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The Summations: Patrick Lumumba’s Lawyer Describes Defamation By Knox As Ruthless

Posted by Peter Quennell

Click here for Nick Pisa’s noon report from the courtroom. Some excerpts:

Today the lawyer acting for bar owner Patrick Lumumba, who Knox blamed for the murder, was harsh in his judgement of the American student.

Lawyer Carlo Pacelli described Knox as a ‘talented and calculated liar, who had deliberately gone out of her way to frame Patrick.’

Mr Pacelli recalled how Knox had told police she ‘covered her ears as Patrick murdered Meredith. This was all a lie, his destiny at that moment was marked.

‘It was a ruthless defamation that destroyed Patrick as a man, husband and father. By naming him she hoodwinked the officer in charge of the murder investigation.’

Mr Lumumba was held for two weeks in custody before being released without charge after witnesses came forward to say he was at his Le Chic bar the night Meredith was murdered.

Mr Pacelli added: ‘Who is the real Amanda Knox ? Is it the one we see before us her, simple water and soap, the angelic St Maria Goretti (a teenager made a saint by the Catholic Church after she was murdered by an attempted rapist)?

‘Or is she really a she devil, a diabolical person focused on sex, drugs and alcohol, living life to the extreme and borderline -is this the Amanda Knox of November 1st 2007 (night Meredith was murdered).’

As he spoke, Knox could be seen writing notes to herself on the pad before her.

‘Conclusions drawn before knowing anything,’ she wrote, before adding: ‘In prison you don’t become a better person you become worse unless you have a inner light that guides you.’



‘In prison you don’t become a better person you become worse unless you have a inner light that guides you.’

Wow. Another sensitive and illuminating statement from Amanda Knox. Someone needs to point out to Amanda that the purpose of being in prison is to force her to face an aspect of who she really is: someone who committed a brutal murder.

And then someone needs to point out to her (and to her self-serving, obtuse family) that when you’ve been murdered and are lying in a grave, you don’t have the opportunity to become a better person either—your light has been extinguished FOREVER.

Posted by wayra on 11/27/09 at 05:40 PM | #

i agree, overwhelmingly, wayra. The question, however, is whether or not Knox believes she posesses that inner light. (the title, once again, of a Beatles song; I wonder if she sings that one, as it’s not made for belting out).
The accused and their defenders, both self-appointed and hired, appear to want to have it both ways. Papa Sollecito says RS was deeply affected by Knox, and told him she was different and special. But not so very special that, after less than two weeks of dating (for the self-proclaimed virgin, and lately described shy computer geek) he found himself unable to recall whether or not she had spent the entire night in his arms or gone out to run errands. And Knox, so confident of his protection after a gruesome murder in the adjacent bedroom that she did not long to flee to the safety of Seattle, out the other side of her mouth is willing to suggest he pressed the knife handle against her sleeping hand, thus imprinting her fingerprints. (Hate his ambivalence…love those flowers and chocolates!!)
Papa Mellas asks, “is amanda expected to cry every day for some girl she knew for a coupla weeks??”. Perhaps not, but the flipside of that brief aquaintance coin is Anne Bremner’s characterisation of Raf and amandy as coccooning lovesick lovebirds. So feelings of luve can be that intense after a fortnight of rolling in the hay, but feelings of hatred can’t rise to a murderous pitch after the better part of a month, in someone reputed to have a somewhat fanged sense of humour?? (If she sicks balaclava-masked assailants on her FRIENDS for april Fool’s, who does she sick on her ENEMIES for Halloween—randy stoned dope dealers? ) Why aren’t those friends coming forward now to sing her praises, or are they indeed the same group that gather at Auntie’s on phonecall weekends?
I guess you don’t have to strive to become a better person if you already figure you’re about as wonderful as they come.
Are you silly and weak, amanda, or are you strong? Do you crumple when criticised, or do you seethe for a minute and scheme to get your own back? What does your soccer team say?

Posted by mimi on 12/01/09 at 06:20 AM | #

She is neither silly or weak. And, speaking of a fascination with Beatles’ songs.  The tune Helter Skelter once again comes to mind.  I recall someone from the dark past who sang their songs and was also involved with several brutal murders.


Posted by Sanity on 01/09/10 at 12:57 AM | #
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