that I enjoy being threatened by being informed how many weapons there are in Seattle and how people are allowed to carry concealed firearms. This kind of diatribe only confirms that Knox surrounds herself with people living in an alternate existence. After all, her boy friend plays grunge noise in haunted houses. Ah the classics!!!

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 02/17/15 at 08:37 PM | #

I am counting on Amanda making good her words she will put up a fight. It will make the best cover for her next book, “Already had!”

As a participant in a sex crime she will have until March 30th, 2015 to register as a sex offender in Washington State or be arrested. When she is then extradited she will remain forever registered as inactive until such time as she steps foot into Washington again to check back in with an ugly old up-to-date hag photo (the likes of guilterwatchin!) everyone in the world can query and confirm DONE DEAL!!

Sollecito will crumble in prison, forever a slave to all stronger men, I suspect that includes each and every one of them.

It’s about time to take up a collection to send them both little “going-away” gifts from Victoria Secret. Raffaele a little bra & thong number and for Amanda, well, something with a dab of humility it in it might lighten her future role.

Closing the books on these two. It’s a wrap!

Posted by Professor Snape on 02/17/15 at 10:28 PM | #

Kelsey’s full story so much deserved to get out. There’s some semblance of her story to the awful behavior in Hawaii of Frank Sforza to our poster Bettina, who often emails and is also one of the kinder people on the planet.

American women win one by seeing through these cynical fraudsters even though they make a very compelling pitch. The fraudsters have had much less luck in Italy where there is no vacuum of information. Even their own lawyers dont like them.

Ergon is a very effective investigator - he was formerly a professional, a financial sleuth. He showed how the same pair and Fischer’s gang have winkled huge sums of money out of Heavey and other suckers.




I hope Kelsey and Bettina can access the new Porta a Porta videos on PMF dot Org (for copyright reasons they can not yet be made fully public) if the sight of RS in slow meltdown is not offputting.

There are kind words for Kelsey by several of the posters on PMF dot Org and Ergon’s Part 1 has been repeatedly retweeted.

Thanks, Kelsey.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 02/17/15 at 11:13 PM | #

Chris Mellas and Michelle Moore come across as their usual (cough) delightful selves. Undisguised wolves in their case.

Posted by Odysseus on 02/17/15 at 11:22 PM | #

Good job Kelsey and Ergon.

I wonder if there is a FOA playbook? lol. Because, the similarities are astoundingly creepy. When I read about Kelsey’s fear, I remembered they applied the same techniques on me. But, not knowing the situation as well as I did, how could she know it was a bunch of abusive hot air?? And with a small child…

Meredith has so many dedicated friends, who work ceaselessly to bring the truths to light.

I am running o’er to PMF right now…

thanks once more..Bettina

Posted by Tina on 02/18/15 at 12:09 AM | #

Whoa, Kels! Brave woman, indeed, thank you for speaking with our fearless Ergon! Looking forward to reading part deux!

Posted by Bjorn on 02/18/15 at 12:21 AM | #

Thanks, all. I really want to applaud Kelsey Kayy for the courage she displayed to speak up. Having complete strangers stalk you on the internet, looking into your background, making abusive phone calls? No one should ever be treated that way.

Posted by Ergon on 02/18/15 at 01:43 AM | #

Great work, Ergon, (as usual) and thank you Kelsey.

Posted by Wascana on 02/18/15 at 02:59 AM | #

The time is drawing near. The wheel of justice moves slowly but surely. I would assume while they are in prison they will be spending much time in court facing various charges. What upsets me is that I would presume they will be eligible for parole by their mid-fifties. American prison is much worse and they would most likely have been facing the death penalty or life without parole, due to the heinous aspect of the crimes committed, depending in which state they were tried in (I could be wrong). It is challenging to speak out on this case due to harassment but I do appreciate young, attractive Ms. Kelsey for speaking out-it takes courage 😊

Posted by Vinnie on 02/18/15 at 03:25 AM | #

Ergon - Very nicely done.  Looking forward to the next installment.

Kelsey - If you ever read this comment, you are a brave woman, no matter what anyone else might say.  It takes courage to expose the truth, especially with the blowback you received.  You have more honour than ‘‘Mr. Honor Bound’’ ever will.  Hats off to you.

AK and RS are gutter scum.  To hell with them.

Posted by Chimera on 02/18/15 at 04:04 AM | #

The fact that Kelsey Kaypernick was harassed and threatened by these murderer enablers comes as no surprise. Welcome to the club Kelsey. People such as these are no better than the slime I scrape off my boots sometimes. If there was any doubt just what kind of people they are then follow the sick life of Michelle Sings Easterly Moore who, since she has supposedly found religion, has now hung out her shingle proclaiming that Amanda Knox (Born again virgin) has been beatified by the pope. look for further attacks upon the Kerchers. If there is any justice in this world then these people should be tried as accomplices since their invective and nastiness has contributed to the ill health of of the Kercher family as well. They use free speech as an excuse to help destroy everything that Meredith Kercher stands for Decency, Honesty, Talent and Intelligence. Something the entire Knox brigade have no clue about.

Posted by Grahame Rhodes on 02/18/15 at 04:12 AM | #

This is an excellent interview, Ergon. 
Thank you and Kelsey for exposing more of the truth. 
The mind boggles how much evil there is out there and I am very sorry Kelsey was subjected to it. 
Such a scandal that the lovely ladies on the TV networks don’t - or refuse to - see Knox and Sollecito for who they really are.

Posted by thundering on 02/18/15 at 10:19 AM | #


I disagree. You are insulting the wolves. Wolves are social animals, closely related to dogs and reported to be faithful and monogamous.

Perhaps you mean hyena?

Posted by chami on 02/18/15 at 10:24 AM | #

True Chami, I humbly apologise to Wolfkind. I’m not even sure that hyenas - or any other non-human species - should have their essential integrity questioned by association with the dishonest and corrupt Knox entourage.

Posted by Odysseus on 02/18/15 at 12:51 PM | #

Kelsey’s story has been picked up some steam.  Selene Nelson has posted on it.


Like Selene’s prior work, this is quite detailed.

Posted by Chimera on 02/19/15 at 02:29 AM | #

From this first part of the interview, Kelsey comes across as a rather transparent person. Somehow with a feeling of bitter about her past naivete, maybe now she feels less young and hopeful than before.

But she is open and serene.

There is something simple in her way to be. She implicitly admits she was not quick to understand, especially from theories, buck she quickly understands from life.

It’s interesting how she correctly refrains from telling things she didn’t witness in first person. It’s interesting how she admits she felt irritated, and how Amanda Knox comes across as an “absence”, a silent wall.

And clowns and dogs around her who bark to intimidate her (in their projection method, this chilling and bullying witnesses and press is what the pro-Knoxes accused Mignini of).

My congratulations to Ergon. I’m sure Kelsey may have acknowledged his kindness and seems she felt comfortable.

Posted by Yummi on 02/19/15 at 02:33 AM | #

I especially noted these comments by Kelsey:

“KK: “There is no way Raffaele mostly wrote that book. He spends too much of his time contradicting it in reality. He was coached and took a back seat. In my opinion.”

I find this rather interesting: It’s just her opinion, but she feels sure he didn’t write the book. It looks like it’s apparent that he departed from his book narrative.

It was evident at close distance Amnesia’s & Soliloquy’s strategies and intents were already very far apart from each other in reality, this is what appeared to Kelsey at least. 

And this:

KK: “I’ve come to know Raffaele as a wolf disguised as a sheep. A liar. A fraud. A master manipulator with powerful resources. So do I still think he’s innocent? No. I wanted to believe he was. I no longer feel that way. I’ve been able to separate my emotions from common sense.”

Here Kelsey is not reporting facts, she is expressing her opinion. But it’s an opinion based on common sense: innocent people are not liars and manipulators.

I note these opinions because they are from a person who had a diametrically opposite opinion before and who happened to know him intimately. She’s not the first one with a story of this kind. There is a record of more or less known, more or less painful disappointments about people among former and current Knox/Sollecito supporters.

Posted by Yummi on 02/19/15 at 02:54 AM | #

And also, this:

KK: Not at all. After all I found out firsthand that his intentions were to flee Italy”

Was that before March 26 2013? It seems so. Sollecito’s lawyers knew the Hellmann/Zanetti sentence would be annulled.

Posted by Yummi on 02/19/15 at 03:02 AM | #

Selene Nelson has an excellent article following up on Kelsey Kay’s interview here: http://www.digitaljournal.com/news/crime/op-ed-liar-fraud-examining-amanda-knox-co-killer-raffaele-sollecito/article/426443#ixzz3S9ACIPlr

Posted by Ergon on 02/19/15 at 04:46 AM | #

Hi, Yummi, and thanks for your kind comments. We had a lengthy dialogue going over a year and I didn’t push her, just answered her questions and referred to our various websites.

I also kept back any part of what was disclosed privately as I promised only to publish with her permission and what she was comfortable with.

If you see Part II of the interview at http://www.truejustice.org/ee/index.php?/tjmk/comments/interview_part_2_with_kelsey_kay_about_her_sad_experience/ there is every indication he knew before the 2013 Supreme Court hearing that Hellmann would be annulled. The moves to arrange marriage with Knox took place prior to that ruling, also his asset transfer out of the country etc. Certainly by the time he met Kelsey in July 2013 he was in full blown panic mode.

Posted by Ergon on 02/19/15 at 07:33 PM | #
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