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RIP Meredith’s Beloved Mum Who We Believe Knew Even US Mood Is Turning Pro AK & RS Guilt

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Mrs Arline Kercher passed away unpublicised back in June, as just established by main poster James Raper.

Her grave is right beside Meredith’s. Father John was killed in a still-unsolved hit-and-run at night in Croydon four months before.

Arline began the Kercher-family connection with Italy when she did excavation work at Pompeii in her youth. That factoid is from John Kercher’s beautifully written book.

The video above reports the end of the failed Knox-Sollecito repeat first appeal in 2014, often wrongly referred to as a second trial.

That was the last concrete good news that Arline would have received.

She spoke out low-key but compellingly in protest after the corrupted 2011 and 2015 appeal verdicts were announced. 

She knew to the end that Italian opinion was hard-line pro-guilt and that anger even in the UK and US is still gathering steam.

The next of a series of televised panels examining how the judicial process was corrupted and the outcome illegal will take place at Perugia University on October 8th.

RIP Meredith, John, and now Arline.

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Thank you for great video of entire Kercher family seated together in 2014 in Italy at end of the first appeal. Arline seemed a woman of few words but such depth to them.

The Kerchers senior (John and Arline) although not young, seemed relatively strong in this 2014 video despite their grief. Now only six years later, both are dead. Meredith’s loss was a huge blow to their family, but fortunately for them Meredith gave them as much love and kindness in her two short decades of life as seven daughters might have, and they were blessed with the wonderful Stephanie as daughter, too.

Public sentiment was on the side of The Kerchers and grows moreso every year as the real truth about Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito is disseminated more widely.

Meredith remains the bright light in this somber story. Her family can remain immensely proud of their loving and caring daughter who had beauty, brains and wisdom and natural tenderness and gentleness unlike some “girls” her age.

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Arline was born in Lahore, in what is now Pakistan, in November 1945.

That was just three years before the bloodbath (thanks to the post WW1 colonial Brits) that was the partition between mostly hindus in India and mostly moslems in Pakistan.

So which way did her family go? Unusually, they headed east, and Arline was raised in India - the reason being that she and her family were catholic as Paul Russell’s excellent book explained.

After she moved to the UK and married John, they lived on the south bank of the Thames and John commuted to Fleet Street a few blocks north.

Southark Hospital is where the four children including Meredith were born. You can see the former hospital here.

Then the family moved south to Croydon and bought their own house. Paul Russell describes Meredith’s early days and Arline’s later days here.

Andrea Vogt and Barbie Nadeau both interviewed Arline and sprinkled her reactions in some of their reports. This was Arline’s first interview after the guilty verdict in 2009 and it is pretty moving stuff.

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RIP Arline.

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