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Smart Lawyers Are Asking: What On Earth Possessed Lawyer John Q Kelly?

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Many very smart lawyers have been dropping by TJMK for over a year now to get a good take on the case.

Many of them email to us, some of them post comments, and several have posted front-page posts. They appear to appreciate the dispassionate tone here, the huge caring for the real victim and her family and friends, and the genuine appreciation for how the case is being handled in Italy.

And many of them really like how we have presented the evidence,  technically and logically. Some have even said that they would love to have the likes of Kermit, Brian, Nicki, Finn, and Pete and, well, myself at their elbow when preparing their own trial arguments and presentations.

Without any exception now they are remarking to us that, yes, there really IS a strong case against Knox and Sollecito, and the defenses have left dozens of questions unanswered.

So it was a jaw-dropping experience for them to see John Q Kelly, a respected Manhattan defense lawyer and strong proponent of victims’ rights, bound onto Larry King’s show on CNN and make wild-eyed accusations like this one.

KELLY: “My thoughts, Larry, it’s probably the most egregious international railroading of two innocent young people that I have ever seen. This is actually a public lynching based on rank speculation, and vindictiveness. It’s just a nightmare what these parents are going through and what these young adults are going through also.”

John Kelly then, seemingly rather nervously, tries hard to paint Amanda Knox as the victim. The name of the real victim, the one who died very slowly and painfully, clutching her neck while the life-blood ran out, barely passes John Kelly’s lips.

John Kelly appeared to know little of Italy’s very careful pre-trial process or the very damning Micheli report. or the strong case the prosecution presented or the real facts about Mr Mignini or anything about Amanda Knox’s lifestyle in Perugia or her disastrous stint on the stand that persuaded nobody in her favor.

And he seemed to know nothing at all about the amazing and hyper-talented young woman who went by the name of Meredith Kercher.

Let us examine each of John Kelly’s claims on Larry King’s show to see if they make any sense.

KELLY: “Well, as I said, it’s almost because Amanda showed too much stoicism after the death of her roommate, who she barely knew. These were two girls living together less than eight weeks.”

“And, you know, Larry, you’ve always seen this in these murder cases and things like the husband didn’t cry enough, or they weren’t upset enough when the children went missing. This is one of these things where, I guess, under the Italian culture, she did not respond the way they wanted her to respond. And they sort of put together a case with, you know, gum and toothpicks to try to make a case against her. And it is outrageous.”

I do recommend that John Kelly actually takes the time to read the eyewitness accounts of Amanda Knox’s behavior in the days following Meredith’s murder. There were a LOT of odd actions. For example mere moments after Meredith’s lifeless and mutilated body was discovered, Knox and Sollecito were kissing and caressing each other.

Many have come to feel that her bizarre and callous actions then point to a psychological disorder, perhaps a form of psychopathia, and they were certainly something that Prosecutor Mignini rightly and understandably found very strange:

“When those present go outside after the body is found, Knox and Sollecito are also outside, intent on kissing and caressing each other, as they did subsequently during police searches.

“A very strange way of behaving which started the very moment the victim’s body was found . . . and at a time when all the other young people were literally overwhelmed by that discovery,” said Mignini

(The Times, 18 January 2009).

It wasn’t just Mr Mignini or the Italian officials who found the behavior of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito strange:

“I found Amanda’s behaviour very strange,” said Robyn Butterworth”¦ “I found it difficult to be with her because she showed no emotion when everyone else was really upset. We were all crying but I didn’t see Amanda cry,”

“She and Raffaele were kissing and joking together, there was laughter at some point, I remember Amanda stuck her tongue out at Raffaele. She put her feet up on his lap and they were kissing and cuddling and talking.”

“Amanda kept saying “˜I found her, how do you think I feel?’...She seemed proud to have found the body. I heard her say that Meredith was in the closet with a blanket over her. I also remember her talking on the phone and she was saying things like “˜It could have been me.’”

Another friend, Natalie Hayward, had expressed the hope that Miss Kercher had not suffered when she died. Miss Knox allegedly replied: “What do you think? She fucking bled to death.”

Amy Frost, another witness who had flown in from Britain, testified that at the police station Ms Knox was “giggling” and kissing Mr Sollecito. “I remember Amanda sticking her tongue out at him. She had her feet on his lap,” the court was told. Ms Frost said that Ms Knox’s behavior at the police station was “inappropriate”, as if she had “gone crazy”....

This was no behavior just slightly out of the ordinary. It was nothing remotely like stoic. John Kelly’s assertion that the Italian authorities fabricated a case against Amanda Knox simply because she didn’t respond the way she was expected to in Italy seems pretty ridiculous.

Amanda Knox actually made herself into a suspect because she admitted that she was at the cottage when Meredith was killed, and she voluntarily admitted that she was involved in Meredith’s murder in her handwritten note to the police on 6 November 2007.

The police already strongly suspected that Knox and Sollecito were involved in Meredith’s murder because they had given contradictory and conflicting witness statements and their telephone records proved that they had told the police what Sollecito himself described as “a pack of lies”.

Now for John Kelly’s next claim.

KELLY: “There’s no forensic evidence. There’s no physical evidence…. There’s no substantive evidence whatsoever against Amanda….”

“I think the only forensic evidence they had was a small portion of Amanda’s DNA on the handle of a knife in Raffaele’s apartment, where she was all the time. And it’s not even consistent with the murder weapon that was used.”

“The murder weapon was a three and a half inch knife. This is a six and a half inch knife that had a minute portion of Amanda’s DNA on it, and inconclusive tests that on the tip of it there was some of Meredith’s blood.”

There are so many factual errors in John Kelly’s comments above that it is hard to know where to begin. For starters, John Kelly contradicts himself by saying there is no forensic evidence, and then saying that the knife is the only forensic evidence.

The knife sequestered from Raffaele Sollecito’s apartment is in fact compatible with the deep puncture wound on Meredith’s neck. This was a point that even the defence forensic experts conceded.

The tests on the DNA found on the blade of the knife were not inconclusive. Dr. Patrizia Stefanoni testified at the trial that the DNA on the blade of the knife has been reliably identified as Meredith’s

Both Dr. Renato Biondo, the head of the DNA Unit of the scientific police, and the Kerchers’ own DNA expert, Professor Francesca Torricelli, provided independent confirmation that this forensic finding is accurate and reliable.

The double DNA knife is far from the only piece of incriminating forensic evidence.

There were five instances of Amanda Knox’s DNA mixed with Meredith’s blood in three different locations in the cottage, including in Filomena’s room where the break-in was staged.

Furthermore, there was a woman’s bloody shoeprint compatible with Knox’s foot size on a pillow in Meredith’s room. This bloody shoeprint was not compatible with Meredith’s own foot size.

An abundant amount of Raffaele Sollecito’s DNA was found on Meredith’s bra clasp.

Two bloody footprints were attributed to Raffaele Sollecito. One of them was revealed by luminol in the hallway, and the other one was easily visible to the naked eye on the blue bathmat in Meredith’s and Knox’s shared bathroom.

Now for John Kelly’s next claim.

KELLY: “There’s no opportunity.”

Actually there was. Plenty. Amanda Knox’s and Raffale Sollecito’s mobile phone activity on the night of the murder point to their making an opportunity. They both turned off their mobile phones at approximately at 8.40 pm, shortly before Meredith was killed and turned them on again the following day at around 6.00 am - although they claimed they slept in late.

They both claimed conveniently that they couldn’t remember much about the period during which Meredith was killed because they claimed they were suffering from cannabis-induced amnesia (whatever that is) though what they actually did claim to remember differed wildly between the two of them.

Even now after the defense phase of the trial the defendants STILL don’t have credible alibis - despite three attempts each. Sollecito is still refusing to corroborate Knox’s alibi that she was at his apartment all that night - in Sollecito’s last alibi, he claimed that Knox left his apartment at 9 pm and returned only at around 1.00 am.

Now for John Kelly’s next claim.

KELLY: “There’s no confession.”

Actually there is. John Kelly clearly hasn’t read Amanda Knox’s handwritten note to the police on 6 November 2007 which was entered in evidence. In that, she voluntarily admitted that she was present at Meredith’s murder: “Everything I have said in regards to my involvement in Meredith’s death, even though it is contrasting, are the best truth that I have been able to think.”

Strong victims-rights proponent John Kelly appeared on the Larry King show to rant and make wild claims without seeming to have even a basic grasp of the facts. Really that was a pity.

The real victim here, Meredith Kercher, could use a heavyweight like him in her corner right about now.


Normally John Kelly is on TV for the victim and this is the first time anyone seems to recall him going against. What did really possess him here?

When he gets over his lynching phase and his railroading phase - claims we had long though we’d heard the last of - Mr Kelly is welcome to come and fight for justice for Meredith here.

He now really owes her that.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 10/27/09 at 08:28 PM | #

As well they should be lucky enough to have you and the others to help them with their cases Machine! These talking heads seems to forget that a young woman was brutally murdered here and suffered an agonizingly slow death. It seems almost pitiful when I read their weak arguments over and over again. Any attornet with an ounce of self respect would realize if they are not involved personally in the case, they are missing many facts. Just sheer stupidity on John Kelly’s part to be making ignorant statements the way he did. I would expect this from the family, not from a professional attorney not involved in the case.

Posted by tigger34 on 10/27/09 at 09:04 PM | #

I don’t live in the US so I’m not well acquainted with Kelly, but judging by this post and the recent comments, I take it that he is quite the expert in his field, and one who carries some weight in the public eye. Additionally, he seems to have championed - up until this - victims rights.

What puzzles me is how can someone of his alleged calibre think that Knox has ended up where she is on account of her (please don’t laugh) “stoicism”! Has he not read a single word of the testimonies of Meredith’s friend which The Machine has pointed to above? Has he not heard what the shop keeper has said that Knox was telling Sollecito when she was buying underwear? Or heard or read anything about the way she refers to her relationships with men, since her coming to Italy, in her diary? - this is seriously puzzling? He either doesn’t know what being “stoic” means, or he simply hasn’t read anything about this case before he got on Larry King’s show!

I didn’t watch Larry’s show, but read the script & share everyone’s disappointment. The only thing that came across like it could have been a bit tongue-in-cheek (though one can’t tell from reading script) was when Kelly kept going on about how Amanda’s been railroaded & that basically, all of Italy’s out to get her - judges, jurors, media, public and witnesses alike. To which Larry replied: “Is it because she’s stoic?”

Posted by Scooby on 10/27/09 at 10:01 PM | #

Maybe most people here don’t understand that cute white educated middle-class American girls could not possibly do something like this. How can you not see that only a black man or a muslim could have committed this crime? It’s clear that the Italians are railroading this poor girl simply because they hate American freedom. They didn’t like Amanda’s behaviour because she didn’t wear a burqa or a veil, like all Italian women are required to wear. Or is it the Iranians who do that? Whatever! Italians, Iranians! What’s the difference! They’re all the same backward countries like the rest of South America! And they all hate us because of our freedom!

Posted by Commissario Montalbano on 10/27/09 at 10:11 PM | #

I guess to be defended by John Kelly you need to be American! For no other reason he took the stance for Amanda Knox and not the real victim of this horrible murder, Meredith Kercher. It looks like the fact the accused is an American abroad persuaded him more than the evidence. Even though it is sad, I cannot imagine it makes any difference for this case.

If Amanda Knox is convicted for sexually assault and murder it is because of the evidence and not because she is American.

Posted by Nell on 10/28/09 at 02:51 AM | #


Posted by gramjan on 10/28/09 at 07:34 AM | #

Can someone check if Kelly is on the payroll for the Free AK campaign?  It is hard to believe that he is using his full intellectual faculties when he sounds off so inanely about Ms. Knox’s innocence.

Wake up Mr. Kelly and read the evidence.  You are a poor demonstration of a lawyerly man seeking the truth.

Posted by LReik on 10/28/09 at 01:33 PM | #

Hi LReik. Larry King said to Edda Mellas and Curt Knox that they had never met John Kelly, right? And they both said “Nooooo…”

But his points are absolutely identical to the FOA’s talking points, and he was clearly briefed by one of them, perhaps by phone and the FAO website.

The “lynching” and “railroading” claims are the pet speciality of Paul Ciolino. He has trotted them out them repeatedly on-camera for CBS and he also used them at the hyperventilating FOA fundraiser at Salty’s in west Seattle.

These media lawyers tend to know one another and it would be a surprise if he has never chatted with Ann Bremner.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 10/28/09 at 02:39 PM | #

I have been stretching my brain in all different directions to understand why many FOA aligned people, some of which are seemingly ‘notable’ public individuals, will loudly voice their opinions with information that is so very clearly biased and undoubtedly smacks of missing all the facts at their disposal. I cannot fathom out what they stand to gain, except damage to their respective characters, reputation (?) and their prospective careers. From what I understand, the AK family do not have enough volume of money to pay all these people enough to compensate them for ‘taking a fall’. I doubt if the RS family are funding this media onslaught, as there does not seem to be the same momentum in Italy. (The RS side does not add up, but that is another story.) So, either these people are very stupid, or they have HUGE egos, or they are cashing in somewhere. If it is the latter, then I wonder how well they sleep at night, trading on other people’s misery.

Posted by Terence on 10/28/09 at 03:18 PM | #

Good one Commissario Montalbano! Spot on!

Posted by bedelia on 10/28/09 at 05:19 PM | #

Terence - publicity speaks volumes. Appearing on Larry King may be one way of keeping retirement that little bit farther at bay, I guess. Kelly’s motive may have been publicity - which has the power of generating future cash flow.

Commissario - your analysis is correct; George Dubya would certainly give it his blessing.

Posted by Scooby on 10/28/09 at 06:04 PM | #

Guede will say Amanda was at the house that night.


Posted by bedelia on 10/28/09 at 08:41 PM | #

I’m going to take a wild guess and say John Kelly does not have a daughter and he is banking on his “smart looks” to carry him through in what he calls his career.  Keep on doing crap like this, Kelly, and you won’t be looking too awfully smart and you just may be looking for a job.

Resume -
accomplishments:  A new trendy twist on the media spin I bash murder victims and support the killers and their crazy families. it drives the ratings up like mad.
experience: see accomplishments
education: see accomplishments
famous for: see accomplishments
goals: to get a date with the famous “Cook!”

See when you stoop to these lows what everyone will remember is your “accomplishments” and nothing more. Good for you another chance to turn it all around is still waiting to be had.
We’re all just waiting on the sidelines with our pompoms and whistles for when you get it right!!

Posted by Professor Snape on 10/30/09 at 07:16 AM | #

This comment by Tiziano is moved here at her request from below the post above


It is informative to peruse the comments posted at the Larry King Live Blog about the Friday October 16th broadcast.  With the exception of some rabid, repetitive posters, most comments are critical of the programme.

Following is a digest of the remarks which challenge claims made during the broadcast. Each and every quote is from a different poster.

- “All these armchair lawyers ... Let the court ...  run of its course and leave the judgement or opinion you may have to yourself.”

- “The way the Knox case has been depicted on the show is shameful ... I hope Larry will give a similar possibility to the counterparts to make their point.”

- “I am Italian and I am certainly not proud of our penal legal system which has many faults. However the guest tonight on the show presented a totally skewed, if not false, view of the system and of our country… I would have expected Larry to have someone on the show who actually understands our legal system and our country…. the two guest ... were just plainly biased and spreading inaccurate information.”

- “I have just listened to bad comments about italian justice system, Perugia’s provincialism, judge’s political preference. This is a murder and the justice is doing its job, the first thing is to respect justice. And it is NOT as the journalist of vanity fair told that everyone is considered guilty until proof, it is exactely the opposite: everyone is considered innocent until the third level of judgement.”

- “CNN picture Italy like a low develop nation, it is a shame for the italian hystory and culture, for the people and for CNN.”

- “As for the one-side, biased speakers this evening, they were very well hand-picked and know nothing about Italy and the Italian culture.”

- “I have no idea whether Amanda is innocent or guilty, however this case is certainly more complex that a few sound bites of a few self proclaimed experts can illustrate. Amanda is being afforded a free and fair trial. Even if our legal system where so corrupt, which i firmly believe it isn’t regardless of its problems, who would want to conspire and corrupt to convict Amanda? why would she be so important? Only because she’s american? that’s too far fetched of a conspiracy theory even for Hollywood.”

- “I am a fan of your show but the one on Perugia’s crime was, for an italian, a pure insult ... you presented only one side of the story with pathetic speculations and a clearly biased point of view. Nobody from the investigation team was invited to respond to the accusations ... the journalist from Vanity Fair generalized and insulted the italian justice, the “provincial” characters of italians and their limitation to accept a “different life style”. I suggest that the journalist, before judging others look closer at her own backyard and that you. Larry, avoid trash journalism of this nature.”

- “To those americans with a distorted sense of their place in the world: you seem not to know that it is here in America that the number of people ultimately exonerated, after decades behind bars, is mindboggling. In fact, you must know nothing of this country, other than suburban life. If you did, I think, you would know that american violence, and especially violence against women, dwarfs that of any european country. And plenty of speedy american trials are travesties of justice ... Familiarize yourself with the evidence in this case before exposing yourselves as ignorant blowhards.”

- “Please consider doing a follow-up interview, letting those who can speak to the prosecution’s case explain the reasons for Amanda being held ... please give the viewers who have trusted you a chance for some well-researched honest journalism ...  let’s not forget, it’s not really about a young woman presumed guilty – it’s about justice for one who lost her life.”

- “I am so embarrassed for CNN. The parents of Knox told lies to Larry King and everyone else ... BTW her co-defendant is not only Italian, but a well-off, privileged one, too.”

- “... you are being fed lies and media manipulation ... be sensitive to Miss Kercher, she was a kind, gentle innocent ...”

- “... one-sided show with Amanda Kercher’s Family ... a total misstep by their PR machine ... Amanda volunteered to give a statement that she witnessed a proved innocent person, Patrick Lumumba, commit the crimes against Meredith Kercher.”

- “Italy is a member of the european union ... a democracy with a free judical system. I would really wait for a verdict before i pass judgement.”

- “I have seen Italy from the north to the south ... been there at least 35-40 times since 1963!!
I have also been in Perugia years ago and had italian friends there. The language school there is full of foreign students and according to the local natives, the americans and the british cause the most problems. There is a drug problem, however most of the consumers are the not the italians, but the foreigners.”

- “the nauseating Knoxes -  not once was the name of the victim ever mentioned, Meredith Kercher ... Meredith was referred to as “her”.  Justice for Meredith.”

- “I do feel badly about Ms. Kercher’s final moments of life and eventual tragic death ... I’m ... astounded at the segment ... allowed to air on CNN last Friday evening ... I live in the heart of the largest Italian community outside of Italy ... anyone who tuned in is equally unimpressed ... straying from the facts can cost a news source its credibility. If CNN slipped, then fine… but if you do a follow-up ... give your viewers all the facts from all the angles.”

- “Larry King Live, you could have a really interesting program about the MeridithKercher murder case if you would interview knowledgeable people about this trial, who were not under the thumb of David Marriott, the man the Knox family hired who is the Seattle public relations specialist ...”

Now, let’s compare these reasoned comments with the few commentators who jumped enthusiastically to support the biased contentions of the speakers on LK Live.  There were five of them; yes, that was FIVE! 

Lacrosse Mum wrote: “This is a huge miscarriage of justice! Makes me think twice about having my kids study abroad!”

Michael Armstrong Sr, in similar vein said: “When will people realize that there kids are not safe over seas?”

Sue P had more to say: “Perugia is known for it’s (sic) prostitution and rampant drugs. This crime was committed by Rudy Guede alone – that’s why his DNA, and ONLY HIS, was all over Meredith and her bedroom.
Amanda is innocent ... If I had children who wanted to study in Italy, there’s no way I would let them go ... The prosecution spent months delivering their case, but the defense was only allowed a couple of weeks ... the prosecutor is facing a trial for abuse of power ... was still allowed to trie(sic) this case. WHAT A JOKE OF A SYSTEM!”

But the remaining two posters, JB, and in particular Gerald Jolly PHD (sic), bounced off each other with a welter of frenetic calls for the intervention of the State Department and dire predictions of the consequences of a possible guilty verdict for Knox.

A selection of JB’s more dire words of warning follows:

“The strong language of John Kelly and Judy Bachrach was fully justified. Tim Egan (NY Times), Peter Van Sant (CBS), Paul Ciolino (CBS consultant), and Doug Preston (Author) have used even stronger language. Van Sant said that after viewing his 48 Hrs segment on the case: ‘you’re going to want to send in the 82nd Airborne Division’.”


“I am suggesting that our Secretary of State intercede in this matter, if not today then tommorrow(sic).

The State Department keeps its eye on criminal cases involving American citizens in foreign countries. In the vast majority of cases these people are guilty and face punishment equivalent to what they would face in the US. In almost all countries in cases of common crime - as opposed to politically motivated actions - there is a genuine effort to find out if the defendant did it or not. And then there is Italy.

You can bet your last dollar that the State Department is watching Amanda’s case closely. My best guess is that the US is complying with Defense requests to take a low profile. With that in mind this mess may well turn out to be the greatest crisis in American-European relations since World War II.”

However, it was left to the esteemed Mr Jolly to indulge in a welter of vulgarity, chauvinism and obscenity of such proportions that perhaps half his postings were removed by moderators shortly after they appeared.  Challenged in his more ridiculous assertions by others, including Fulcanelli, whom he took childish delight in calling “Fuckanelli” or “Fuckaninny”, he left all pretense of logical discourse behind with such gems as the following:

“... you are an absolute “LIAR”, when you say the the lead prosecutor is the same person that was put in place from the very beginning ... “MORON” that is exactly what the majority of people are complaining about “CIRCUMSTANCIAL”(sic) ??? Hypothasise (sic), is’nt (sic) that exactly what this “IDIOCY” is all about ... I only have one question for you directly “DID YOUR PARENTS EVER HAVE A CHILD THAT LIVED”???

“A message for the two “MORONS” who disputed my statement on the “TWO” Italian prosecutors
Carlo Pacelli # 1
Guiliano (sic) Mignini # 2
Oh! My GOD time for a spaghetti break, Hu!”

“Good morning “MORONS”
Who is Manuela Comodi???”

This morning when Manuela Comodi went to pick up Guiliano Migninin (sic), she discovered that the garbage disposal team for Perugia had mistakenly picked Mignini up having mistaken him for “TRASH” and dumped him in the local garbage dump, the last thing seen was a bunch of “VULTURES” fighting over his deseased (sic) and corrupt bones,
An appropriate end for the “TRASHY MIGNINI”

“Head prosecutor Guiliano (sic) Mignini accept a plea bargain from Amanda Knox.
In a detailed statement Mr. Mignini told the world press that he could not turn down the offer of TWO PLATES OF SPAGHETTI, A LOAF OF FRESH BREAD, AND A “GOOD” BOTTLE OF WINE, and will arrange to set Amanda and her boyfriend free tomorrow.”

As an example of the depths to which our learned PhD sinks when skewered by the facts, I conclude with this exchange with Fulcanelli:

Fulcanelli         October 27th, 2009 5:57 pm ET

“BTW, you STILL have not learnt to spell Mignini’s name; it’s GIULIANO,
Mr Jolly didn’t even realise he was still prosecuting the case, he thought he’d been replaced…“twice”. Shows what an expert he is on Mignini and this case 😊

Gerald Jolly       October 27th, 2009 7:52 pm ET

Oh! My GOD, Fuckaninny

I did not realize until you mentioned it that Guiliano (sic) was a NINNY

Gerald Jolly       October 27th, 2009 8:02 pm ET

Tell me Fuckaniiny, you have’nt answered my question.

Do you kissy the pissy, and how big was the biggest pissy you ever kissied???

I hope that this resumé of the comments section at LK Live will expose the reality that today’s media consumer - in the overwhelming majority in this case - is a discriminating customer, not easily swayed by attempts to push a propaganda line.  In fact, the lice who creep out the rotting woodwork to indulge their propensity for obscene voyeurism, serve only to underline the venality and hypocrisy of the Marriott publicity machine.

May those who long for justice for Meredith be comforted by the comments of those who put HER case, lamenting the silence of the LK Live panel on her behalf.


Comment is by Tiziano, reposted here

Posted by Peter Quennell on 10/30/09 at 05:42 PM | #

Hi Tiziano. Yes this is a very interesting analysis. It just shows how badly the Knox PR campaign is losing it now.

Comments by their friends and stooges are now sharply outnumbered by those who believe Knox and Sollecito have a formidable case against them for the cruel murder of Meredith and are doing nothing to answer it the old-fashioned way.

And as you show, the comments of those friends and stooges are becoming wilder, more inaccurate and more unhinged almost by the day.

You will hunt in vain now on ANY US news website like CNN’s for comments by the friends and stooges that are cordial, accurate, and convincing.

Only the shrillest of the shrill are still posting and they are turning off potential supporters by the thousands.

If David Marriott the Seattle PR guru here had the slightest idea what he is doing - and PR experts in New York think he is about 200% out of his depth - he would never NEVER have allowed the nastiness to ever begin.

Mind you among the networks and reporters Marriott has a reputation for extreme nastiness himself. A poor choice that has done zero to actually help Amanda. She is so widely disliked and mistrusted in Italy in large part because of his efforts.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 10/30/09 at 05:43 PM | #

This comment by Patou in response to Tiziano is moved here from the post above


These attacks have the flavour of defeat! The last furious barking before dead. What a shame to have this kind of supporters in a team!

Ridiculous, and ... not a very mature and convincing behaviour, right?


Comment is by Patou, reposted here

Posted by Peter Quennell on 10/30/09 at 05:44 PM | #

So highly distasteful I stopped going over there. I have no idea who “Gerald Jolly” is but, that person has some serious mental problems. I reported his posts multiple times. They claim the blog is moderated. We can see that it is not and this makes LK look even more amusing in my eyes. I never considered him a “serious reporter”, just a talk show host more on the level of Oprah. I hope Mr. Marriott is receiving timely payments for this distasteful campaign….

Posted by tigger34 on 10/30/09 at 10:20 PM | #

This ‘lawyer’ has shamed himself and insulted MEREDITH KERCHER, the sweet girl whose picture we can see smiling at us on the left here. Disgusting. Words fail me. To pay such scant regard to the facts of the case, to not even look at the evidence before pronouncing on it (oh, or having read it and been paid to spin) is beneath contempt.

It is the face of America (sorry) we are trying to get over in Europe. We try with the US. We really do try to understand. But then something like the Larry King show happens and this joker and it is like ‘Do Americans actually THINK at all? They let their commentator speak down to them in this disgusting manner?’

I feel outraged on behalf of a nation I am not a part of, who are being patronised and infantalised by this supposed ‘journalism’. The people in power in the United States are very afraid of its own people I think. They don’t want them to think. They really don’t seem to feel it is for the greater good. Why else is this form of comment allowed and tolerated.

The educated and savvy Americans need to STAND UP for the rest, and deplore this patronising baby food news reporting. Your people are worth more than this. I am disgusted and outraged on behalf of the people of the United States, that the news media think so little of them. I just don’t get it. You are being manipulated. Stand up and demand more.

Sorry for the rant, but you deserve better America. In the words of the advertisement ‘You’re worth it’, and the world would SO respect you for rejecting this kind of gutter media fare. Join the rest of the world. SHOUT ‘NO!’ Complain, think, shout, demonstrate. Don’t be patronised any more. It’s shocking to a European. They are treating you like fools.

Posted by TT on 11/03/09 at 12:58 AM | #

A striking feature about Mr. Kelly for Italian, he looks identical and has the same magnetic expression of Silvan, a famous Italian Magician, a kind of David Copperfield who had the fame to be able to make disappear instantly anything in his hands after, the use of three magical words.

Posted by Yummi on 11/03/09 at 04:43 AM | #

John Q Kelly is an idiot…I have seen him on the crime scene milieu for years. He is one more dope hoppin on da gravy train.
I once saw Nancy Grace tear him apart (because he is a dope).

Posted by Bettina on 09/23/13 at 11:24 PM | #
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