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“Americans Are Paying Knox $10,000 A Gig To Trash Italian Cops - Smart Move Liberating Her”

Posted by Peter Quennell

1. Americans Knox Has Hoaxed

So the news is out to considerable disgust that Knox is being paid up to $10,000 a gig plus costs to lie about her case.

Now she is going global on Netflix’s tail and seeks to hoax bleeding-heart Irish via another Kabuki-style paid interview. Knox has lied to and defrauded these groups so far.

  • Roanoke College
  • YPOG Pacific Northwest (Walla Walla)
  • Westside Bar Association “Injustice Seminar”
  • Kentucky Bar Association Annual Convention
  • YPOG Beverly Hills
  • Florida Innocence Project “Gala”
  • Palm Beach Bar Association “Law Day Luncheon”
  • YPOG Pacific Northwest (Seattle)
  • American Psychology and Law Conference
  • Windsor Law’s “Defense of the Wrongfully Convicted Special Event”
  • Aegis Living EPIC Annual Conference
  • Union League Club of Chicago
  • Loyola Law “Life After Innocence Annual Luncheon”

That adds up to thirteen, a lot of people Knox has directly hoaxed, to say nothing of her book and of the millions Netflix has hoaxed. Plus the presumed Irish lovefest this weekend.

2. The Misleading Marketing Pitch

Here is the pitch for Knox on the All American Speakers site.

Amanda Knox was tried and convicted for the murder of British student Meredith Kercher, who died from knife wounds in the apartment she shared with Knox in 2007. Knox and her then-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, were both found guilty of killing Kercher, receiving 26- and 25-year prison sentences, respectively. In October 2011, Knox and Sollecito were acquitted and set free. In March 2013, Knox was ordered to stand trial again for Kercher’s murder; Italy’s final court of appeal, the Court of Cassation, overturned both Knox’s and Sollecito’s acquittals. Knox and Sollecito were again found guilty of murder in February 2014, with Sollecito receiving a 25-year prison sentence and Knox receiving a 28.5-year sentence. The Supreme Court of Italy overturned her and Sollecito’s convictions in 2015.

3. How That Pitch Misleads

The marketing of Knox as cash-cow is replete with wrong implications, to get the paying customers quickly on the hook before it occurs to check with Italy. Here are several:

1. “There were several trials and Italy just kept trying”

Untrue. In fact (1) there was ONE very definitive trial, in 2009; (2) Knox and Sollecito appealed in 2011 on very narrow grounds and were wrongly set free as appeals were not done; that court was provably bent and the result was annulled by the Supreme Court’s First Chambers (the “murder court”); (3) the First Chambers (not the prosecutors) ordered a repeat of the first appeal in 2013-14 and the 2009 guilty verdict was confirmed; (4) in Knox’s and Sollecito’s final appeal a provably bent Fifth Chambers (which normally never handles murders) declared them not guilty but involved anyway in the mother of all weird rulings. Had that appeal correctly gone back to First Chambers, they would still be locked up.

2. “All four years Knox was in prison were unjustified”

Untrue. In the first year she repeatedly failed to convince courts including even the Supreme Court, in the face of ever-mounting evidence, that she should make bail or house arrest or be released entirely. The other three years were fully justified because with no provocation she accused an innocent man of murder and never ever retracted her claim.  Endemically Knox tries to make out her “interrogation” was forced and therefore it was all the cops’ fault not hers.  But see here. There was actually no interrogation as such at all, she was not forced to confess, the malicious accusation of murder against an innocent man was spontaneous, and she sustained it for several weeks.

3. “Knox was exonerated proving lower courts wrong”

Untrue. Knox was not exonerated. And the provable bending of three courts is ignored. The mafia role in sliming Italian justice and liberating the pair is swept under the rug. Almost every Italian has long known what was going on but to talk about it or write about it is not something they like to do. The existence of the mafias does not make them proud and to talk of them is not always safe. We first wrote extensively here and most recently again extensively here about why and how the manipulations occurred.

4. “Knox is a model for all prisoners wrongly held”

Untrue. They can learn nothing from this. Maybe 200,000 are wrongly held in the US; are any seeing a way out via Knox? There is no mention of the role of the brutal PR campaign which few could afford. Omitted is how damaging and dishonest it was and still is, how destructive to so many additional victims of Knox, and how focused on making a buck. Knox is not the only speaker being paid to lie to crowds; others are as well. Numerous books and articles are involved and media and consultant fees. This is a cash industry now, not a charity, with Knox as hallowed cash-cow.

4. Where This Hoaxfest Goes Next

More and more is out in the open. There are attempts to change the subject when curiosity about these subjects is on the rise - but notice how there is no direct pushback and there are no legal threats. Those who have foolishly acted as witting or unwitting mafia tools want zero attention to their roles here.

Don Corleone surely smiles broadly in his grave. Never has Italian justice been trashed around the world on a scale anything like this. Very nice if groups who have rented Knox and become aware they were hoaxed choose to demand their $10,000 back right now. That’d end the blood-money flow at one stroke.


From the thread below, see the reactions Chimera gathered to the reported $10,000 fee - the fee-rate was available only on demand in the context of a genuine request for Knox but a week or two ago the booking agents put that figure openly on their site.

Amanda Knox ˜charging up to £7,000 a night for talks about Meredith Kercher’s murder.

Amanda Knox charges $12,000 on speaking circuit to talk about Kercher murder

Amanda Knox charges $12k for murder talk

Amanda Knox charging fees of £7000 to speak about Meredith Kercher murder’

Usa, 9mila $ ad Amanda Knox per parlare del delitto Kercher. I legali di Meredith: “Offensivo”

Soldi a Amanda per parlare del delitto di Meredith

9 mila dollari: ecco la tariffa chiesta da Amanda Knox per parlare della “sua” Meredith nei college

Amanda Knox senza vergogna, lo schifo sul cadavere di Meredith: quanto incassa in due ore

Posted by Peter Quennell on 02/01/18 at 04:53 PM | #

Knox is far from the only one after big bucks - quite a few of her apologists are listed also on the speaker-agency sites. Several examples:

Steve Moore & Michael Heavey each talk about Knox:

John Douglas talks about Knox:

Anne Bremner talks about Knox:

Isha Sesay (who?) talks about Knox:

Dan Abrams talks about Knox:

Posted by Peter Quennell on 02/01/18 at 04:55 PM | #

A bit off topic but here is a very interesting interview with Liz Houle:

The actions of Team Knox really are beyond words.
And as far as I’m concerned there is no way Amanda Knox doesn’t know what they do.

Posted by DavidB on 02/02/18 at 11:32 PM | #

A superb article on the Knox hoax-fest. Good list of her 13 speaking engagements. They paid for her duper’s delight. She establishes her speaking credentials at All American Speakers by twisting the facts of her case, how’s that for truth in advertising?

Right on, she is no good example for those truly wrongfully convicted. They can learn nothing from Knox except how to lie. As for her continual blaming of her situation on the dumb police, have you ever seen a no good criminal who did not lambaste the police every chance they get? Birds of a feather, as in jailbirds. Knox is nothing like the police. She’s the polar opposite: a born trouble-maker and champion of criminals.

Posted by Hopeful on 02/03/18 at 12:51 AM | #

So, Giulia Bongiorno is standing as an election candidate for the far right Lega party, formerly known as Nord Lega, elections in Italy in March.

Salvini is quoted today as saying it is all the fault of the leftists who ‘have blood on their hands’ after the brutal murder of a young Italian woman by an illegal Nigerian immigrant who should have left the Italy a year ago after being refused right to stay and seeming to condone another ex- Lega Nord member, Triani (_sp?) going around shooting ‘people who look like migrants, i.e., black, from his car window around Macerata today in revenge.

Bongiorno was quoted a couple of days ago saying she was a feminist and she believed migrants (read Africans) were just out to rape Italian women, like herself.

Stop for a minute.  So a Nigerian POS who murdered someone represents all migrants in Europe and who now deserve to be shot in the streets?  Well that is the message Lega leader, Salvini has put out after the Macerati shootings.

It is crazy logic.  No suprise Bongiorno is a far right fascist.  Probably believes she is entitled to bend court hearings and that the Family (ahem, as it were) should run the show, not democracy of the people.

Posted by KrissyG on 02/03/18 at 06:58 PM | #

Hi Hopeful

Agreed. Why this Knox phenomenon is so intensely unhealthy for the United States: it’s deflecting blame from a bad system onto a good system that the world could learn a lot from now.

If Italy has a huge surfeit of trials and appeals, caution run wild, the US is starkly the other way. Less and less trials are held, and more and more plea-bargains are entered into. Something over 90% of all cases are simply plea-bargained now.

It is American prosecutors (almost all either elected or politically appointed) not Italian prosecutors who have accrued immense powers in recent years. This threat Knox claims (“they’d send me to prison for 30 years, I’d never see my family again”) rings true to American ears because that’s the sort of thing suspects get to hear every day.

Anybody without a bunch of money and tough lawyers is going to cave. Minorities especially, there is a huge mismatch between those of ethnic groups who do the crimes and those who get to be locked up.

American judges complain that most of what they do these days is hear plea bargains and pack hapless, powerless suspects off to prison. Those really innocent are said to number over 200,000 now.

And yet the rage of some millions now is against the ITALIAN system? Really?!

Posted by Peter Quennell on 02/03/18 at 07:55 PM | #

Hi KrissyG

Bongiorno is lampooned on Italian TV and her quality of legal argument and ability to win at trial are not regarded as good. She is a POLITICAL lawyer from Palermo in Sicily above all who uses influence to win. She was involved in all three bent courts.

Back at trial in 2009 she repeatedly went awol without explanation in the defense portion of the case and like Ghirga was rumored to see her client as guilty as hell and maybe getting ready to walk.

In the Fifth Chambers appeal I reckon she got more in 2015 than she bargained for - she was reported stunned at the Marasca & Bruno verdict in March.

In the prior year she had lectured Judge Nencini in Florence, tried to harm him at the Council of Magistrates, ran a high-profile PR campaign throughout 2014 including much TV, submitted an appeal of hundreds of pages much of which went straight into the Marasca-Bruno report, and lectured the Supreme Court judges for hours over her allotted time.

Read parts 3 and 4 of this post:

Nevertheless in 2015 Bongiorno seems to have expected the case to go back down to the Florence court which is what the law requires. She seems to have realised that Marasca & Bruno provably broke Italian law in not doing that, getting into the evidence, etc. So a dark cloud of illegitimacy would bedevil the two sprung perps for life down the road. As we now see.

But wait! There’s more!

1. On Bongiono & the mafioso Aviello we have a post coming up.

2. On Bongiorno’s faux feminism see here:

3. On Bongiorno’s lack of winningness on a level playing field.

4. And on her dishonesties in this case.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 02/03/18 at 08:25 PM | #

So. Knox in Ireland.

The host seems to have got in some good questions, Maybe the cause of our readership figures jumping somewhat last night as Knox answered evasively.

No in-depth fact-checking challenges in the few reports in the media or on Twitter though. Pity. Nothing said on the show or in reports so far that will stop her proceeding.

Interesting mentions of Pringle the controversial guy she seems to be staying with, another non-exonerated murder defendant claiming exoneration.

Main story so far is Knox’s attempted association with Northern Irish rebels, which seemed to startle the host in Dublin. 

First report was from Krissy Allen last night on Blasting News with good Pringle background.

Second report was from the Irish Independent

Third report was from Her, with a good headline: “Amanda Knox did the weirdest thing on the Ray D’Arcy Show last night”

Posted by Peter Quennell on 02/04/18 at 02:44 PM | #

[Comment copied here from previous thread for Hopeful]

Feb. 4, 2018 Daily Mail headline: Bizarre moment Amanda Knox sings pro-IRA song Come Out Ye Black and Tans on Dublin chat show: American formerly blamed of killing Meredith Kercher learnt words to her favourite Irish rebel song from CD a “fan” sent her in prison

Knox is grinning like a Cheshire cat and swaying to the beat of her own self-admiration in photos that accompany today’s Daily Mail article. Photos of her walking hand-in-hand with Chris Robinson in one of which he holds up his arm to try to shield her from photographers, show Knox in a long light blue dress wearing a white jacket and light gray knit cap, with neutral high heel lattice woven leather booties that lace up and have a peep toe. She wears black leather gloves. Her boyfriend holding her hand has an almost military haircut, black framed eyeglasses, a tiger stripe beard seeming to go gray at the chin a bit, and wears a long blue men’s car coat length jacket with fur trip at cuffs and at the hood. He has a long red winter scarf, a dark blue denim look shirt over light blue pants or jeans, and dark blue leather walking shoes.

The duo are in Dublin for the Ray Darcy Show. Knox said she got support from Irish people when she was behind bars. She and Chris are at the RTE studios for the talk show. A tweet is photographed that criticizes Knox: “Unbelieveable” AK comparing her situation to the Irish Troubles.

Speaking on the show Knox said, I got letters from lots of Irish people who really understood, like, of course “authority taking advantage of a vulnerable person and spinning it in a bad way”. Of course! We know that.

Knox said that although she didn’t understand the Irish songs on the CD she enjoyed them. “It was great and I had no idea what they were talking about, like slandering Parnell and I didn’t know what any of that meant. I just understood the fighting spirit of it, and I appreciated that” reports the Irish Independent.

Knox’s light blue dress was ankle length. She wore fingernail polish, which emphasized her frequent arm and hand motions as she spoke. One photo of Knox and Chris was captioned: In 2016 Knox and Robinson moved into a 900-square-foot bungalow in Seattle, Washington together

Comments were mostly vicious:

I still think she did it, being found not guilty doesn’t mean you didn’t commit the crime, it just means there wasn’t enough evidence to convict.


Look at the idiot she’s with, says it all, did his batteries run out on his shaver. (sic)

Addled Addict.

Although AK will always deny responsibility for the act, is she somehow indicating that the murder of Meredith Kercher was justified because she was only British and “she had it coming”?

Dim, she has no concept of the Troubles and the stupid violence in both sides. Keep your nose out!

Posted for Hopeful on 02/04/18 at 11:36 AM

Posted by Peter Quennell on 02/04/18 at 06:54 PM | #

Blimey, what a weird interview. (available on the Ray Darcy website).

At 2 mins and 45 seconds the interviewer asks AK to talk about Meredith and the interview cuts to a picture of Meredith.  It was great timing because the expression on Meredith was ‘see how she lies’.

At 6 mins the interviewer asks about the night of the murder and, after lifting her finger and with a big smile she confirms that it was not the night of Halloween she then self corrects and puts a sad smile on.

Very uncomfortable to watch and the only congruency I see is to someone who is guilty.

Posted by DavidB on 02/04/18 at 08:04 PM | #

“I’m trying to get (Raffaele) a job in Seattle!” Amanda Knox tells Ray D’Arcy. She goes on to say that Raffaele is in a bad place psychologically because he is back home where people remain suspicious of him, while Amanda claims she was welcomed back to Seattle with welcome home signs. She goes on at length about how she was the main perp whom prosecutors and public wanted to see imprisoned and that Raffaele was uninteresting to them, that he was merely her alibi.

Knox pretends to be very fragile and nervous during the interview, on the edge of tears off and on, but to me that is odd after having had years to process her responses to now familiar questions. Her dry mouth however cannot be faked, so she does show physical signs of stress and nerves. She uses the word “So…” to buy a few seconds of time to think about several replies to Ray D’Arcy.

I firmly believe that if Mr. D’Arcy had used silence as a tool and allowed her to answer more fully when he asked her about her relationship with Meredith Kercher, she would have revealed either contempt or some form of impatience and animosity. Fortunately for Knox, the interviewer jumped to the next question and did not allow her to wriggle like a worm on the hook which was the point she had arrived at when his next question changed the subject.

Thank you, DavidB, for the link to the actual Ray D’Arcy show, I had only seen clips. Also I enjoyed Peter Quennell’s links to the Krissy Allen article. Knox seemed very mercurial during the D’Arcy interview, either excitedly grinning and bouncing her head around or trying to restrain herself when it was obvious she could barely contain her eagerness to repeat her self-serving narrative yet again. When asked a very broad and open question, she didn’t have an easy time framing a succinct answer or going off-script in comfort.

She put in a plug for her VICE Facebook program about vilified women, and seemed to be sincerely indignant that her slutty reputation was the pivot point that led to wrongful conviction for murder. Since she is so innocent of Meredith’s death, it’s odd that she isn’t outraged by the actual killer, Rudy Guede, whose act not only destroyed Meredith’s life but derailed her own. She has not one heated remark to make against the killer. She’s more concerned to denounce the media’s twisting of her pure girl image. She told Ray D’Arcy that she comes on such shows to tell her story because it has been told by others but that the only one who can really tell it is herself. She also claims to have been the “little sister” of the cottage, trying to increase her image of youth and naivety, as one who needs protection.

She claims nobody has come up to her face and asked her if she murdered Meredith, or said to her face that she did the murder, that nobody is brave enough.

Well, well, seems now that she has her act down pat, her story and delivery word perfect or nearly so and her mask of innocence tightly fixed on her face with super-glue, she hints that she’s ready to rumble, bring it on, as in “Come tell me to my face I’m a murderer”. An echo of that in the Black and Tan song she sang for D’Arcy, lyrics “come out and fight me like a man”. One may speculate.

This veiled dare is probably why she wants to tell the world that many of the black wrongly convicted young men have accepted her as a baby sister. In other words, she has a posse, they’ve got her back, so don’t mess with Knox she is not alone, she has friends in low places she might call for a favor. Could that be why she inserts these little sister stories into her narrative lately?

Posted by Hopeful on 02/05/18 at 01:41 AM | #

Although by now Knox must have a working knowledge of the Irish War of Independence, I suspect that when in prison the song “Come out ye Black and Tans” may have had a different and very personal meaning for her, from which she still draws inspiration.

The Black and Tans is a reference to the uniform worn by the British auxiliary police who were so hated by the Irish independence fighters.

“Come out” is a call to a fight, the insinuation being that the Black and Tans were yellow.

Meredith would be regarded as being black (because she was not white) but because of her fairer skin she might also be regarded as tanned.

Apart from the obvious meanings of “tanned” there is also the colloquial meaning of having been given a good beating.

Once again one can think of the music she and Sollecito were listening to just hours after Meredith’s murder, especially “Stealing Fat” from the Fight Club cult movie.

Talk about Duper’s delight! Also explains the mad cackle Knox gave and which rocked D’Arcy back.

Also an interesting post by guermantes over on .net, about the significance of Knox’s knotted brows.

Posted by James Raper on 02/05/18 at 01:45 PM | #

ADDED: Late last year Tine Thing Helseth played concerts in these towns: Dublin, Bray, Waterford, Sligo, Dún Laoghaire, Clifden, Castleconnell and Tralee


Okay enough of watching one of the least talented in the world, a total mediocrity…. While this interview was happening, so was something else.

At Carnegie Hall one of the most talented musicians in the world, the Norwegian Tine Thing Helseth, was playing Albinoni and Bach trumpet concertos. First time here. Sold out.

The Orpheus Chamber Orchestra has no conductor, and they all stand. All in black, and she was in a shimmering gold gown and (I am pretty sure) bare feet!

I’ve not so often seen a New York audience get so roused. Trumpet was not on most concert-goers’ radar, but it sure is now. Check the online comments below the video, which is of another piece by her.

Some of the online comments…

Clear brilliant notes even when playing soft.  That takes serious control of air and embouchure.  Masterful playing! Reminds me why Gabriel’s instrument is a trumpet…beautiful enough to wake the dead and stop everything on earth.  Maybe that’s why Bach and Handel loved this instrument so much! 

Very fine playing, especially on the trills, its very well defined, and no sloppyness. One of the best players in the world for sure.

This is very fine. The articulation is clear and legato, and there is nice shaping and direction. The consistency of sound from the low register on pic to the upper notes is excellent.

She is absolutely the best!! Without trace showiness… 100% artist from heaven!! The best part is she is able to do it effortlessly. There is no technical challenge anywhere, everything is like a piece of cake!!  No words!! She has to be from another planet.

I had never really give too much attention to the trumpet until I discover you amazing Tine Thing…..........You have made of me a fan of the trumpet and of your incredible talent!

This is my latest enthusiasm among trumpet virtuosi. I don’t believe I’ve heard an artist with greater technical mastery.

How can a young girl do this???? It seems like she has centuries of experience- I mean a physical sense of how they played in the eighteenth Century!

When Tine, the best trumpeter in the world holds the trumpet sideways with her fingers overlapping the keys, thats when you realize everyone else has been holding it wrong all these years.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 02/05/18 at 11:57 PM | #

I watched the D’Arcy interview with my wife, and pointed out to her the several calculated omissions by Knox.

She never mentioned the bathmat nor lamp, and said only ‘a door’ was open in the house.

She never mentions the famous slap/tap/smack either.

She did mention the thought of climbing round to MKs window, an odd artifact from her email home to survive this long.

I was hoping to hear another variation of the bathmat shuffle yarn and left disappointed.

Posted by Mciver on 02/06/18 at 03:43 AM | #

Hi McIver

Smart to point out things left unsaid. There sure are a lot. We also noted omissions by Netflix, plenty more to come.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 02/06/18 at 04:42 AM | #

@Peter Quennell, Norwegian trumpet player is the Bomb! Such beautiful music, lively and rich, a real antidote to the mediocrity of life. Gabriel’s horn.

@James Raper, about the Irish song Knox purposefully chose to sing, your thoughts are exactly my own.

Knox used that song to shoot an arrow of disrespect and hostility to Meredith’s British background. Knox knew exactly what she was doing, but lied about it as usual. The big picture (I know very little about Irish politics other than the general battle for autonomy against English rule and deep bitterness)

but Knox is not so much pro-IRA with her little song as she is ANTI-English as in anti-Meredith Kercher’s home country. She was raising a fist to Meredith by singing this song. She can’t help her inner tiger leaping out, or her inner wild hyena more like it. Knox was just over the water from Meredith’s turf, during her short time in Dublin, but long enough to send a coded insult.

Having listened to the Black and Tan song in prison, it resonated with Knox, the defiance.

And it probably did refer to Meredith’s mixed race as well in the colors of the uniforms of black and tan.

Secondarily and perhaps not apropos but speaking of uniforms and people who wear them, who conform and align rather than revolt, Meredith wore a school uniform to John Whitgift’s Old Palace School. Is it known whether Knox submitted to a school uniform at Seattle Prep, or was one required?

The Fight Club songs downloaded on loverboy Raf’s computer hours after the murder are suggestive of Knox and Raf’s dark side. Always just beneath the surface. After prison he proved to be a fan of Marilyn Manson, too. Knox’s ghoulist H.O.T. video is another reflection of her inner mind, not wholesome.

Posted by Hopeful on 02/07/18 at 03:27 AM | #

The enumerated 4 points of how the pitch misleads is really infuriating when you factor in the money being raked in for such a misinformation campaign.  The message is:  Do not study abroad especially in Italy, lest the same thing befalls you. The real point and lesson of the cautionary tale of Knox in Perugia is utterly lost.

Posted by CBHeidegger on 02/08/18 at 12:12 AM | #

Hi CBHeidegger

Right. Italy is seeing several different effects and that sure is one. Smart take. American exchange students in Perugia are way down. She is meddlesome for sure.

Perugia has increased the numbers of exchange students they attract from the north and especially the east. Italy overall remains one of the most appreciated by Americans with an average gain around 5% in the past several years.  Benefits of exchange schemes are really good.

But Knox was not even an exchange student, ironically, those she easily could have been. WHY did her dumb parents not check?

Had she been, she would have been funded and supervised and the other girls in the house would have had a way to get her to back off incessant drugs & sex and maybe save Meredith’s life.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 02/08/18 at 01:05 AM | #
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