Powerpoints #4: A Very Odd House, In A Very Odd Location

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This is a presentation on the house and its neighborhood, and why they evolved in the strange way they did.

As a point of departure, in our Perugia images, take a look at the shot of the house of the other English girls. This is where Meredith spent her last evening.

There must be a dozen apartments in that place.  Hard to imagine any prolonged violence ever taking place in there. Sounds of torture and depravity would travel very easily. Neighbors would be banging on the door in five seconds flat.

In contrast, Meredith’s house was really quite isolated. Arrive from any of three directions - east, west, and down from the walled city - and you chance upon it suddenly and quite counter-intuitively.

Its location below the street and the parking facility, and its almost fort-like, semi-soundproof construction, seem like facilitating factors of the crime - even though we do believe Madame Nara heard something.

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the impact of location on human and other animal experience is called psychogeography.  it is about those feelings you get when you walk or drive down certain places (i remember a strange drive along the mohawk trail headed towards new york state) or even the good or bad feelings you get from sitting and resting in particular spots.

these places exist in undeveloped wilderness as well and are related to ley-lines and dragon-lines.

if you have ever had those kinds of feelings it is worth looking into the subject more - you will be rewarded with thought provoking concepts and perspectives on your own experiences.

heres a start:

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