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Knox & Sollecito: How From Their Very First Questionings The Cracks & Fissures Start To Appear #2

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Minimetro at left foresightedly located provides quick 2 mile trip up to the center.

1. The Much Mischaracterized Interview Context

You’ve read the PR-driven meme that Perugia investigators zoomed in way too quickly on Amanda Knox?

And also on Raffaele Sollecito? No, probably not Raffaele. He is a really big nuisance in proving any malicious targeting. Hard to manufacture a reason to zoom in on an Italian male with a rich and connected father and mafia ties.

Say that investigators were doing little else but ferociously framing Amanda Knox, as John Douglas, Steve Moore and Michael Heavey have claimed again and again (and even so advised the Department of State).

Well-trained American investigators will say they are lucky to average upward of a dozen sessions a week with people of possible involvement. If Douglas, Moore and Heavey have it right, what is your best guess here? Five? Seven? Maximum ten?

Okay. Take a look. Amazing, right? And there were many more still in progress. Interviewing went on for weeks. They are all loaded on the Case Wiki. Never recorded, as the PR lie has it? No, literally everything was captured.

Unfair zooming-in? These depositions prove quite the opposite. Right through to the fourth and ultimate session on 5 November, the investigators were mainly in the mode of spreading the net wider and wider. Seeking still others maybe involved.

2. Analysis Of Knox’s First Statement Continues

Remember this is still the same day Meredith’s body was discovered. We are still on the 2 November deposition which sets narrow limits on what Knox could credibly claim later. (Path dependency, for scientists.)

Maybe Douglas, Heavey and Moore would have missed them?! But I’ll point out more Knox claims that for competent law enforcement would be big red flags. Points that dont match up with Knox down the road, and points that don’t match up with Sollecito.

This morning, around 10-11am, I returned to my house alone to have a shower and change my clothes, and in this circumstance I noticed that the entrance door of the apartment was wide open whereas the doors to the rooms inside the house were all closed, at least the ones to Filomena’s and Meredith’s rooms, although I didn’t check if they were locked, whereas the one to Laura’s room was ajar and my door was open as usual.

Why would she say the door of the apartment was wide open?  Remember, we only have Knox’ word for this.  We know it needed a key to lock it.  In Honor Bound, Raff says this applied both coming in and going out.  Imagine for a minute the real reason for returning was to continue tidying up.  The aim had been to finally leave the cottage with the door left flapping open (as though by an unknown intruder).  If it had been locked, then the conclusion would be it must be Knox, as she and Meredith were the only house mates around that weekend.  So, of course, she has to claim it was open.  Distancing herself.

She says she “˜didn’t check if they were locked’ (Filomena’s and Meredith’s rooms).  But why would they be locked.  This indicates an awareness that Meredith’s room was locked.  To explain why she didn’t spot it then, we have the made-up-on-the-spot event, which turns out to be a non-event.  Rather like Gubbio.  They were going to “˜go to Gubbio’, but then they didn’t go.

We see from Knox’ statement, she wants to tell the story as though she really was innocent.  She has to imagine and play role what an innocent person would do.  The door was hanging open.  She was only there because she wanted to shower and change to go to Gubbio   Ah, but what about Meredith’s locked door?  Didn’t try it to see if it was locked.  Which of course it was.  Perhaps Knox has psychic powers to foresee that it might be found to be locked in the future.  Pre-empting and forestalling the tricky question of Meredith’s closed door.

These things seemed really strange to me because, like I already said, it is customary for all of us to always close the entrance door with a key since that is the only possible way to close it. So I started to call [the names of] the girls aloud, but without getting an answer. At that moment I thought that maybe one of the girls had gone out to throw the trash into the bins, or to go to see our neighbors, the boys, who occupy the apartment below ours and with whom we hang out.

Knox claimed she didn’t know Laura and Filomena were away for the weekend until Filomena told her on the phone after she rang her at midday on 2 Nov 2007, a couple of hours later.  But seriously, if there are three possible housemates around, wouldn’t one just call, “˜Hello!  Anybody home?’ 

Truth is, Knox doesn’t want to say she knew Meredith was the only one around, as the next question would be, “˜So what happened when you called Meredith’s name and knocked on her door, and tried the handle’.

Meredith home alone, would be a real reason to panic.  The realisation “˜Meredith might be hurt inside’ mustn’t come ““ for script purposes ““ until after Knox has - in her story - had a shower, changed and gone back to Raff to tell him of her strange experience.  She has to account for going back to his abode and ringing Filomena from there.  Rather than ring him from the cottage, she has to walk there and then walk back with him.  After a leisurely breakfast, of course.

Still imagining herself in the role of innocent, she has to dream up why, if she thought all housemates were around they didn’t seem to be after all, so here comes the precluding: “˜I thought that maybe one of the girls had gone out to throw the trash into the bins, or to go to see our neighbors’.

I remember having closed the front door of the apartment, but I didn’t lock it with the keys, and I went to the bathroom located near to my room, the one that only me and Meredith usually use, to have a shower, when I noticed drops of blood on the floor and a bigger blood stain on the bath math and other blood stains on the sink as if someone had smeared it with a bloody hand. This thing seemed a bit strange to me because we girls are all fairly clean and tidy, and we clean the bathroom [immediately] after we have used it. At first I thought that the blood on the sink could be mine because I did some ear piercings about a week ago, so I immediately checked in the mirror and touched my ear. Then I touched the blood on the sink but seeing that it was not removed immediately, that is, it was not recent, I thought it could be some girl’s menstrual blood and because it disgusted me, I did not attempt to clean it.

Reason for not raising the alarm or becoming concerned?  I thought it could be some girl’s menstrual blood and because it disgusted me, I did not attempt to clean it.

Again, a clever lie (or so she thought) whilst expressing her disgust at Meredith’s life blood, it would “˜explain’ why she thought nothing was amiss, just a bit strange (she reasons).  As Meredith was the only other person who used that bathroom, we note the careful avoidance of using her name and the use of “˜some girl’ instead.  Remember, at this stage, she is not to know anything has become of Meredith.  Could be anybody’s blood, is the message, with an innocuous cause (albeit “˜disgusting’.)

No mention of padding back to her room on the “˜disgusting’ bathmat to fetch a towel after the shower, which seems to be a story that evolved later, when her lawyers told her of the five isolated luminol prints in the hallway identified as “˜compatible’ with hers and Raff’s.

Immediately after this I went to the other bathroom, where I usually dry my hair, and after having dried it, I noticed that there were feces in the toilet, that is, someone had used it to relieve themselves, but they had not flushed afterwards. This thing also seemed strange to me for the reasons that I have already stated, and so I avoided flushing it myself.

Again we have the liar’s ready explanation as to why the toilet was left in a disgusting state, even though at this stage, she wasn’t spooked enough to think there was anything to be concerned about.  No, the real reason it was “˜strange’, was that according to Knox, nobody who visited the cottage would ever have not flushed the loo.  So that explains why it dawned on her when they realised there had been a burglary that this faece must be the burglar’s.  She ”˜avoided flushing it’ herself, she explains to police, because she had some kind of uncanny intuition it didn’t belong to anybody in the house, nor their friends.

As for Knox shock at the poop, Sophie Purton testified to the court:

One thing in particular that I remember very well regards Amanda’s habits in the bathroom. Meredith said that Amanda often did not flush the toilet. [This] annoyed her and she wanted to do something about it but did not know what to do without creating problems, not wanting to create embarrassing situations.

Same complaint by those in prison with Knox. She does on:

Later I took the mop, which was located inside a closet, and I left my house to go to my boyfriend’s house to clean his room [kitchen] because we had soiled it the previous night. I remember that when I left, around 11.30 am, but I’m not sure about the precise time as I didn’t look very carefully at the clock, I closed the door of the apartment with a turn of the key.

In Knox’ court testimony and police interviews, her favourite refrains are “˜I wouldn’t know what time it was, as I don’t look at the clock’.  One wonders how appropriate this type of sarcasm is in front of murder detectives and a panel of judges.  As Francesco put the time of the pipes leaking at before 8:42 and Knox put it back considerably later, changing it from 9:30, to 10:00 and then to 11:00 pm, we see her dilemma.  She has to say she only took the mop to Raff’s that morning or she’s admitting she returned to the cottage on the night of the murder.

After arriving at the house of my boyfriend, who lives alone in an apartment near my house and to be more precise in Corso Garibaldi number 110, we stayed there for about an hour, for the time it took to clean the kitchen and have some breakfast, after which we returned to my house together. I want to point out that I immediately told my boyfriend about the strange things that I had detected in my house, and he urged me to call one of the girls.

Immediately? That came and went. Here it’s all action, systems go.  The ditzy Knox needed caring Raff to get her to start worrying.  So first two calls to Meredith’s phones.  Then Filomena.  She again has to be told to “˜ring Meredith’, this time by Filomena.  So she dutifully rings Meredith again, this time, just a quick couple of seconds each.  Been there, done that.

And I did indeed first call [emphasis added] Filomena to ask her if she knew anything about the blood I had found in the bathroom, and she replied that she knew nothing about it as she had slept at her boyfriend’s, Marco’s, house the previous night, and the following morning, that is, this morning, she had gone directly to work without going home first. After Filomena, [emphasis added] I phoned Meredith three times and to be more precise, the first time I called her, I called her English cell phone number 00447841131571, which is the first phone number Meredith gave to me, and which I saved first to my phone card; the phone rang several times, and at one point I heard the line disturbances and interruption of rings. So I tried to contact her on the phone with the number 3484673711, and also this time the phone rang but no-one answered. I tried calling her for the third time with the first cell phone number again, but also this time without getting an answer.

I didn’t call Laura because Filomena had told me in the previous phone call that she had gone to Rome, but I don’t remember if Filomena told me when she had left. So I haven’t seen Laura since the afternoon of October 31st this year. At this point, I returned to my house with my boyfriend, worried about Meredith, because she was the only one whose whereabouts I didn’t know of.

As we know, this call was 12:11 yet Knox & Sollecito didn’t actually get to the cottage until circa 12:35, when by coincidence the postale police arrived and Filomena rang Knox again.  This time, she was told of her smashed window.  Knox and Sollecito were so “˜worried about Meredith’ it took over twenty minutes to carry out what should be a five-minute walk. 

Knox doesn’t tell police that the first call she made, after having switched off her phone 20:45 the night before, was at 12:08 to Meredith’s two phones, before she ring Filomena.  So a clear lie, that it wasn’t until Filomena mentioned it that it occurred to her to ring Meredith.  She didn’t realise, either, that police could discover just how long she rang for.  We see it is a nonsense “˜no-one answered’ if they only rang for three seconds or less.  Another sleight of hand, changing the chronology, which takes on a different light when the true time line comes to light.

When I got to my house, around 1 pm, I opened the front door, which I found locked, and entered the apartment. I began to open the doors of the rooms occupied by the other girls. First, I opened Filomena’s bedroom door, that is the first room nearest to the entrance, and together with Raffaele we found that the window, with two shutters, was open and the window glass was broken. I don’t remember if both glasses were broken or only the other one. Broken glass was scattered on the floor, inside the room, near the window. Scared, I thought it could be that a thief had entered the house, and then I quickly glanced around to check that everything was in order, and that nothing had been removed. So I headed to Laura’s room and also there I opened the door and checked that everything was in order. I want to point out that I didn’t go inside the rooms, that I just had a quick look, from the door.

Immediately after that I went into my room, and even there I didn’t notice anything / nothing was different, after which I headed to Meredith’s room, but I couldn’t open the door because it was locked.

Given, having just rang Meredith’s phones three times, and now being told by Filomena that she and Laura were both away for the weekend, you’d think Meredith’s room would be FIRST priority.  Instead, in her account, Knox checks the other two instead, even though Sollecito stated Filomena’s door was wide open when he arrived.  Laura’s door was “˜ajar’ and had a drawer hanging out, and surprise, surprise, Knox’ hunch about Meredith’s door being locked, turns out to be correct, but she only finds out now, some two hours later.

Knox goes to her room, on a dark November day, and doesn’t notice her table lamp is missing (it is on the floor of Meredith’s room) and she would have had to dry herself after the shower (she claims) and change in the dark, as the room had very little natural light.

At that point I looked out from the bathroom terrace, leaning forward to try and see the window of Meredith’s room, but I couldn’t see anything, after which I returned to the door to look through the keyhole and I could only see Meredith’s handbag on the bed. I retraced my steps to take another look at all the rooms without, however, entering any of them and without noticing anything unusual. Immediately after that I entered the first bathroom near the entrance to the apartment where I very quickly looked around without paying close attention to whether the feces were still inside the toilet.

Knox keeps telling the police she didn’t enter any of the rooms, as though she was being carefully to not contaminate any evidence nor disturb the mise en scene the police see set out before them.

At that point while Raffaele remained in the apartment, I went down to the downstairs students’ apartment, and above all to talk with Giacomo hoping he would have news of Meredith’s whereabouts, but no-one answered the door. After I had returned to the apartment, Raffaele decided to call his sister for advice on what to do, and immediately after that call he called, I don’t know if it was the state police (Polizia) or Carabinieri, to come to the house, and in the meantime, I contacted Filomena at her cell phone number 3471073006 to inform her we had found the window panes in her room broken, and that Meredith’s room was locked. She replied that she would join me at once.

So now, the lead up to the discovery of the body is in full swing.  Filomena is on her way, and so are the police.  Once again liar Knox changes the chronology and the correct order of things.  Note how here, Raff calls his sister (a very brief 39 seconds) before Knox claims she contacted Filomena to tell her of the broken window.  Firstly, this would place Raff’s call at 12:35, and we know it was actually 12:47.  Secondly, Knox only called Filomena once, and that was at 12:11. Filomena had to ring Knox ““ for the third time ““ at circa 12:35, when she was informed of the mayhem in her room.  Police later found out the real time of Sollecito’s call.

Raffaele, who was worried about Meredith’s safety, tried to break the door to her room by kicking it without success, and immediately afterwards we saw the plainclothes police arrive. After they showed us their identification cards, they inquired about our particulars and our cell telephone numbers. Then they asked us what had happened. We told them about the window we had found with the shattered glasses, about the blood stains found in the bathroom, and about Meredith’s room that was strangely locked. The policemen asked us questions about the people who occupied the house and about the telephone calls made, and in the meantime a friend of Filomena whom I know as Marco, and two other friends of hers I didn’t know, arrived. At that point Filomena began to talk to the policemen, and while I stood aside in the kitchen, the others together with the policemen headed for Meredith’s room and broke down the door. I can’t specify who really proceeded to break down the door. At that point I heard Filomena screaming and saying “a foot, a foot” while the police officers ordered us all to go outside the apartment.

At that point while Raffaele remained in the apartment, I went down to the downstairs students’ apartment, and above all to talk with Giacomo hoping he would have news of Meredith’s whereabouts, but no-one answered the door. After I had returned to the apartment, Raffaele decided to call his sister for advice on what to do, and immediately after that call he called, I don’t know if it was the state police (Polizia) or Carabinieri, to come to the house, and in the meantime, I contacted Filomena at her cell phone number 3471073006 to inform her we had found the window panes in her room broken, and that Meredith’s room was locked. She replied that she would join me at once.

At that moment I learned from my boyfriend that inside Meredith’s room, in the wardrobe there was a girl’s body covered with a sheet, and the only thing you could see was a foot. None of those present mentioned the name of Meredith, and as I left the house immediately after that without having seen the body, I can’t state whether it’s her.

What’s interesting is what Knox omits.  She fails to mention calling her mother at 3:57 am Seattle Time, soon before Luca kicked open the door at circa 13:05.

These “additionallys” are likely answers to further impressive and unexceptionable questions by the police.

Additionally: There are four Italian students living in the apartment on the lower floor of my house, and we often gather together to play the guitar; together with them we also went out a few times to go for a dinner, and once we went to a disco. Meredith and I went out more times together with all the four boys than the other two (Laura and Filomena). These guys are respectively called Giacomo, Marco, Stefano and the fourth, with whom I personally speak very little, I seem to remember is called Riccardo. I know that one of the four guys, to be precise, Giacomo, is Meredith’s boyfriend. In fact, Meredith sometimes slept at Giacomo’s house and sometimes Giacomo came to our house to sleep with Meredith. I want to point out that the two didn’t very often go out together as Meredith went out with her English friends while Giacomo, from what Meredith told me, preferred to spend more time at home.

Additionally: Regarding the house keys, I can say that they are available to each of us, but I don’t know that other outsiders would be in possession of any copies of them, including Raffaele, my boyfriend. I’m sure Filomena gave no key to Marco, her boyfriend, since every time he arrives at our house he always knocks at the door very loudly. Laura doesn’t have a boyfriend, whereas regarding Meredith, I can say that knowing her I don’t think she had given keys to Giacomo even if I can’t definitely rule it out.

Additionally: Meredith and Giacomo had only been seeing each other for a few weeks, and as for their relationship, Meredith herself told me that it was going well, she never talked about any quarrels with Giacomo, whom I moreover find a very quiet guy. As I’ve already said, she went out very often with her English friends, and they used to attend the disco pub “Merlins”. Once I went there too, and another time we went to another disco pub. Both times there were just us girls.

Additionally: Meredith and I did not celebrate Halloween together, in that I, that evening, was at the “Le Chic” pub, but not for work, but I know she went to “Merlins” with her English friends and without Giacomo, as she told me herself just yesterday. She told me that she had a lot of fun. She did not tell me about any new acquaintances made that evening. From what I know she always went out with the same friends, including me, or with Giacomo and his friends. She usually did not go out alone in the evening.

Additionally: I can describe Meredith as a girl of 21 years or age, of English nationality, about 1.70cm (5’7’‘) tall, thin build, olive complexion, black hair smooth and long, brown eyes. I don’t think she had any particular marks such as tattoos or other marks on her body. The last time I saw her, she was wearing white jeans and a short, light, pale-colored jacket.

Her email to her address book contacts came some 36 hours later, and we can see how she attempts to consolidate what she told the police.  This becomes a script which she commits to memory in strict chronological order as is in the manner of a liar, in order to keep track of their falsehoods.


Sharp eyes!  This is Steve Moore’s take on the same questioning, in “The Forgotten Killer” written with Preston, Douglas and Heavey and shared with Department of State.

At no time in Amanda’s “interrogation” was she truly asked anything or was any information truly solicited. This interrogation was simply planned coercion to force her to say what the police needed her to say. No true interrogation took place. What took place bore more resemblance to the Inquisition than to an interrogation.

In the five days after the murder of Meredith Kercher, detectives interrogated Amanda Knox for 43 hours. Think about that for a minute. That’s not a number in dispute. Forty-three hours of sitting at a table, being badgered by questions from detectives in five days. Eight hours a day for an entire workweek. In a foreign country. In a foreign language.

We’re through depositions for days 1 & 4. No sign yet of this. Translations and takes on the depositions for days 2 & 3 come next.

“43 hours. That’s not a number in dispute.” Because it’s a joke? Total hours, including 2 visits to the house? Unlikely more than 10.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 12/22/17 at 02:10 PM | #

Steve Moore wasn’t present when Amanda Knox was questioned, so he’s not in a position to provide a detailed eyewitness account of what happened. He hasn’t substantiated any of his claims either.

Posted by The Machine on 12/22/17 at 06:37 PM | #

Steve Moore is a prat.

This is from my book Justice on Trial: The Final Outcome:-

....various myths about the case were taking hold in the media in America. One was the length of Knox’s interrogation. At first 52 hours was ludicrously banded about, which is pretty much a reference to the number of hours, excluding those for refreshment, sleep and rest, which would be encompassed by the 4 days until her arrest. The figure was then reduced to 24 but it was obviously much less than that. Of course for the entirety of the alleged interrogation she was not in custody, and no lawyer was present, so no records would be kept. However, we can pin Knox down a bit. This from her interview with Mignini on the 17th December 2007 -

Mignini : After having talked, after you were heard at the Questura, did you go away or did you wait?

AK : The first day I was questioned I was there for hours…….maybe 14

Mignini :  But questioned?

AK : No, maybe they questioned me for 6 hours but I stayed at the Questura for a very long time.

In all, it is likely that that she spent no more than 12 hours in company with detectives and/or Mignini, and fielding questions, concentrated or occasional, including two trips to the cottage and back, but in the absence of more concrete information we do not know for sure and her proponents were able to invent what they liked.”

This is a helpful series on the witness-statement-taking.

We have all read Knox’s 02/11/07 statement now. Is that the result of 6 hours of questioning, do you think? At the Questura? Of course not. Two, two and a half hours at the most, if that, assuming no interruptions, and when the events of the morning were still very fresh in her mind and when she had already been through the basics with officers outside the cottage.

On the decisive 5th-6th, she had spent perhaps an hour doing a recap with officers. Then the Interpreter arrived at 12.30 pm and she signed her first “confession” at 1.45 am. So, 2 hours 24 mins, plus two and a half hours for her statement on the 2nd = nearly 5 hours!

Someone might like to add in the time she spoke to officers at the cottage, when I expect Knox was gagging to give them her version and they just listened(with increasing bewilderment).

On the question of what is and is not an interrogation I would only characterize the questioning relating to the exchange of texts between Knox and Lumumba (and when Knox was being exceedingly difficult about this) as being an interrogation. Maybe 35 to 50 minutes. Probably 35.

Posted by James Raper on 12/22/17 at 07:16 PM | #

Back in 2007-08 it was the angry Marriott and the super-angry Curt Knox who created the PR campaign from hell.

Preston, Heavey, Dempsey, Sforza, Ciolino and Bremner all hopped on board. They created the wild “throw anything against the wall and see what sticks” approach. They stayed below Italian radar but aimed to get Brits & Americans ticked.

Preston had the truth of his bumbling antics in Florence to hide; Curt Knox had his brutality to Edda in front of Amanda when she was a tot to hide. None of the others had much of a career.

Moore was second generation, along with Fischer and the Netflix team, vying to head the lusty parade after the trial.  He has done real harm, such as getting to Congress and State.

But his antics have had us laughing at him at times. His droning on at a Seattle University panel while the audience tiptoed out. His appointing himself as Knox’s “security detail” when she came home from Capanne - a week later the Mellases were fighting him off Knox with a stick. His firing from Pepperdine University, blamed on us - though he was putting Pepperdine students in Italy at risk.

The Machine often took him down. And there was this:

Is there any surprise that that person Peter believes he is dissecting got to be frogmarched out of an Italian court?

Posted by Peter Quennell on 12/23/17 at 06:02 AM | #

The solemn gray tragedienne Knox who we saw make long teary speeches at the 2011 appeal was second generation also (at least that) when Steve Moore, Bruce Fischer and the Netflix team came along.

Yet another of the great lies that we call hoaxes was that the daffy quirky Knox through the trial was a media creation, or a creation of Italian males who cannot take “liberated” American females (gimme a break!) and the tragedienne Knox we are stuck with today is the real thing.

The daffy quirky Knox was a creation of Knox herself and the Knox PR. We saw it not only at trial itself but also pre-trial when Knox was originating media material almost daily from inside Capanne. She exulted in bad-girl mode.

Pre-trial, Sollecito and Knox vied for the daily headlines and - hard to believe - Sollecito was even allowed to run a blog.

There was a kind of media arms race between their two camps, with the Sollecito family coming down hard on the Knoxes in the Italian media, and the Knox family coming down hard on Raffaele Sollecito and his knife-fetish ways.

Both camps blamed the other for the drugs. Sollecito’s defense at trial said Knox was on cocaine (as cops and Mignini believe).

Pre-trial Francesco Sollecito was recorded on phone-taps furiously blaming all on Amanda Knox.

Guede was not “the forgotten killer” at trial and first appeal, as Heavey, Douglas and Moore foolishly proclaim. He was Exhibit A at court. Incredibly helpfully for the defenses he could have zero comeback as he was not there.

He paid a high price in demonization, as mindlessly repeated by Heavey, Douglas and Moore, for the mistake of the short-form trial, which should never have been asked for or allowed.

But he WAS the forgotten killer - by the Knoxes and Sollecitos - up to where this occurred.

But only too soon, Guede again forgotten, it was back again to this.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 12/23/17 at 03:48 PM | #

Knox the “solemn gray tragedienne” sums up her new farce. It’s an act, she was never sober nor solemn walking in the cottage doing “oop-la” dances at the scene of the murder. She was silly in court, careless in her dress, fake as all get-out. Now the serious one, writing for newspapers, helping the wrongly convicted conventions. She wears any mask that works.

And yes, she did exult in the bad girl image. She can’t blame the media for painting her that way. She is the one who made all her youthful mistakes known, shamelessly flaunting them instead of trying to cover them. She liked to talk of her sexual freedom and finding herself, her one night stands with guys picked up on a train. She detailed conversations with her roommates about her private sexual experiences. She is the one who chose to write about her sexual odyssey in her book “Waiting to Be Heard”. She didn’t mind revealing all, no doubt for fame and ch-ching book sales. She is the one who stood up in court to talk about her sex toys. Now she wears conservative clothes for interviews and pretends to be much maligned.

I could go on about the farce of her solemn tragedienne act but no need, Knox will shed it soon enough. She will show the real Knox more and more, her quirky free spirit real self (as opposed to the solemn serious tragedienne) when she begins her new VICE program called “The Scarlet Letter Report” on Facebook in 2018. She will show her true taste as exemplified by her guests. The first two she mentions will be Daisy Coleman and the former model Amber Rose as strange examples of women demonized by media through no fault of their own. Maybe Amber Rose could have claimed that once, but she went on to become the pot that wants to call the kettle black it seems IMO.

Daisy Coleman sneaked out of her home at age 14 to meet a high school athlete whom she texted once a month and hoped to exchange sex with him for alcohol. She got drunk with him. The 17 year old claims they had consensual sex, that she was buzzed but not drunk at the time things between them occurred, that she drank some more afterwards. Later she filed a rape charge. In Missouri the age of consent is 14.

Daisy was later vilified on social media and told to kill herself, slit her wrists, awful hounding like that for a young person. She tried to commit suicide three times in the years afterwards. The charges against the 17-year-old were reduced to child endangerment.

Her family had to move from their town due to the harassment. Daisy’s own mother made statements that conflicted with Daisy’s. Daisy seems to have done a lot of lying. I don’t know the case well, but a 14-year-old girl who already wants to trade sexual favors for alcohol sounds very disgusting and worldly wise and hardly trying to protect her virtue. Had she been violently assaulted? No. It was wrong of her harassers to urge her to commit suicide, but she seems to have been trying to call her sexual regret a bona fide rape and maybe trying to rehabilitate a bad reputation by projection against others (see how bad this young man is) and false charges. Amanda Knox knows something about this.

Another guest on Knox’s show will be Amber Rose. She is attractive but hedonistic and unfettered with it. She has lead for several years starting 2015 the L.A. Slutfest. Amber Rose is a former stripper. I feel sorry for her that she really did have a shaming sexual experience based on some kind of prank she claims was done to her when young at school IIRC, after which she was mocked and ridiculed and slutshamed. But hers was not a case of true rape either, but more her painful reaction to the cruel social harassment afterwards. Rather than try to minimize this early injustice in her life, her reaction is to clamor for a Walk of No Shame and a removal of all rules about modesty or sexual conduct.

The Slutwalk is a cry for freedom and respect but if the medium is the message, it fails entirely.

See the images of the Slutwalk. It is revolting. The immodesty. the shamelessness. Freaks of every stripe gather under this banner. I do agree with much of their message about freedom to dress as one desires (not to the point of causing public outrage by near nudity). I certainly hate any rapist and I feel for any victim’s pain if they were assaulted especially if they were tender and young, that is heartbreaking. Even as an older person past puberty a sex attack is horrifically unfair and damaging, nobody’s denying that. But the Slutwalk participants want to demand their own immorality should be celebrated, while slamming the immorality of the attacker, although the attacker is much worse without a doubt.

Here are the signs they carry in protest of what they call a rape culture:

Proud Slut
Slut (painted on bare midriffs often wearing pasties with breasts exposed)
I’m a slut. Problem?
Riots not Diets
Strippers have feelings, too
Slut Pride
No shame in my slut game
Sluts say Yes
My p***y my choice
No means no
Slut Whore Hoe Skank Tramp Hussy Victim
Don’t Tell me how to dress
Blame Rapists Not Victims
Survivors Have Been through enough
My dress is not a Yes!
Slut shaming is verbal rape
My clothes are not louder than my voice
F*** the Patriarchy

(I agree with that about the voice louder than the clothes and No means No, but clothes do send a message about who you are and what you’re interested in, how much skin you’re willing to expose somewhere besides the pool or beach. They have lost all decent concern for stirring up the passions of others which are only natural, which is why we cover nakedness in the first place, and for health and cleanliness and to prevent visual distaste with the forms of bodies that are not always so pleasing to others, modesty is a form of respect for others’ sensitivities and our own self-regard to not need our physical allure alone to be our chief quality as a person, but the inner character.)

Amber Rose is leading the pack at Slutfest.

She is dressed in fishnet stockings and a black silky slip with much of her curvy self and skin exposed.

Other women are wearing nothing but bras for blouses. Some wear see-through tops. Some are swinging bras around in the air. Some walk carelessly in bikini underwear. It’s disgraceful.

Wish I could say it’s shocking, but we have all seen so much of this that it no longer surprises. Sad day. But life goes on.

The revealing clothes are supposed to be a sign of freedom, a demand that women be as unrestrained as they choose in their dress and physicality while they call for men to be restrained. They lament the double standard but are guilty of a slight one, too.

I do not equate immodest fashions with the right to commit sexual attack, no way, but these women seem to be without personal honor while they call for sluts to be honored and all persons to be allowed on a pedestal regardless of their behavior when it’s no different than alley cats.

They are trying to heal an inner wound of shame by trying to remove the very idea of shame from the world, no rules, nothing matters. Amanda Knox seems to resonate with this message. Healing is needed, not more shamelessness.

A small anti-protest from Breitbart people who held up opposing signs said:
Regret is not rape
Rape Culture and Harry Potter: both Fantasy

At first when Knox announced her new show I thought she might be secretly trying to give true victims of sexual assault and violence like Meredith (out of an inner regret at what she did to Meredith and desire to make some kind of personal restitution to Meredith) that maybe the show was a way to stay in the spotlight (always Knox’s goal) but as well a decent hidden motive was to give such true victims like Meredith a platform.

But from what I googled about Daisy Coleman and Amber Rose, Knox’s new show will be nothing positive or truthful but just more of Knox bringing her spiritual dopplegangers onto a platform and Knox praising shameless women and liars like herself. The guests will all be a mirror of Amanda Knox, so keep a watch on who she invites. They are all Knox’s twin.

The very title she chose for the show, Scarlet Letter, (see Nathaniel Hawthorne’s original novel) is yet another shadow of her desire to give the finger to the Church yet claim she is better than the church.

But anything for notoriety and fame, and finances. Her chief goal. She has sunk to a new low with VICE.

Posted by Hopeful on 12/23/17 at 08:53 PM | #

Hi Hopeful. Great overview.

We have dozens of examples of Knox demonizing others and VICE clearly did no homework. Knox can still be CHARGED for some of those as Sollecito was, successfully. Several here suggest that we should push the examples to the media about when Knox’s program debuts. We could do it right now, but why allow the Knox program to disappear quietly?!

Knox #1 fits nicely with the Slutwalks. Does Knox #2? I don’t see it.

One of the busiest and most effective of victims rights advocates, Harvard/Boston University law professor Wendy Murphy, who I know, has been very critical of those signs and those ways of dressing in the marches, and has said often that the attempt to rehabilitate “slut” is time wasted. This was her way back.

Wendy Murphy is a colleague of Alan Dershowitz and also has a fine command of the facts of Meredith’s case and she did get to observe both Knox #1 and Knox #2 in action. She is very critical of PR bending court outcomes and wrote a book saying so.

Take a look at this also, this prominent feminist is not fully up to speed on Knox #1 but she does see through Knox #2 and actually suggests a Knox #3 here.

Angelina Antoinetti, Knox’s personal prison guard, told reporters after the conviction on Jan. 31 that Knox has reinvented herself for the media. “Now she’s become this TV star, who cares passionately about what happened to her ‘friend’ Meredith Kercher, and wants the truth to come out. She’s painting herself as a warm, loving human being.

But the Amanda I knew was so composed, I never saw her suffering and other prisoners and staff called her the Ice Maiden.” Antoinetti said Knox “never, ever talked of Meredith or expressed emotion about her death. Whenever Meredith’s face came on TV she didn’t want to know and didn’t respond. She was impenetrable.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 12/24/17 at 04:25 AM | #

To recap. We are talking about the media company VICE because it is about to have the serial demonizer Amanda Knox host a series about demonizers (really).

I watch the VICE reports on the HBO channel nightly and they really fill a gap since Al Jazeera America folded and the BBC cut back.

But it has or did have its own internal problems with demonizers, intimidating harassed women staffers. It’s today’s lead story in the NY Times; it may be behind the paywall so here’s several summaries.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 12/24/17 at 07:07 PM | #

And yet more on Knox’s demonizations. Here is our new page with 90 quotes from the Knox book, some or many of which will see her in court.

We published a list also for Sollecito several years ago. That was based on an Andrea Vogt report. Now he pays the price.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 12/24/17 at 07:45 PM | #

Merry Christmas! I’m celebrating with peppermint tea, crunchy peanut butter on apple slices, and walnut fudge from Gethsemani monastery in Kentucky made by Trappist monks (a gift). A pot of creamed chicken breasts for later, way more food than is healthy but bring it on, it’s Christmas. O holy night, Joyeux Noel, a Savior is born Emmanuel, the Word made flesh and we beheld His glory.

So peace on earth, goodwill to men and let your heart be light. Happy 2018.

Posted by Hopeful on 12/25/17 at 07:10 PM | #
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