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Time Weekly Joins The Fair And Objective Wing Of The US Media Coverage

Posted by Peter Quennell

Click above for the report.

The reporter on this short but fair piece on the case is Nina Burleigh. She may also do a book on the case at the request of her publishers.

We mentioned Nina Burleigh and her book here.

And we’re pleased she is in the fair and objective wing.  For a crazy contrast, you might want to check out CBS.

Or, of course, maybe not….

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“Speculating on Kercher’s slow death—pathologists say she choked on her own blood—Knox called it “yucky, disgusting” and mimicked sounds of choking in a manner that seemed to startle jurors.”
I’d read the ‘yucky’, but hadn’t heard the rest before - does anyone know if it’s corroborated anywhere else?!

“When asked if she ever thought about the victim, Knox was less than sympathetic. “In the end, I knew her for a month,” she said. “And first of all, I’m trying to get on with my life.”“
Again, I’d not read that anywhere else. Any other reports on this?
I know they’re only to small parts of a long trial but they don’t give a good impression.

Posted by NearlyNeville on 06/21/09 at 10:10 AM | #

“In the end, I knew her for a month, and first of all, I’m trying to get on with my life.”
I could see “getting on with one’s life” after an aquittal and release, but the perspective of blaming a murder trial into which you dropped yourself with keeping you from more important things (such as shopping for undies and screwing strangers on trains??Oh, I forgot—she had a” boyfriend”) is so twisted.
Knox is cheesed off that she is expected to care in any way about someone she knew for a month, yet she knew (or thought she knew) Naff for half as long. I guess that’s different though, because as a Male, he validated her.(Women not knowing what they want, after all, and needing men to tell them). He desired her, and quenched her boredom with his intriguing lusts ( for snuff manga, shiny weapons and animal porn), whereas tiresome old MK only looked at her cross-eyed, for being slovenly and amoral.
My question is, with her weak Italian, did she misinterpret Naff’s enthusiasm for vanquishing vampires (the manga, again) with a genuine desire to act out same? Perhaps she thought they were planning an escapade, while he was merely wanking, as usual.
I recently watched Heavenly Creatures, relevant here because of the girls’ growing detachment from reality, and the ease with which their resentment of parental intrusion into their idyllic fantasy allowed them to reduce the nagging mother into someone deserving of death. Amanda, and to some extent, RS, were not fully grounded in reality. Drugs could only serve to further remove them from it. Meredith was reduced to someone undeserving of respect, dignity, and ultimately of life.
Normal people, when they are in love, or heading that way, want everyone around them to be happy. They smile at everyone they meet, and are generous. These people are far from normal, or if they represent a trend of millennial couples, we are in serious trouble.

Posted by mimi on 07/04/09 at 09:18 AM | #

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