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Defenses’  Possible But Extremely Unlikely Star Witness Is Once Again Back In The News

Posted by Peter Quennell

Above: Mario Alessi. The defenses’ possible get-out-of-jail-free card.

That is if he actually agrees to testify in face of possible perjury charges, can do so credibly, and can weather a withering cross-examination from the prosecution which has already investigated his claims - and a possible reappearance of Rudy Guede on the stand.

Mario Alessi’s claim is that Rudy Guede confessed to him in their cell that he actually carried out the crime against Meredith with two others, not Sollecito and Knox. Guede has very adamantly denied this, and remains seething and maybe likely to hit back hard.

Alessi, a carpenter, actually has some assets in Sicily where he lived and where he murdered a baby boy. But he applied for legal aid for his trial and appeals and he got it - a lot of it. The total is nearly $200,000.

The prosecution then appealed all the way up to the Supreme Court of Cassation that Italian taxpayers should not be stuck with this very large tab. Yesterday the Supreme Court disagreed.

And so Alessi gets to keep his property in Sicily, and Italian taxpayers are indeed stuck with the large tab. Confidence boosting? The Perugia prosecution probably hopes so…

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/20/11 at 05:34 PM in Other witnesses30 Alessi hoax


Alessi could be the one way to provoking Rudy Guede into REALLY dropping AK and RS in the soup.

While the defense lawyers have played a very nasty game behind the scenes with their many leaks and misinterpretations fed to Knox fans, they continue to seriously pussyfoot around in public.

While the conspiracy theorists want them to behave like pitbulls, they really come across more like spaniels in the court - and very especially toward Rudy Guede. He really has them quaking in their boots.

Who of Knox or Sollecito or Alessi or Aviello do you think we will see up there on stand?

My guess? None. Doesn’t mean to say we wont keep urging them to get up though. The judges and jury are really looking forward to the show.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/20/11 at 07:03 PM | #

Peter, let’s hope you are right in regards to Rudy Guede taking the stand. Who do you think are more likely to take the stand? Perhaps Amanda will. I think she has to know that she has sealed her fate during her trial, so I cant imagine her doing it again but I could be wrong. I think it’s most likely that Rudy will.

Posted by Barry on 04/21/11 at 12:35 AM | #

Hi Barry. I think the odds of Amanda getting on the stand are higher than for any of the the others, except for Guede if Alessi chooses to go there.

The reason is that given any chance she talks her head off, and for some reason thinks it goes over well.

One fatal example is in the testimony on the stand in June 2009 that Will Savive is in the process of describing in the posts on his book.And another fatal example is her half-finished self-serving conversation with the world as described in these two posts.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/21/11 at 01:15 AM | #

Hey all,

Here is that Seattle forum that Peter posted about recently. It’s about 2hrs long. Check out minute (1hr & 42 minutes) where Paul Ciolino (You know, the guy who proclaimed adamantly that Knox never met Guede—this claim came only days after Knox herself testified that she knew Guede ) claims that Nara is crazy, which he was allegedly told by Nara’s niece and nephew. P.S. This goof! I’m talking about Ciolino, actually says (at 1hr & 42 ½ mins), “The crazy woman [Nara Capezzalli] who didn’t, [turns to stage right and asks] I don’t think she even, did she even testify? She didn’t even, they didn’t even bring her in cause she’s crazy.”

He doesn’t says Nara’s name, because he probably doesn’t know it, but I am assuming he is talking about her because he calls her the star of the prosecutions case. Not only do I think he is lying about what he was told by witnesses (just my opinion), but he is clearly clueless about this case! Oh, and get this…at 1hr & 36 mins he claims that Raffaele met Rudy for “one-hot-minute” on the first floor of the flat). Really Paul??? Do tell…

He also declares definitively that he “talked to a guy [probably Christian Tramontano] who Rudy had broken into his house and held him at knife-point in the middle of the night.” Paul, you mean the guy who wrote in his statement that he “was not sure if it was Guede or not who he had encountered at his place that night?” Yet, Christian told you that it was definitely Rudy? Hmmmm…He also claims that Knox didn’t implicate Patrick and infers that Knox was interrogated for 19 hours when he asks the crowd, “You want to spend 19 hours with 7 cops screaming at you? [1hr & 39 mins]” Seriously, everything that comes out of this guys mouth is a load of crap…I can’t stomach to listen to anymore, but I’m sure you all will find way more inconsistencies than what I’ve listed.

“A forum of forensic and scientific experts, and authors gathered at the James C. Pigott Pavilion on the Seattle University campus Monday afternoon, April 4 and spoke to an audience of about 120 about the innocence, in their view, of West Seattle-raised Amanda Knox, convicted of killing her roommate Meredith Kercher in Italy.”

Posted by willsavive on 04/21/11 at 05:56 AM | #

Thanks for the info, Will.

Those people who claim that Amanda Knox was railroaded, despite all the evidence pointing at her guilt together with the inconsistencies in her various statements, really turn my stomach upside down.

Posted by Nell on 04/21/11 at 08:04 AM | #

Peter, you picked the perfect examples of Knox talking herself into the ground. Thanks for links back to those crazy speeches of hers.

On different subject, have you ever noticed how people who lean FOA, say they get turned off by the photos of Meredith on TJMK? Isn’t that sad? She’s just a beautiful person, radiant and kind. Tells me what turns them off, goodness. They prefer the false mask of Amanda.

Posted by Hopeful on 04/21/11 at 09:49 AM | #

Here is one more grasp for the defense this one a baby murderer.hmmmm somehow fitting…. Thank you hopeful: these people sicken me also. To me they are like the idiots on the overpass waiting for the white bronco to pass.

Posted by friar fudd on 04/21/11 at 10:42 AM | #

Why I Don’t Trust Alessi:

+) he raped a girl in front of her boyfriend, spent time in prison for this sexual assault

+) he grabbed a baby out of highchair for ransom, ran off with him on motorcycle but got spooked by police sirens, so he beat child to death with a shovel to keep him quiet, all within 20 minutes of the snatch.

+) he is serving a life sentence(30 years) for baby’s murder

And here’s the BIG one:

+) a news article dated March 7, 2010 {keep that date in mind, timing is everything} This March 2010 news article says Alessi “recently” lost his appeal and had his life sentence re-confirmed

So as of early 2010 he is desperate and getting into his late 40s, I believe. Age is catching up with him. He has been in prison a long time, is getting old, and has no hope of getting out of prison. As Lawyer Walter Biscotti said, “It’s just another desperate attempt by desperate inmates” to get attention and “to please the defendants” (AK and RS).

Alessi has nothing to lose. He is going to lie lie lie, anything to shake things up in his life. Don’t believe half of what he says, if that much.

As of early 2010 when they rejected his appeal, he lost all hope. It was during 2010 that he made the 2 1/2 hour videotape that he gave to Raf’s lawyer, Luca Maori. On this tape he’s saying Rudy told him an unnamed man killed Meredith for not consenting to a sex triangle and this violence occurred while Guede was in the bathroom. In 2010 Alessi also wrote a letter to Giulia Biongiorno saying same stuff.

Alessi and his partner in crime dashed into the Onofri home wearing ski masks! He is tantalized by this big crime story because it resonates with him on so many levels, his own sexual assault, the masks, he has been in prison in Viterbo, then Parma, he has chatted with Rudy Guede.

He wants a piece of the action, even a bit more fame. He was probably addicted to it during the time TV cameras came by his house and filmed him and his foolish wife, Antonella, right after the baby was kidnapped. The publicity was meant to show what normal and fine people the Alessi family were, how it was wrong to suspect him of hurting Tommy. Alessi was in the limelight with that kidnap case for a long time. Now he’s languishing unknown and unheard behind bars, so you know he is craving attention.

He lost his appeal and now he is lying to get noticed, he is lost and desperate.

Alessi is a proven liar. After he kidnapped and murdered the baby (Thomas Onofri) he stood up bold as brass on Italian TV and declared his innocence,  preached to other citizens: “Children should not be touched!” A month later, he led police to the body and confessed all.

Posted by Hopeful on 04/22/11 at 05:27 PM | #

“Alessi could be the one way to provoking Rudy Guede into REALLY dropping AK and RS in the soup.”

I am not too hopeful. RG only denied Alessi’s claims because they contradict his story. At this point, I think they will all keep saying the same thing about what they did that night. RS: ‘I don’t know.’ AK: ‘I don’t know.’ RG: ‘I was in the house [he cannot deny it] but the murder happened when I was in the bathroom, I do not know who stabbed her, and I tried to save the sweet angel.’ If he was even slightly more involved than that, he will not say it, because he is trying to save his face for his friends and family. He will be out at some point, and still young.

Posted by Marc D. on 04/23/11 at 04:13 AM | #

Hi Marc. There seems a bit more to Guede than this. He did not like the threat of RS and AK pinning the crime on him (hence he had his own trial) and he also did not like the thought of being set up as sole perp. He seems to want to make sure RS and AK go down too.

This is based on things he has said publicly (“come on Amanda you were there”) and also things that we have heard otherwise. Search here for our Porta a Porta series? All three have pussyfooted around while trying to push the others a little closer to the fire.

None have ever gone flat out. Putting Alessi on the stand sets up a more dangerous game - but as the header says, so unlikely that he accepts.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/23/11 at 04:26 AM | #

Thanks, Peter. Upon your advice, I have read the fourth part (for now) of the ‘Porta a porta’ series. Yes, I know that they have all repeatedly accused each other, and that RG has gone as far as directly saying that it was RS and AK, but it is still in the context of his ‘story’, and he would have to be much more specific in order to be convincing, which would probably imply saying what his exact role was in this horrible story, and I do not think that he will ever say it. It is sad. Only he could tell the truth about the murder; the others were certainly too stoned to remember correctly, and now they may believe in their own lies. If he had had all the noble sentiments that he pretends to have in his German diary, he would have told the truth and taken as many years as he deserved. It is too late, now.

Posted by Marc D. on 04/23/11 at 05:49 AM | #

Hi Marc. Good comment. Great series, Porta a Porta, right?

So they wont just speak out but its fragile. Alessi (or Aviello)(or Knox) getting up on the stand may provoke one or other in starting them all off down the slippery slope.

Alessi could provoke Guede as he is already ticked. Aviello probably wont provoke anyone. And Knox could provoke Sollecito.

I dont think Sollecito will opt to get up on the stand without provocation, he is whiny and unfocussed and lacks Amanda’s seeming never ending chutpah.

Tense time for the defense. They will be glad when it is all over.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 04/23/11 at 12:34 PM | #
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