Powerpoints #7: DNA Evidence - A Very Clear Intro To A Vital Subject Here

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This is a short sharp presentation of how criminal DNA analysis works.

It is widely known that DNA analysis has been done on the luminol-enhanced footprints that Kermit analyzed for us yesterday.

Also on the knife found in Sollecito’s apartment, on some items of clothing, and on some fittings and fixtures in Meredith’s house. And possibly on other items too.

The defenses seem to be indicating that they will argue at trial in December that the DNA samples might be too small, or might be too contaminated, or might be less than 100 percent of a match.

In two respects, this may not change matters very much.

  • First, there will be many other areas of evidence to be considered at the trial. Alibis, eye-witness accounts, the autopsy, defendant behavior and psychology, computers, and cell-phones, all will factor in.

  • And second, DNA analysis is hard to challenge on the grounds the defenses seem to be suggesting. DNA analysis is a pretty precise science. It does not result in percentages of match of the samples - either they match or they don’t match.

And the provisional perception is this: many DO match.

Posted by Nicki on 11/13/08 at 07:16 PM in

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Nicki has done an excellent job. I’m working in the same field. A thing for Americans to remember is that here in the US the juries often get lost or go to sleep during the DNA part of the trail and so it is not always effective. But judges pay close attention to it and so in Italy the prosecution will have an advantage. The defense faces an uphill climb on this one.

Posted by Jackson on 11/14/08 at 04:03 AM | #

I am truly in awe of the talented Kermit and now Nicki with their PowerPoint presentations. Their knowledge, time and effort is a tribute to finding the truth of this horrific crime.  A heartfelt thanks to both of you for helping the rest of us understand key issues surrounding this case. 

Pete, this site is amazing.  The stat page you posted showing the readership numbers demonstrates the interest in finding justice for Meredith. It is being closely watched around the globe.  Bravo!  Your work and dedication is to be commended as well.

Thanks so much!


Posted by Tara on 11/14/08 at 10:04 AM | #
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