Powerpoints #9: Defense Claim AK And RS Couldn’t Dispose Of Meredith’s Phones Is Wrong

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This view above is from Meredith’s house up to the distant house where her phones were found.

We don’t yet know all of this evidence. Possibly not by a long shot. The huge majority of assembled evidence remains sealed until trial, starting just over two weeks away.

But the mobile phones may tell the court a lot.

The mobiles of Meredith, Knox, and Sollecito (Guede did not have one) all seem to have experienced some strange atypical usage and some suspicious switchings-off-and-on on the night in question.

Triangulation of phone whereabouts also seems to confirm that her employer Patrick who Amanda Knox fingered as the perp, was not actually there near the house. That defense strategy soon fell through.

And that formidable national police arm, the Polizia delle comunicazioni, first started investigating when two mobiles surprisingly started ringing in a garden the morning after the crime.

That garden - that house -  is about one kilometer from Meredith’s house (you can just see it between trees near top-left above).

And less than 100 meters from Guede’s apartment and 200 meters from Sollecito’s apartment (in the center house below), by way of a small city gate.

The Sollecito and Guede defenses maintained that, because that gate is locked at night, there’s no way their clients could have tossed the phones in the garden.  So. Someone else must have done it. Both that and the crime.

Once again we use Powerpoints to examine the possibilities here.

Posted by Kermit on 11/18/08 at 03:46 PM in

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The only real weakness that I have observed in the evidence was the Albanian witness’s and it always was tough to understand what he had seen on the murder night The Guede judge only talked about a very small part of the evidence, what was in the house and the scream the neighbor heard, but enough to make up his mind, so the defense is facing a real uphill climb. They’d better come up with something a lot better than this above, but so far they haven’t.

Posted by Jackson on 11/18/08 at 11:28 PM | #

I agree with you Jackson. And despite what is repeatedly claimed on some blogs, evidence is not just tossed out once and for all. The testimony of the Albanian witness is still part of the case file, flaws and all. His own lawyer noted after Micheli’s ruling that his client stood by the story. I think the defense teams of the two indicted suspects realize the magnitude of the problems ahead, but I’m not sure some of the more emotionally involved supporters do.

Posted by Skeptical Bystander on 11/19/08 at 12:14 AM | #
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