Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Media Analysts Abrams & Kelly Who Reported Badly On Meredith’s Case Turn “Expertise” To Peru

Posted by Peter Quennell

1) Dan Abrams

Above: NBC’s legal analyst Dan Abrams on recent developments in Peru. Immediately below: Dan Abrams after the Knoc-Sollecito verdict last December.

Last December, Dan Abrams exaggerated the Italian media depictions of Amanda Knox and their effects - has he ever watched the CNN and Fox crime shows at home in New York?!

But he essentially got it right on the hard evidence presented and on the legitimacy of the verdict. He did not slam the prosecution or Italy in general, and he displays at least some token understanding of how the Italian legal system works.

Missing only was any mention of the (then forthcoming) judges’ sentencing report, and the key fact that that report represents the point of departure for the appeals. A report that is strongly loaded against the flaky scenarios of “who REALLY did it”.

By the way, Dan Abrams here followed some minutes of appalling reporting by NBC’s Keith Miller, who has surely been the worst and most biased reporter in Perugia. Miller is apparently based in London, a freelance, and not Italy, and he speaks no Italian.

If you so wish you can see Paul Miller here fawning over the Knox family and Amanda Knox, and misrepresenting just about every “fact” he selects to mention.

2) John Q Kelly

Below: John Q Kelly, a New York lawyer who is often on the airwaves, generally with a heavily pro-victim slant, talking about the Lima and Aruba murder cases in which Joran Van Der Sloot is the one suspect in each. 

On Meredith’s case John Q Kelly got it very screechily very wrong.  That was probably the single worst lawyer’s commentary on Meredith’s case (leaving aside Anne Bremner’s absurd rants) that we have ever seen.

KELLY: “My thoughts, Larry, it’s probably the most egregious international railroading of two innocent young people that I have ever seen. This is actually a public lynching based on rank speculation, and vindictiveness. It’s just a nightmare what these parents are going through and what these young adults are going through also.”

Not surprisingly, John Q Kelly has not since said another word on Meredith’s case.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/15/10 at 06:08 PM in

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Huffington Post comments sarcastically on People magazine’s new cover.


Just a little rule of thumb to remember when selling magazine copies: if you are going to be a crime victim, make sure you are blond and all-American if you want to grace the cover of magazines.


Yeah, that sure figures. Poor Meredith.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 06/15/10 at 07:43 PM | #

i haven’t seen jqk on this recently, perhaps he got a clue and read about it and tacopina who initially supported joran, and in fact in the first days of this murder investigation was still giving him the benefit of the doubt has backed off, just like he did in the knox case. to be fair, these guys respond to info given….foolishly they go on tv and expound on them, but that’s the nature of the media (american in particular, it would seem).

apparently the other day whoopi goldberg didn’t want to talk about van der sloot and said he was a piece of dog mess and she needed lysol herself after talking about him. colorful, but restrained considering the source of the comment, i would guess.

Posted by mojo on 06/15/10 at 11:38 PM | #

I just noticed the FOA site is actively promoting Candace Dempsey’s snide fiction as “the real story behind the media frenzy”. Which is amusing, simply because that book is PART of the “media frenzy”.

In any case, I think Dempsey’s claims towards impartiality have been toasted.

Posted by Janus on 06/16/10 at 02:21 PM | #


sound familiar—check what cuomo says about joran at about 4:00 minutes by more at 4:40

Posted by mojo on 06/17/10 at 12:17 PM | #

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