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Demonizations By Knox: Yet Another Paying Audience Is Lied To

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Knox lies to Lorena Bobbitt

Postscript To This Post: Breaking News

Dear Audience. So Knox and Legetic DID scam you as we warned. Knox hid that she’s a convicted felon for life and RIGHTLY served 3 years for her unforced murder accusation (in the US she could have faced life) and Knox lied that she was a victim of sexist men. She confirmed at trial she was always treated well; see also this.

Knox’s Seven-Year History Of Frauds

Are lawsuits for misrepresentations in the works?

Many seem to have wisened up and the pace of Knox’s bloodmoney scams has significantly slowed lately. With some help from ourselves, Scams Six and Seven summarized below finally resulted in real media outrage.

And yet nevertheless, surprisingly, Knox on this Sunday (see Part 2) will perpetrate yet another callous anti-victim anti-Italy anti-justice bloodmoney fraud.

Knox began scamming for bloodmoney and trashing Italy and numerous Italians and justice generally back in 2012, as described in these summaries below.

(1) Scam Wave One

We saw Knox’s own scams, following upon numerous scams by her family and PR, kick off in 2012 with the serious misleading of her publisher and the first of numerous media wails.

Click for Post:  Were Prospective Knox Publishers Given The Full Score On The Likely Legal Future Of This Case?

(2) Scam Wave Two

The bloodmoney scams continued with her book in 2013, when we witnessed the defrauding, claimedly for millions, of numerous paying readers and her publisher.

The Knox book includes multiple demonizations of fine Italians, and false claims about her case on every page.

Click for Post:  Knox Book Put On Hold In UK As Legal Implications Of Blood Money Finally Sink In

Click for Post:  Amanda Knox Book: Good Reporters Start To Surface False Claims In Droves

Click for Post:  500-Plus Lies In Knox’s Highly Defamatory Book

(3) Scam Wave Three

Next we observed the US’s Innocence Project paying Knox as a keynoter to lie annually about Italian justice and her “innocence” to the past five or six of their main events.

Click for Post:  Innocence Project: Seven Years Clutching Knox And Trashing Italian Justice To Joy Of Mafias #1

That series about the Innocence Project, itself a huge scam for financial windfalls by its lawyers, continues for another five posts.

(4) Scam Wave Four

Next we exposed over a dozen trusting, misled and defrauded groups. Please do read Part 2 (Knox’s pitch) of this post and Part 3 (how that pitch misleads).

Click for Post:  “Americans Are Paying Knox $10,000 A Gig To Trash Italian Cops - Smart Move Liberating Her”

That widely highlighted post seems to have helped to slow Knox’s American gigs. But still…

(5) Scam Wave Five

We saw Knox lying - and singing - on national TV to a non-alerted, unsuspecting Ireland.

Click for Post:  Amanda Knox sings pro-IRA song in bizarre Irish TV chatshow appearance

(6) Scam Wave Six

Then we saw Knox actually lying to an outraged Italy (and outraged Sollecito), albeit before an audience mostly too young to know the real facts of the case.

Click for Post:  The Hard Truths About Knox Lupária, Sola, Cagossi, Etc Should Have Known Before Betraying Italy

Click for Post:  The World Isnt Short Of Suckers - Lupária, Sola & Cagossi Present “The Traveling Innocence Gang Show”

Click for Post:  How Knox Lied About “The Media” Which Long Lied Profusely For Her

(7) Scam Wave Seven

And most recently we saw Knox attempting a widely-decried swindle of her “wedding guests” for large cash payments.

Click for Post:  Knox’s Fake Wedding Exposed, Yet Another Fraudulent Scam For Yet More Bloodmoney

(8) Knox’s Latest Scam

That is to take place this Sunday in Washington DC. To a paying audience of nearly 1500 Knox will tell the “truth” about true crime - surely a first for her.

The hosting bloodmoney group (which could itself be sued for fraud) is Svetlana Legetic’s callously anti-victim “Bright Young Things”.

Do read here (scroll down) the details of Knox’s part in this bizarre anti-victim pro-bloodmoney charade.

Posted by The TJMK Main Posters on 11/07/19 at 10:15 PM in

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Bright Young Things are asking for questions for Amanda Knox on Twitter:

Do you have a question for @amandaknox and Lorena? Let us know:

Posted by The Machine on 11/09/19 at 10:42 AM | #

Hi Machine

Good catch. A mere Q&A? This is quite a change from what was advertised - we emailed some warnings which might have affected things.

Knox was to appear with John Douglas and to herself interview “Lorena” (Lorena Bobbit Gallo).

This John Douglas, another fraudster:

And this Lorena Bobbit Gallo, who unlike Knox was a genuine victim - Knox often hunts down such real victims to associate with:

David Marriott’s iron rule was that Knox must see any questions in advance and get to pick the nice ones.

There are many dozens of not-nice questions for Knox on TJMK. Not one of them was ever answered. That figures.

Maybe Hopeful’s suggested questions to Knox as new West Seattle advice columnist on the thread below this one would for once quieten her.

“Dear Amanda, I hate my roommate. How can I off her like you did but avoid meltdown in police custody?”

“Dear Amanda, let’s party, I got free coke, molly, X the good stuff.”

“Dear Amanda, How did you clean up the cottage to not leave DNA? What products did you use? Can I buy them here? I’m planning a little party for my ex.”

“Dear Amanda, you witch. How do you think David and Raf and Colin feel?”

“Dear Amanda, You recommend Prozac or Zoloft? I’m planning to kill my mom, need pharm support. Afraid I’ll break down like you if I’m questioned.”

“Dear Amanda, Nobody believes your lies. You (&^%$#@! you’re a @#!@#$%^, a !@#+(*&^@,  I’m watching you.”

“Dear Amanda, You need man advice. You crazy, threw away that Raf. He so fine.”

“Dear Amanda, How can I jump on the paid speech circuit?”

“Dear Amanda, man you used to be foxy, whu happened?”

“Dear Amanda, Do you meet hunks at Innocence conventions? Can you introduce me?”

“Dear Amanda, Tell Steve Moore hi. He’s hot.”

“Dear Amanda, my address is 345&^YJ*I$#@...let’s get it on.”

“Dear Amanda, girl you need styling, call me 830-xxxx, discount cut with blonde highlights. I promise no media at your appointment.”

“Dear Amanda, Tell Chris I said hi, you get tired of him let me know.”

Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/09/19 at 12:25 PM | #


Was Knox framed by “sexist men”? No! There’s strong proof that she wasn’t.

Knox conceded at her trial in 2009 that she had been treated by everybody just fine. What very provably happened was this:

Click for Post:  Knox’s Interrogation Hoax: The Extensively Provable Hard Truth

And yet, periodically, while ignoring Sollecito’s identical plight, and her own sexist, bigoted framing of Patrick (for which she rightly served three years), Knox loudly beats the “sexist men framed me” drum with the usual wails and tears.

Knox did this 18 months ago to a gullible Irish audience (see Scam Wave Five above). On Sunday with Lorena Bobbit (who really was abused) Knox might try this again. Read the hard truth in these posts.

Click for Post:  Admired Feminist Victoria Brownworth On Knox As Ice-Cold And Media’s Hit & Miss Performance

Click for Post:  Why Smart Feminists Much Prefer To Keep Amanda Knox At Arms Length

Click for Post:  The Academic Fraud By Martha Grace Duncan Enabled By Emory & Harvard Law Schools

Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/09/19 at 12:48 PM | #

Knox parades her impudence, makes herself an entertainer, but in the interview on FOX 5 News Washington where she and Lorena Bobbitt Gallo speak before the True Crime Festival, she gripes to interviewer (lady in red dress) about media “exploiting our trauma for profit and entertainment”.

As the interview begins with mention of the two women’s “crimes” in very different justice systems, Knox quickly states that she “didn’t commit a crime”. However, she doesn’t voice the “I” but instead uses hand gestures to point to herself rather than saying “I”. As statement analysis teaches, she doesn’t own it. She can’t boldly say “I didn’t commit a crime.” Wow.

Knox is irate that people expect women like herself (and presumably women like Bobbitt who did commit a crime) to be “shamed and vilified women”, people expect them “to crawl under a rock of our shame and die”. She accents the word “die” then adds an inappropriate loud laugh.

She and Bobbitt say they are supporting shamed and vilified women and “reclaiming our narrative”.

Knox, who hosts a podcast she calls The Truth About True Crime, says that true crime has a problem with a sense of entitlement to “other people’s trauma and a kind of gleeful armchair detective work that doesn’t come with the gravitas of the situation…  these are the worst experiences of REAL people’s lives”  etc.

Knox showed little gravitas in Perugia after a real death, in a real courtroom. She is just the same now as she was then. But now she knows the word “gravitas”, yet laughs at the wrong times as usual. And waves around hands like it’s batter up time for a baseball game.

Lorena Bobbitt Gallo describes herself as: a mother, an advocate, an activist, and says that she was acquitted on temporary insanity based on domestic abuse. She says she now helps in shelters for survivors of domestic violence, and says she feels embraced by the Manassas, Virginia community where she resides.

The interview was given to FOX 5 Washington TV news show as an advertisement prior to the “Death Becomes Her” true crime fest at Lisner Auditorium at George Washington University. The crime festival was sponsored by HLN.


My takeaway from this awful Fox 5 interview:

Knox has bought her own lies and is determined to push them on everyone in an aggressive reversal to prove her innocence by feigned righteous indignation. It’s so fake, but it is her new cause for activism, her new reason for living.

It is this same impudent refusal to take correction that sent Knox’s resentments into overdrive and enraged her with Meredith enough to kill her. She is defiant to the end which makes her feel strong. Right or wrong she is geared up for a fight.

It seems her new watchword is that the best defense is a good offense. She is good at offending, we know that.

I knew nothing about this Washington, D.C. True Crime festival over the weekend of November 10, 2019. Maybe I was spared. Never heard of “Brightest Young Things” blog or Ms. Legetic.

Photos show Knox’s husband Chris Robinson at the True Crime event waiting in the wings off stage. Knox and he are pictured together, arms wrapped around each other, the body language a bit stiff. He’s wearing a white tunic with small black pattern in it and what appears on my screen to be a rope necklace as long as an Hawaiian lei.

In some pix online Knox’s book is shown for sale on tables, with a new dust jacket that pictures her with good makeup and a short pageboy length hairstyle of darker hue and “a new foreword” written for the book.


I recall with horror the Bobbitt case and although very sympathetic to Lorena for the cruelties she endured at her husband’s hands, I think she did commit a heinous crime and should have divorced the man instead. Even if she had stabbed him in the chest I would have more sympathy for her. But I don’t know the case well, so I shouldn’t comment.

Either way we have two women who wielded knives sitting together on the Washington, D.C. platform to support each other since they are “shamed and vilified women”.

They should be shamed. The blood of others lends their stories drama and horror, which they sell as entertainment and then condemn the buyers! It is not the guilty who count, it is the innocent (Agatha Christie).

The contortions of shameless hypocrisy never cease with Knox especially. She has now decided to defend all her lies, to be the Great Pretender, to hide her crime forever with mask after mask. While sinking ever deeper into the muck of falsehood, she paints herself as virtuous and even heroic by attacking those who know the real truth about her. She is a double-crosser and a hard-core liar now, shameless.

In still photos for the Washington, D.C. event she looks rather solemn beside Ms. Lorena Bobbitt Gallo. Knox looks deeply sad and hardened with a set of the eyes that has one appearing cunning as if only the eye is smirking, not the entire face or mouth.

This gloomy mug must come with the territory of knowing you don’t really belong among the innocents at the convention, and are aware that all your writing is a lie, all the podcasts are a lie, all the advice column will be a lie, and that everything issuing forth out of you is deceitful, including probably lies she has told her husband about what happened to Meredith.

Would he even care if Knox confessed to him she had murdered the woman?

Ironic that the biggest liar in Seattle named her podcast Truth about True crime.  True and Truth… She knows nothing about those and must laugh all the way to the bank.

Posted by Hopeful on 11/11/19 at 07:21 PM | #

Hi Hopeful. Thanks for the great Fox interview write-up. The Crime Festival had shades of the Knox victim-wallowing of Modena earlier this year.

We have already had several complaints about neither Knox nor the organizers mentioning that Knox is a convicted felon for life and rightly served three years after failing all appeals.

Also a complaint that she did not once mention Sollecito, obviously because he received the exact same treatment and that kinda destroys her narrative.

I emailed these complaints to the organizers. 

HLN was once CNN’s quite useful Headline News though ex-prosecutors Nancy Grace and Jane Velez Mitchell were major regulars and Sollecito was interviewed on that channel. Now it is one of several 100% crime channels in my cable TV package.

That could be very useful to us. Those other channels also. We will fill them in.  There is such a need for truth-telling in this area, and if “victim of the month” becomes everything it will be a real pity.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/11/19 at 08:11 PM | #

More on “victim-on-steroids” Knox’s blaming of “sexist men” while ignoring enormous evidence, a unanimous jury in 2009, and three mafia-bent courts:

1. Note how she never mentions the Italian Sollecito - who was treated exactly the same way. Was that sexist too?

2. Note how she hides the very awkward fact that her lead investigators, and her supervising magistrate pre-trial, and her trial prosecutor who presented the most evidence, and half of her Massei, Hellman and Nencini juries…  were all WOMEN.

3. Note how the ONLY man who was ever sharp to Knox in Italy was Patrick’s lawyer because she framed her kindly boss for murder and callously did not give a damn (and still owes him $100,000).

4. Note how the ONLY man we know of who almost certainly did do her harm was this guy.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/12/19 at 03:42 AM | #

Give attendees their money back, Svetlana Legetic. You stupidly enabled Knox’s lies.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/12/19 at 12:28 PM | #

AK and Lorena Bobbitt have Bonded.  Daily Mail headline November 12, 2019.  Comments show disgust with them both.

Good. They deserve each other.

They reek of attention desperation.

Losers attract losers.

Lorena Bobbitt is a hero.

  reply: Not in anyone’s world….

Not surprised. Murderous minds think alike.

AK was acquitted. The man who confessed to killing Meredith is in jail. I despair at how unable to think many people are.

C’mon Lorena, Bobbitt that btch.

Posted by Hopeful on 11/12/19 at 01:26 PM | #

Hi Hopeful

Yes the Daily Mail reliably pushes out the red meat in an innocent tone and then their readers go reliably ape!

Tho not very informed, their gut feelings are in the right place. These were the highest rated comments a short while ago.

oldeblueboy2, happyville, United States, 5 hours ago
Two evil woman making money from their crimes.

David Campbell, Newtownabbey_NorthernIreland, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago
I think they’ve both earned the right to be ‘shamed’ and need to be called out for their attempts at playing the victim. The real victims in both their cases were those at the sharp end of the knife.

amazonmothe, hastings, 5 hours ago
I find her need for publicity very disturbing and so distressing and cruel to the victims family. Go away and stop gloating and, indeed, profiting

febrezeeeeeeeee, kent, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago
Lorena shouldve been charged with attempted murder. The man was awoken with the chop! As for Amanda, I find it more disgusting that she continues to promote herself as the victim.

View from the top, London, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago
Psychologist’s nightmare.

patmos1989, Orlando, United States, 5 hours ago
She laments her status as a suspect, but uses it to gain attention at every turn;

Wurzel Country, Ciderland, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago
An axis of evil

LIONHEART UK, Newdigate, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago
How devastating it must be for Merediths parents, hearing that Knox now even appears at festivals!

Damian_devin, Pembroke Pines, United States, 4 hours ago
Knox aways gave me a bad vibe. She’s seems like a sociopath.


Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/12/19 at 02:58 PM | #

I like the sceptical look on the faces of Bobbit and the presenter when Knox claims, ‘didn’t do no crime’.

They are both thinking, ‘liar!’

Bobbitt is likely thinking, you bitch, your crime was worse than mine!

Posted by KrissyG on 11/13/19 at 04:15 AM | #

Hi KrissyG

Nice catch. Hopeful above nicely described how the two are far from two peas in a pod.

Knox was notoriously a hyper-aggressive one-upper even back in her pre-Perugia days. Meredith struggled with that until she could struggle no more

Knox may have “bonded” with Bobbitt (who as Hopeful hints at seems to have some guilt or shame that wont go away, it was surprising she appeared here) but not as equals, never as equals, let’s make that crystal clear.

Bobbitt needs to be made to understand that Knox is “holier than thou” and it is a real privilege for Bobbitt to be seen on the same TV interview and same Crime Festival stage.

Don’t hold your breath for bonding #2.

As many kind Italians, previous Knox boyfriends, Raffaele Sollecito, Bruce Fischer, Steve Moore, and dozens of forlorn White Knights found out, with Knox loyalty is a one-way street.


For the record this was the box at the top from Monday to Wednesday this week.

Headsup #2 to paying Crime Festival attendees: So Knox and Legetic DID scam you as we warned. Knox hid that she’s a convicted felon for life and RIGHTLY served 3 years for her unforced murder accusation (in the US she could have faced life) and Knox lied that she was a victim of sexist men. She confirmed at trial she was always treated well; see also this.

Posted by Peter Quennell on 11/14/19 at 08:38 AM | #

I wouldn’t be surprised if the penis chopper gets an invite to the wedding. It’d get the kind of publicity Knox seems to enjoy.

Posted by DavidB on 11/15/19 at 04:58 PM | #

@DavidB I listened to the podcast with Lorena Gallo and was alarmed at the hooting and cheering at Amanda Knox announcing that Lorena Bobbit “Cut it off” hahahah hilarious. Amanda Knox expresses exaggerated indignation at the fact that a worm was called after Bobbitt but laughs like a loon at the maiming of a man and seems unable to let the subject drop. The mutual flattery fest is nauseating. Knox hosting like a rock star. A psychobabbling faux feminist piece of grotesquerie. These two want to hold the media accountable and AK accuses them of having financial motives!

Lorena Bobbit stole supplies from her employer, robbed a relative that was a guest in her house and stole money from her place of work. She was no angel. She has undoubtedly suffered abuse from her husband but she is a violent offender and thief. It takes a special kind of psycho to cut off a man’s penis and throw it out of a car window. She is lucky he didn’t bleed to death or contract sepsis and die.

If we are advocating for equality then we should not diminish the horror of this act because a woman carried it out. It remains a vile act of violence against another human.

Posted by pensky on 11/19/19 at 06:18 AM | #

Pensky, I wasn’t aware of this podcast but I’ve just listened to it.
Of course I agree with everything you say.
It is a miracle that it was re-attached. And as you say it takes a certain kind of person to do that. 

Seeing his wife/fiancée here should make Chris Robinson nervous.

What Lorena did was wicked but she does sound at peace with herself. And I think it’s because what she did is out in the open. But Knox doesn’t sound at all at peace with herself.  I really believe that what she did is eating her up inside. 

As per usual Meredith doesn’t even get a mention.

In the upcoming Dr Phil interview with Knox it seems he has also failed to do any research of the case.

I live in hope that one day there will be an interviewer who has spent 5 maybe even 10 minutes researching this case before interviewing her.

Posted by DavidB on 11/19/19 at 02:35 PM | #

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