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The Summations: Nick Pisa In Daily Mail Has A Late-Morning Report

Posted by Peter Quennell

Please click above for Nick Pisa’s full story. Two key claims made by the prosecution:

Murder suspect Amanda Knox was described as ‘dominant’ in her relationship with co-accused Raffaele Sollecito today, as prosecutors began summing up in the case against them.

Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini said Knox ‘dominated’ her relationship with Sollecito who in turn was ‘dependent on her’. He said this was evident in TV footage from the time of the murder, where Sollecito was ‘following on behind her, often kissing and cuddling her.’

Prosecutor Mignini added: ‘The key to this mystery is in the room where the supposed break-in took place’. Mignini added: ‘This break-in is the nail of Knox and Sollecito’s defence, but it was all simulated.  ‘It would have been manna from heaven for them if blood or other genetic evidence had been found on the broken glass or window frame but nothing was found.”

“This hypothetical thief then did something quite remarkable - he didn’t take anything of value. No jewellery was missing, computers were left at the scene as well as designer bangs and clothes. A “very strange break-in” was in fact how the first police officer who arrived at the house described it - they could not believe that nothing of value was taken.”

Prosecutor Mignini also pointed out how fragments of glass had been found on top of clothes scattered on the bedroom floor which was also unusual for a break-in, especially if the wardrobe had been ransacked after the window was broken.

He added that it was also virtually impossible to climb to the bedroom window of Filomena Romanelli and that it was also the most exposed as it was visible to the road and passing traffic…

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raff was always the weakest link in this scenario IMO, hence his not appearing on the stand, and perhaps his sbsequent reaction when the presentation by the defense ended.

since rudy chose the self-serving route with his story, and amanda and her entourage has always done so, i can’t help but wonder, if raffaele ever speaks will there at last be some indication of what truly happened on that night? peace to the kerchers. the verdict is unavoidable.

Posted by mojo on 11/20/09 at 04:08 PM | #

All smiles, and looking demented, particularly in RS’s case. Why does he insist upon dressing in Barbie Pink—bet that would go over well with his fellow inmates. And the juxtaposition of Meredith’s photo with He Who Must Not Be Granted Clemency was hard to stomach.

If life sentences are handed down, I would not expect this to be a wakeup call to the Friends of. Rather, there will be tearing of hair, rending of garments, torrents of tears and even more disruption of daily life, as anyone might expect, but along with that, further accusations, protests and ugly language and gestures.

Unless… Amanda feels so relieved that the entire protracted charade has been brought to a rest that she blurts out, “Okay, so I did it! No biggie, right?”

Posted by mimi on 11/20/09 at 10:21 PM | #


Mignini makes sense! Comodi, too.

The key is Filomena’s bedroom. There WAS a theft, but in another girl’s bedroom.

Meredith may have shouted at Amanda that there was no security in the cottage (especially with Meredith left alone for holidays). Her rent money was taken by either lightfingered Knox or street thief guy Knox stupidly ushered into their “home.”

It’s so over, us living together! Get out!!! No, YOU GET OUT!!! Scream!!! Yell, slap, scratch, it begins. We’ll let the cops sort it out! Grab her phone!

Guede may have pretended innocence and instantly bonded with Amanda (no way we stole your cash, don’t call the cops!) Raf was fast with a knife. The speed and shock of the attack left no time for thought, only instinct. Not many of us are gracious in a fight. Guard yourself from mobs, or more likely, “friends”.

I like Mignini’s “three Furies” comparison to Guede, Sollecito, and Knox.

This whole trial makes me want to get down on my knees and shout “THANK YOU, GOD!” for my freedom. I want to stay out of court.

There but for the grace of God go I. Hate and anger could erupt FROM us or ONTO us in a nanosecond, given the right provocation.

I believe Amanda was even jealous of Meredith’s long hair!

At summation in court, Amanda wears off-white top (clingy) with her neck covered. She wears the pinkish-red Beatles parka. This sums it up. I believe she thinks she’s British. Raf wears very similar colors to Amanda’s, but in reverse! Strange yin and yang, this couple.

Mignini hit the nail on the head. No robbery, no outsiders, just an inside job: envy and hurt pride.

As for Rudy, he’s deliberately obfuscating. I knew he would lie again. I think it’s a pride thing, a “love to fox you with lies” thing. He’s had to live on lies and cunning to survive the streets.  He perhaps wants to cash in later (due to promises?) with the wealthy Sollecito family for shielding RS. He wants to connect with that family, not Amanda. Some of this is Rudy’s male chauvinism, but Amanda did not earn his respect, as a female or otherwise.

Posted by Hopeful on 11/21/09 at 05:33 PM | #
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